Meet Markets: Your new daily finance site

Markets is Stock Rover's answer to the plethora of inefficient, eye-straining finance sites that are often booby-trapped with advertisements. We wanted to do better: cleaner and simpler, but also richer in data.

While our signature product Stock Rover already helps investors conduct hard-hitting equity research and portfolio analysis, we wanted to offer a site specifically designed for daily use, where it would be easier than ever to explore key stock details and understand market context.

At Stock Rover Markets, you'll get real-time summaries and stats on the markets for commodities, stocks, bonds, and ETFs. You'll be able to keep a running list of stock quotes, and get both market news and ticker-specific news. You'll also be able to explore an interactive earnings calendar, analyst ratings, a peers table, in-depth financials, and a powerful charting facility.

Markets is free for all to use. Login with your Stock Rover account for unlimited Markets access. Stock Rover Premium members get Markets completely ad-free. Available at Stock Rover Markets.