Markets FAQs

What are the main differences between Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets?

Both provide excellent stock research capabilities in an interactive format. Markets keeps the focus on market data, news, and individual stock detail, while Stock Rover specializes in stock comparison, screening, and portfolio analytics. In Markets you'll find the earnings calendar, chartable financial statements, bonds data, and Stock Rover Forums, where you can connect with other Stock Rover users. Meanwhile, the screening, portfolios, and watchlist facilities are only found in Stock Rover.

The two platforms also look and feel very different. Markets lives within our website, while Stock Rover is a separate “web app” that supports right-clicking, dragging-and-dropping, and other web 2.0 functionality. Because of these differences, there is a modest learning curve for Stock Rover, while it is possible to grasp and use Markets instantaneously.

Is there any overlap between Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets?

Yes. Each is meant to be self-sufficient for their respective contexts, so much of the same data and many capabilities can be found in both platforms, albeit in slightly different forms. The primary points of overlap are the ability to keep a running list of quotes, many charting capabilities, in-depth financial details, and a customizable market news feed.

Why do I need to login for Markets?

After 50 actions in Markets, you will need to login to continue using the site. Once you login, you will be able to use Markets without limit. Markets is provided as a free benefit for all Stock Rover users and is therefore linked with your Stock Rover account. This allows us to save your quotes or other session details for the next time you login. It also allows us to deliver the benefit of an ad-free experience to our Premium users.

As a reminder, a Stock Rover Basic account is completely free and we never sell or distribute your information to third parties.

Should I use the same login for Markets as I do for Stock Rover?

Yes, your account is the same for both platforms. Please use the same login information for both. Once you are logged in to one platform, you will be able to access the other seamlessly, without having to re-enter your login information.

Do Stock Rover Premium members get any benefits on Markets?

Yes. In Markets, like in Stock Rover, Premium members do not see any ads. In order to support a free version of Stock Rover, Basic members are served ads in both Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets.

Why did you create Stock Rover Markets?

Markets fills a need that was not met by Stock Rover. We heard from many of our users that, while they could appreciate Stock Rover’s power, they sometimes found the program to be “too much.” We too felt that Stock Rover overshot what was needed by many investors on a daily basis. Furthermore, outside of Stock Rover, we were fatigued by the current free financial site offerings, and felt that our team could build something better. With Markets, we have created a free financial site that not only performs to our standards, but also integrates with our signature stock research product.

What else is in the pipeline?

On Markets, we are eager to hear our user feedback to help us set our development priorities. We already have a number of planned features for the user forums (such as the ability to share Stock Rover object such as screeners and watchlists).