Tag a Stock with a Keyword

You can tag a ticker with a keyword in order to classify it according to your own categories. To tag a ticker, right-click on it in the Table, mouseover ‘Tag’ from the drop-down menu, and either select a keyword from the drop-down list, or enter in a new keyword. Note that you can only tag stocks with one keyword.

tagging a ticker

To manage your keywords, or tag several tickers at once, click ‘Manage Tags’ below the keyword box. This will bring up a dialog window you can see a full list of your keywords tags on the left. Type into the box to create a new keyword, or click on an existing keyword below to edit the name. Click the “x” under the ‘Remove’ column to delete the keyword. When a keyword is selected, you can see the list of tickers tagged with that keyword on the right. Type in a ticker symbol in the search box on the right in order to tag that ticker with the selected keyword. If you’d like to save all the stocks with a certain keyword, click the ‘Save’ button and select to save them as a portfolio or a watchlist.

manage tags

You can also get to this window by selecting ‘Manage Tags’ from the Start menu.

manage tags

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