Advanced Screening Capabilities


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This is Ken Leoni Vice President of Marketing here at Stock Rover. In this video we will show you how to use screeners to perform advanced filtering. We’ll show how use a screener to perform scoring how to chart a screener.

First, a word about Screeners and filtering. In our introductory video entitled “Screening in Stock Rover” we covered basic screener filtering, which is applying a screener against the Stock Rover investment universe of North American equities and ETFs, either all of it, or well defined subsets, such as the S&P 500. Against that population, a screener will return the tickers that meet our specific investment objectives as defined by the passing the screener filtering criteria.

The available filtering criteria is comprehensive, as Stock Rover contains well over 600 screenable metrics, which cover:

  • price performance
  • financial and operational metrics
  • as well as sector and industry metrics.

In this video we will be covering advanced screener filtering, which is different than basic screener filtering. Rather than filtering against an investment universe, we filter against a well defined dataset. For example, perhaps we are a dividend investor, and we would like to see how the tickers in one of our portfolios fares against a dividend screener.


A screener’s filtering criteria can be applied to any Stock Rover dataset.

When we apply a Screener’s filters, only the tickers that pass all the Screener’s filtering criteria can be displayed.

For example, we can filter through the tickers that comprise:

  • Portfolios
  • Watchlists
  • other Screeners
  • or any dataset we load into the Table such as in Index
    • We’ll begin by navigating to “World” in the Start Menu and load the Table with the S&P 100 dataset.

      To filter the Table, we’ll go to the Screener’s folder and right-click on a desired screener, in our case “Dividend Growth”. We’ll then select ‘Filter Table’. The Table now displays only the tickers that passed all the Dividend Growth screener filters.

      The filters themselves appear in the white bar below the Views bar and above the Table. The number of active filters is displayed at the top of the page in the blue bar. We can either click on the individual filters to remove them from being applied to the Table or we can click on the filter icon to. Let’s remove all filters.


      A screener’s filtering criteria can be used to score any Stock Rover dataset. Scoring means evaluating each ticker in the selected dataset and counting how many of the screener’s filtering criteria the ticker passes.

      In our example we would like to score our portfolio tickers to see how they fare against a dividend growth screener.

      We’ll go to “World”, we’ll load the Table with a Large Cap Growth Sample Portfolio.

      We’ll then right-click on the “Dividend Growth: screener and select “Score Table”.

      This displays a score for each of the tickers against the screener. A score of 100% 7/7 means the ticket met all criteria of our screener. The tooltip provides additional detail as to what metrics passed or failed and why.

      Note: When we are in World and we select a screener we can also right-click to a shortcut to score a Portfolio or a Watchlist.


      Stock Rover charts the returns of the tickers that currently pass a screener’s criteria as a group.

      The tickers that pass the screener are charted as a portfolio with an equal dollar weighting for each holding.

      Additionally, via internal rebalancing, the equal weighting is maintained each day of the period that the screener is charted.

      To chart a screener, we select “Screeners” and we can either right-click on the screener and select “Chart” or under Screener Actions we can select “Chart Screener”.

      Here we see the screener’s performance charted – its dividend adjusted return against the S&P 500 benchmark over a 5-year period of time.

      Getting Screener Help

      For more help on Screeners, select “Help” under your Stock Rover username and then select “Screeners”. Here you’ll find well documented Screener help organized by topic.


      I hope you found the video useful. I encourage you to explore Stock Rover and see all that is has to offer, as well as check out our other educational videos on our website. Thank you for watching.