Stock Rover Markets

In addition to the main Stock Rover app described in these help pages, we also offer Stock Rover Markets (or “Markets” for short) as an additional platform for financial research that is freely available to all Stock Rover users. Only one login is needed for both Stock Rover and Markets. Markets has an intuitive interface that can be easily learned without training, and is intended to complement the in-depth stock research that can be accomplished in the Stock Rover web app.

You can access Stock Rover Markets using the Markets menu in the black navigation bar at the top of this page. If you are prompted to login, just use the login information for your existing Stock Rover account—there is no need to create a new account. You can then toggle seamlessly between the two platforms. In Stock Rover, the main point of access to Markets is the ‘Market Summary’ header text, which becomes a link when you hover your cursor over it, as shown below:

market summary link

Clicking the link will open up Markets in a new tab. You can also link to the Earnings Calendar in Markets by clicking on the hyperlinked ‘Next Report Date’ for a ticker in the Insight panel (the panel on the right side of the Stock Rover screen).

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