Tags and Colors

Tags and Colors provide you with the ability to classify and group tickers according to any classification scheme that is of value to you. Once a ticker is classified by a tag or by a color, they can be grouped so that tickers with like tags or like colors will be displayed together.

Tags and colors are independent of each other, so it is possible to run two separate classification schemes at the same time.


Tags allow you to give a ticker a specific identifier using words. For example; “Buy at Target” or “Research After Earnings”. The tags you use are completely up to you. Tags can added as a column to any View in the Table. Tickers can also be grouped by tag in the table. The following screenshot shows a table view with the tag column.

Tags Column

This is a screenshot of the same table grouped by Tag. Grouping is done by right clicking on the Ticker column and selecting Tag from the Group By menu choice.

Tags Column With Grouping

This screenshot shows how to access tags and manage tags.


This screenshot shows the Manage Tags window where you can add new tags, remove them, and add tickers to specific tags.



Colors allow you to paint different tickers different colors, For example Green could mean “Buy”, Red could mean “Sell” and Yellow could mean “Have Concerns”. The meaning of each color you use is up to you.

The screenshot below shows how to access Color when right clicking on a ticker in the Table.


Below is a screenshot of a the table using the red, green and yellow colors. The table is grouped by color.


For more information on Tags and Colors, please see our help section on tags and coloring.

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