Upgrade to Stock Rover Premium

Upgrade to our Premium service for less than $21/month!

With Stock Rover Premium you gain access to the best of Stock Rover, with more financial data, more tools, and deeper analytics to help you make great investing decisions. The membership includes:

  • 10 Years of historical data
  • 100+ Chartable Metrics
  • Screening with ranking, historical data and equations
  • Critical portfolio analytics such as correlation and risk-adjusted return
  • Alerts on price, volume, P/E, and technicals
  • Tagging, portfolio grouping, and note-taking
  • Higher limits on portfolios, watchlists, and views
  • Detachable Panels for multi-monitor setups
  • Data Export to CSV
  • And much more! See the full plan breakdown

Get the yearly plan for $249.99 (less than $21/month) or a Quarterly plan for $74.99

Still not sure if it's for you? Check out our Premium Guide, which explains the specific benefits of all Premium features, with tips for use.