Portfolios, Watchlists, and Screeners

All of your portfolios, watchlists, and screeners from your Stock Rover account are viewable in the Stock Rover phone app. Clicking on My Portfolios, My Watchlists, or My Screeners will take you to a list of those items. For example, below is a list of portfolios, sorted alphabetically and showing total value as well as the day’s gain or loss.


Tap the headers at the top to change the view. For example, instead of the day’s gain or loss, you could view the gain or loss since the inception of the portfolio by tapping the header above the portfolio names, where it says ‘Today.’ Likewise, tap the other header buttons to change the sorting scheme or direction.

You can also tap any of the items in the list to explore their contents. Swipe left for different screens of information, such as a list of constituent stocks, the chart, and news. If you have opened a screener, you will see the screener’s criteria as well as a list of all the stocks that currently pass that screener.

When you tap on a ticker in any of your portfolios, watchlists, or screeners, you’ll be taken to another set of pages that contain detail about that specific ticker. Swipe left for a list of key fundamentals, a chart, ticker-specific news, and a company summary. To go back up a level in the navigational hierarchy, just tap the back arrow button in the top left of the screen, pointed out below:

back arrow

At most, it will take you three taps to get back to the home screen.