Add Individual Tickers to the Table

To add tickers to the Table individually, use the Quotes Box, which is situated in the center of the left-side panel of the Stock Rover screen.

To add tickers to the Quotes Box, simply begin typing the ticker symbol or company name into the searchbox where it says ‘Add Ticker…’ and then select from the search results that appear.

To add this running list of quotes to the stocks already displayed in the Table, check the box next to ‘Include in Table,’ pointed out below. When this box is checked, all quotes will be included in each table of stocks being viewed, regardless of whether the research ticker is part of that dataset.

Research Box

Quotes in the Table will be bolded and italicized to distinguish them from others in the dataset (see image below). Quotes in the Table are sometimes referred to as “research tickers.” If a research ticker is a native part of the dataset being viewed (for example, in the screenshot below, if AAPL were already a part of the Quality Watchlist), it will still appear bolded and italicized.

research tickers in the table

To view only quotes or research tickers in the Table, select ‘Quotes’ in the Navigation panel, as pointed out below.

quotes in navigation panel

You may also add a portfolio, watchlist, or other dataset to the Quotes Box to view it alongside tickers in the Table. To do this, begin typing the name of the portfolio or watchlist into the ‘Add Ticker’ searchbox, then select the portfolio or watchlist from the list of search results to add it to the Quotes Box. The screenshot below shows a watchlist being added to the Quotes Box.

watchlist in the quotes box

To clear the Quotes Box, click ‘Clear All.’ To individually remove a quote from the list, click on its ‘X’ or right-click its row in the Table and select ‘Remove From Quotes Box,’ as shown below.

watchlist in the quotes box

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