You can create, modify, chart, rename, or delete a portfolio in Stock Rover’s tablet UI. First, long-press a portfolio in the Navigation panel, and you will be presented with the following menu.

portfolio options

Tap one of the options to select it. If you choose to modify an existing portfolio, you will be brought to the following screen.

editing portfolio

To add a ticker, tap the symbol box (in the lower left) and type in the ticker’s symbol and select from the drop-down menu. After entering in the Quantity and Cost per Share, you must tap the green ‘+’ icon in order to add that ticker to the portfolio.

Tap the pen icon in the upper right (circled in screenshot above) to change the portfolio’s description. To modify a quantity or cost per share, tap on the number you wish to modify once. Tap the red ‘x’ at the end of the ticker row to remove that ticker from the portfolio. You can also edit your cash position by tapping on that value, shown in the red box above. When you are finished modifying your portfolio, tap ‘Update.’ The Create Portfolio window operates in the same manner as the Update Portfolio window.

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