Resizing, Collapsing, and Detaching Panels

All panels can be resized by dragging their edges with your cursor. Note that the Insight panel (right side panel) reaches a minimum width. Most panels, as well as subpanels like the Market Summary, can also be collapsed completely either by clicking the double arrow button:

collapse buttons

…or by double-clicking the white border between panels, pointed out below:

collapse a panel by double-clicking its border

To reopen the panel, click again on the double arrow button, or click anywhere on the blue bar that represents the collapsed panel, such as those called out below:

reopen collapsed panels

The Table is the only panel that cannot be collapsed.

Premium users have the ability to pop out or detach the Chart and Insight panels entirely, so that the Stock Rover screen can be spread out across multiple windows. Other Premium features, such as Notes, Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Rebalancing, and Trade Planning, can also be detached from the home screen. To detach any detachable window, click this button:

detach button

Simply close the detached window to bring the panel or feature back into Stock Rover.

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