Peer Stocks

To compare the current stock to its peers — that is, stocks in the same sector and industry – navigate to the Peers tab in the Insight Panel, which lists peers stocks and shows columns containing a customizable set of metrics. The stock selected in the main Table will automatically be highlighted in the Peers tab.

You can add a column to the Peers tab by clicking the ‘Add Columns’ button in the toolbar and typing in a column name. You can remove a column by right-clicking the column headers and selecting ‘Remove Column’ from the drop down menu.

manage columns in peers tab

You can add any peer stock to the Quotes Box by either double-clicking it, or by clicking the grey plus-sign icon to the left of the ticker. Or, you can add several tickers at once by holding shift or control while clicking the desired stocks, and then clicking the plus-sign of any of the selected tickers.

peers tab in insight panel

You can filter peers stocks by clicking the ‘Filter Peers’ button at the top of the Peers table (next to ‘Add Column’). This will open a window where you can filter peers on any of the columns in the peers table, or add additional columns to filter. You can set up absolute value filters, or create a relative range that is based on the selected ticker’s value in that category. In the example below, peers will be filtered so that only stocks that have a market cap within 40% of the selected ticker will appear in the list.

peers tab in insight panel

At the bottom of the window, you’ll see a preview of how many stocks pass the current set of filters. Peers filters will persist even as you select different stocks in the main table.

If you want to do deeper research on peers or a filtered set of peers, you can load them in the main Table simply by clicking the ‘Load in Main Table’ button, pictured below.

load peers in the main table

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