Overview of the Table

The Table provides a flexible spreadsheet for viewing tickers and their data. You can sort any of the displayed columns by ascending or descending values by clicking on the column header; you may color-code stocks by right-clicking on them and selecting from the drop-down menu; and you may group stocks based on sector, industry, or color by right-clicking on any column header. By adding a column filter you can choose to limit the stocks shown to only those that match the specified criteria.

Below is a screenshot example of the main Table in the ‘Balance Sheet’ view. The Table header shows the dataset (“Long Ideas” watchlist) and the number of total rows (6). Two of the tickers in the Table, CMSCA and T, are bolded and in italics, meaning that they are both currently in the Quotes Box and may or may not be a native part of this watchlist. Also notice that the UNP row has been expanded to show the company’s history in each column.

main table