See Screener Criteria

If you’d like to see your screener’s criteria without having to go to the screener manager, you can enable Navigation panel tooltips, which allow you to see a tooltip of the screener criteria on a mouseover of the screener’s name in the Navigation panel. To enable these tooltips, go to the ‘Settings’ in the top right of the screen and click ‘Preferences’.

Screener criteria tooltips

Under the ‘Tooltips,’ and check the box for ‘Show Navigation panel tooltips.’ Now, when you mouseover a screener in the Navigation panel, you will see a tooltip with the screener’s criteria listed, like the one shown below.

enabling screener criteria tooltips

If you’d like the screener criteria to be listed in a printable format, then you can export a screener and the screener’s criteria will be put into a txt file that will download to whatever folder is specified by your browser.

To export a screener, right-click the screener in the Navigation panel and select ‘Export’ from the drop-down menu.

Exporting a screener

This will download the screener to a txt file, which can then be imported into Stock Rover. At the end of the bottom of the file there will be a readable version of the screener criteria, shown below.

exported screnener file

Save Screener Results