Quotes are situated at the top of the Navigation panel (shown below), this allows you to quickly reference the price and daily gain or loss of a ticker, and to add tickers individually to the Table. These tickers can then be compared to each other in the Table or viewed alongside any other dataset you have loaded in the Table. The quotes window is also available at the top the table next to the Actions pull down, this is helpful when the Navigation panel is collapsed (shown below).

The left-most numerical column of the Quotes list shows the current price, the center column shows the price change since last close, and the right-most column shows the price change in percentage.

The image below shows an example of manipulating the quotes list directly from the Navigation Panel.

quotes list location

The image below shows an example of manipulating the quotes list from the quotes pulldown menu in the table top panel. This is handy when the Navigation Panel is collapsed.

quotes box location

Add Tickers to the Quotes List

To add tickers to the Quotes List, simply begin typing the ticker symbol or company name into the searchbox where it says ‘Add Ticker…’ and then select from the search results that appear, as shown below. The numeric value next to Quotes is the number of active tickers you have selected.

find quotes

Add Quotes to the Main Table

You can individually add tickers in the Quotes List to the main Table by checking their checkboxes on the left side of the ticker symbol name. You can also select ‘Include All in Table,’ (boxed in red in the screenshot below) to automatically show all quotes in the Table. Quotes in the Table are sometimes referred to as “research tickers.” When quotes, or research tickers, are added to the Table, they will be included in each table of stocks being viewed, regardless of whether the research ticker is part of that dataset. The following image shows a couple of research tickers, AAPL, GILD, and SPY selected for inclusion in the main Table.

research tickers in the table

Quotes in the Table will be bolded to distinguish them from others in the dataset (see circled items in the screenshot below). If a research ticker happens to be native to the dataset being viewed, it will still appear bolded.

research tickers in the table

View Only Quotes in the Main Table

To view only quotes in the Table with no other dataset present, you can click the ‘Quotes’ item in the Navigation panel, as shown below.

quotes in table link

Expand and Collapse Quotes

The quotes list can be expanded or collapsed in the navigation panel. See the screenshot below, the triangle is circled, this gives you control to expand and collapse within this panel. Once expanded, you can check on and off which tickers you want to include.

Quotes Expand

Reorder Quotes List

The Drag and Drop feature is available for the quotes list so it can be reordered in the navigation panel or in the quotes list. To drag a quote, click on the ticker so it is highlighted and hold down the mouse to drag-and-drop the quote into a different position.

Quotes Reorder

Remove Quotes

To clear the Quotes List, click ‘Remove All.’ To individually remove a quote from the list, click on its ‘X’ or, if quotes are included in the Table, right-click its row in the Table and select ‘Remove From Quotes List,’ as shown below.

watchlist in the quotes list

Turn off Quotes

To turn off Quotes click the button next to the numeric value next to quotes in the navigation menu (shown below).

watchlist in the quotes list

Turning this off will remove the tickers from the table but will not remove them from your quotes list.