The Research Box

To add a ticker to the Research Box, tap the “Add Ticker” button in the top.

typing ticker name into the research box

Begin typing a company name or ticker symbol and search results will appear, as shown below.

typing ticker name into the research box

Select from the search results or hit ‘Return’ to enter the ticker as a research ticker. Once a ticker has been entered as a research ticker, it will appear in the table, italicized and with an asterisk (circled below); this is to let you know it is a research ticker and may not be native to the dataset you are viewing. Additionally, the number next to the ‘Add Ticker’ button will update with the number of research tickers added to the table (also circled below.)

a research ticker

Like in the web app, a research ticker will remain in the Table until you explicitly remove it. To remove a research ticker, tap the number next to the ‘Add Ticker,’ which will bring up the list of research tickers, then click the ‘x’ next to one or ones you’d like to remove.

removing a research ticker

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