Change Columns

There are several ways to change the columns displayed in the Table. Please see all options below.

Add a Column

To add a column to the Table, click the ‘Add Column’ button in the Table’s toolbar. This will reveal a search box where you can type in the name of a column. As you type, an auto-fill suggestion box will appear, matching both by column name and column description, and you can select from the list of options. The column will be added to the right of the Ticker column. If it is a numerical column, it will be added to the right of any non-numerical columns. If the metric is already in a different view, that will be listed in the result, and the view name will be hyperlinked, allowing you to jump to that view instead of adding the column to the current view.

add a column button

Remove a Column

To remove a column, right-click on the column header and select ‘Remove Column’ in the drop-down menu. Removing a column will remove any filter that it contains.

remove a column by right-clicking

Change the Order of the Columns

To change the position of a column in the Table, simply drag and drop the column to the desired location. You can also rearrange the columns through the , found by right-clicking a View and selecting ‘Modify’ from the drop-down menu.

Resize Columns

To resize a column, simply drag the border of the column to the desired width. Double-clicking the column border will automatically resize it to the width that best fits the column name.

You can also elect to change the columns in the Table through a dialog box by selecting ‘Change Columns’ from the Start menu.

change columns

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