Import a Watchlist

In Stock Rover, it is possible to import a watchlist that is in either a .csv or .txt format. You can also import a watchlist from the Stock Rover’s Investors’ Libray. To import a watchlist stored on your computer, right-click ‘Watchlists’ in the Navigation panel and select ‘Create Watchlist’ then choose to import a watchlist when prompted.

right-click to import a watchlist

In this window, click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the file that you want to import, and the watchlist will automatically be loaded into the Watchlist Manager.

watchlist manager

From here, you can check to see if Stock Rover read the watchlist correctly. If it did, click ‘Import’, and it will be added under ‘Watchlists’ in the Navigation panel.

Create a Watchlist Update a Watchlist