Overview of the Tablet User Interface

This guide details how to access all the functionality of the Stock Rover tablet UI through actions such as tapping, dragging, pinching, double- tapping, and a “long press” (holding your finger down on the same spot). Note that, to make the tablet UI as user friendly as possible, some functionality of the web app is not available.

While you can use this guide as a reference, we also recommend taking the time to read it from start to finish so you have a full understanding of what the Stock Rover tablet UI can do. Many screenshots are provided to illustrate.

The Stock Rover tablet UI follows the same basic paradigm as our web app, but it is modified for usability and speed on the tablet. To access the tablet UI, simply login to Stock Rover from the browser on your tablet. Stock Rover will recognize that you are on a tablet and render the app accordingly.

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