Why Go Premium?

Stock Rover Basic already offers exceptional stock data and comparison capabilities for free, so why should you upgrade to a Premium subscription?

Stock Rover Premium offers top-of-the-line screening and portfolio analysis tools that will help you find the best investment candidates, evaluate portfolio risk, and achieve better risk-adjusted returns. It also offers a wide range of practical benefits and time saving tools like stock activity alerts, advanced financial metrics, multi-monitor support, note-taking, and much more.

Screening & Stock Ranking

Find hidden gems, industry outperformers, value stocks, dividend growers, growth at a reasonable price and anything else you might be looking for. Our Premium screener makes it possible to fine-tune your screening criteria with a flexibility and specificity not possible in Basic. Going Premium gives you the ability to…

  • Rank stocks according to your custom-weighted screening criteria
  • Directly compare two metrics (e.g. current sales > last year’s sales)
  • Screen on historical data (e.g. last year’s operating margin vs. two years ago)
  • Designate specific differences (e.g. current sales must be at least 5% greater than last year’s sales)
  • Set up “or” conditions (e.g. P/E or P/B or P/S is within 20% of its 5-year low)
  • Apply ranking criteria to the stocks in a portfolio or watchlist

You also gain access to our ever-growing library of tried-and-true Premium screeners, which are each designed to bring you promising stocks in one click.

Portfolio Analysis & Planning

Going Premium unlocks our most detailed portfolio tracking and planning tools, so you’ll be able to easily answer critical questions like:

  • How has my portfolio’s value changed over different periods of time?
  • Is the risk of my portfolio justified by the returns I am getting?
  • Which of my holdings are pulling their weight, and which are the weakest?
  • How correlated to each other are the stocks in my portfolio?
  • How well could my portfolio withstand a downturn in the market?
  • How would a certain trade affect my portfolio’s allocation, valuation, and other stats?
  • What trades do I need to make to bring my portfolio back into balance?

Whereas a portfolio in Stock Rover Basic is simply a list of current holdings, a Premium portfolio maintains a history of past trades, giving you the most accurate and relevant analytics.

Alerts, Charting, & Other Advantages of Premium

On top of Premium’s signature portfolio and screening benefits, you gain access to a wide range of other practical features such as…

  • Stock activity alerts
  • Data table export
  • Multi-monitor support via panels that can become independent detached windows
  • Charting for over 100 fundamental metrics
  • Note-taking and tagging
  • Higher limits on portfolios, watchlists, screeners, and views
  • Access to Premium metrics like the Piotroski F-Score and the Greenblatt Earnings Yield
  • Ad-free experience in Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets
  • And more – see the full plan breakdown to get a complete list of Premium benefits.

Interested? It’s only $249.99 for a year of smarter investing. Try out Premium completely free for 14 days. Go here to learn how to activate your free Premium trial.

Save time. Make smarter decisions. Go Premium.