Add/Remove Tickers

You use the ‘Update Portfolio’ window as shown above to add or remove positions from your portfolio. After opening the Update Portfolio window, portfolio positions can be changed.

As you can see in the screenshot below the middle section of the window is where you can update the position date with the pull-down menu that says ‘Position as of’. You can add new tickers by clicking the Add Shares button. You can also edit the Cash Position in the bottom left of the screen. For more detail on cash see the the section on Handling Cash below.


To remove a ticker, you will click the ‘x’ in the last column on the right in the ticker row, seen in the screenshot below.


If you want to modify positions for several dates in the same session, click ‘Update’ when you are done with a date. When you are completely done updating your portfolio, click ‘Update and Finish’.

You can also import new positions that have been exported from your brokerage house as a new date record. To do this, first select the date for the positions in the date box. Next, click the ‘Import’ button and navigate to the file with your portfolio positions. Once imported, these positions will be entered into the selected date record. Please note that this will not combine your positions with those that are already in the portfolio, but instead will override them.

Update a Portfolio Handling Cash