Getting Answers

Have questions about using Stock Rover? We have a wide variety of help resources and a number of ways to access those resources. Please take full advantage!

When in doubt, search our website using the searchbox, which is represented by a magnifying glass icon and can be found in the header of all of our website pages as well as in the Stock Rover app:

stock rover search

When you are in the Stock Rover, you can always link over to our website in a new tab by clicking on the dog image at the top of the screen, shown below:

homepage link

Additionally, context-specific help links exist throughout the Stock Rover program. Anytime you click on a question mark button like the one shown below, you’ll be taken to a relevant section in our How To pages.

help link

For example, in the above screenshot, clicking the question mark button would take you to our help pages about the Quotes Box. Clicking a link in Stock Rover will always open up the linked page in a new tab in your browser.

The How To pages (where you are right now) offer step-by-step instructions for using Stock Rover—everything from importing a portfolio to updating a screener to changing your email preferences. Use the detailed navigation tree at the left side of these pages to find the help section you are looking for. You can also get to our Support Database and Video Library through the navigation tree.

The Support Database is a database or “knowledgebase” created from questions we have received from users. For example, where do we get our data from? What to do if Stock Rover doesn’t load properly? And does a portfolio in the Chart show dividend reinvestment? Use the support categories to help you find the answer you are looking for, or use the searchbox at the top of the Support Database to search for questions and answers containing a certain word or phrase.

The Video Library includes everything from short video tutorials on simple actions in Stock Rover to full recorded webinars that show real-world investing applications of Stock Rover, such as screening to find growth stocks or evaluating holdings in a portfolio.

Finally, you can always contact us directly at or using the ‘Contact Us’ form in Stock Rover, which can be found in the Help menu:

contact us

However, please note that Free users (except during the 14 day Premium Trial) are not guaranteed an individualized response from our Support Team. All paid Premium users and Premium Trial users can expect a response within 2 business days. See our support policies for more details.

Importing and Exporting