Overview of the Phone User Interface

We have created a version of Stock Rover that is optimized for smartphones. Users can access the phone interface simply by logging into Stock Rover from a smartphone browser.

The user interface is a different animal from the Stock Rover desktop and tablet interfaces, as it has been designed for a small screen size and an on-the-go context. It is ideal for getting stock quotes, viewing news, and checking in on a portfolio. Plus you can create charts, find a wide range of fundamental data, and link to a company’s homepage.

While we hope that these pages are helpful, we think the best way to learn the phone interface is to simply explore it on your own. Note that while you can access your portfolios, watchlists, or screeners through the phone interface, you cannot make any modifications to them. Therefore, nothing you do in the phone interface will affect your account on the desktop or tablet.

When you first login to Stock Rover on a phone, you’ll see a tutorial that takes you on a quick tour of the interface. Uncheck ‘Show on Startup’ if you don’t want the tutorial to open the next time you open the Stock Rover interface. You can always re-open the tutorial via the Options menu (button in the top right-hand corner of the screen).

Home Screen