The Tablet Limitations

In order to make the tablet user interface as streamlined and simple as possible, some functionality is not available. Note the following differences of the tablet UI from the web app:

  • Exporting or importing Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners is not supported.
  • Creating and editing a screener is not supported. However, you can run an existing screener by tapping on it in the Navigation panel.
  • Filtering Table and the ability to apply a screener to the Table is not supported.
  • The ability to connect to your brokerage is not supported.
  • The Alerts facility is not supported.
  • Research links in the Insight panel are unavailable.
  • The portfolio allocation panel/pie chart is unavailable.
  • Adding historical positions to portfolios is unavailable. When you modify a portfolio on the tablet, you modify the holdings for that portfolio’s most recent activity date.
  • There is no ticker search history.
  • Access to account settings is not supported, to change your settings, you must login to the web app.
  • The Search Box field at the top of the main app is unavailable.
  • The Portfolio Analytics Facility is unavailable.
  • The Library is unavailable.
  • The Trade Planning and Rebalancing facility is unavailable
  • There is no graphical version of the return metrics
  • The Dashboard and Markets are unavailable
  • The Ideas Panel and the Earnings Calendar are unavailable
  • The Correlation facility is unavailable
  • New V7 features are not available in the Tablet:
    • Stock Ratings
    • Metric Browser
    • Insight Panel tabs Dividends and EPS
    • Custom Metrics create/edit
    • SEC Filings
    • Notes and Comments
    • Historical Data
    • Folders for Portfolios, Watchlists and Screeners are unavailable.

The long range plan is to replace the Tablet User Interface with the desktop Stock Rover app, allowing for full functionality on the Tablet.