XII. Conclusion & Further Resources

Introduction to Fundamental Stock Research

This guide covered a lot of material to orient you in the world of fundamental stock research. Even though there is always more to learn and explore, by now you are equipped to start making smart decisions that lead to real financial gains. You are in the driver’s seat!

Practice will help you cement what you’ve already learned and to build on it. As an added benefit, conducting stock research can deepen and bring new context to your understanding of economic events and the world in general.

By being attentive, analytical, and curious, you will sharpen your skills and discover processes that work best for you. You can continue to refer to this guide and its exercises for practice. Additionally, here are other Stock Rover resources you might find helpful:

  • Rover’s Weekly Market Brief:   Keep in touch with major economic events plus the weekly stock market moves.
  • Market News and Information:   Everything you need to see what is happening in the market today.
  • Blog:   We regularly post educational and stock research articles.
  • Webinars:   For demos of how to use Stock Rover to find, compare, and analyze stocks. Even old webinars contain relevant wisdom about investing.
  • Metrics:   Definitions for all the metrics found in Stock Rover. You can also use the “explain” menu item in the Stock Rover program.
  • Glossary:  A glossery of terms used in Stock Rover.


Thanks for learning about stock research with us, and happy investing!

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