V6.4 Overview

Stock Rover functions as an interactive dashboard within your Internet browser. This page will introduce you to the basics of interacting with the Stock Rover web app. You can also download our PDF guide “Getting Started in Stock Rover” for a quick overview and a list of easy actions to try out.

Once you understand the paradigm of the Stock Rover user interface, the best way to get to know the program is to explore it on your own. For inspiration, see our Blog and Video Library. For guidance on specific tasks, explore our How To guide using the navigation at left. You can also email our Support Team with questions. Note that not all users are guaranteed an individualized response—please see our support policies.

The focus of this help documentation is on the Stock Rover web app; although note that we also have a simpler, complementary financial platform called Stock Rover Markets that is freely accessible from both the Stock Rover website (under menu item ‘Markets’) and from Stock Rover (by clicking ‘Market Summary’). Together, Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets can help you accomplish a significant range of financial research tasks.

Accessing Stock Rover