Metric Definitions

To see the description of a metric in the table, right-click the column header in the Table panel and select ‘Explain’ from the drop-down menu.

right-click for column info

This will bring up a new window, shown below, that contains information about this column. The first section gives a short description of the column. The second section, when relevant, gives the 10th percentile, median, and 90th percentile values for this metric in each of the Dow 30, the S&P 500, and the market. The final section contains a list of related metrics.

column info window

From the Column Info window you can also jump to the information for other columns, either by clicking on one of the hyperlinked Related Metrics or by selecting from the menu at the top, which appears when you click the down-arrow on the right side of the selection bar.

scroll through column info

If you are looking at the information of a column that is not in the Table, you can add it by clicking the ‘Add To Table’ button in the top right.

add column to table through info box

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