Screen Current Table

Running a screener will normally apply the screener criteria to all of the stocks in the defined investment Universe (e.g. NASDAQ, NYSE and/or TSX). However it is possible to apply the filters from a screener to any defined population of stocks and ETFs, such as a portfolio, watchlist, or sector.

To do this, first load the set of tickers you want to screen in the Table. Then, right-click on the screener you want to apply to those tickers in the Navigation panel and select ‘Screen Current Table’ or with the screener selected in the Navigation panel, select the screener name and select ‘Screen Current Table’. The screener criteria will now be applied as a set of filters to the Table. For more on how filters work, see the Filter Section of the help documentation.

Screen TableScreen Table

If the screener you want to apply is a ranked screener, it will apply just the non-ranked screener criteria to the Table (that will apply filter values but no weights) by selecting ‘Screen Current Table’.

The results of the screen will appear in the table and the filters will appear in bold and also display in the white bar below the views bar and above the table. They also display the number of active filters at the top of the page in the blue bar.

Screen Table

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