Update a Portfolio

You can update the positions of a portfolio through the Portfolio Manager. Please note that on a linked portfolio, you can’t update the positions, you can only view them.

Update Portfolio Positions

If you’d like to update your positions, you must do this through the Portfolio Manager. Right-click the portfolio that you want to update in the Navigation panel and select ‘Update’ from the drop-down menu.

select update in portfolio drop-down menu

You can also click ‘Update Portfolio’ in the Start menu, then select a portfolio to modify. Either of these steps will bring up the Portfolio Manager, which will contain the portfolio data as of the current date (though you can switch the date with the date box). In Step 1 you can change the name or notes of the portfolio, (or switch to a different portfolio by selecting from the drop-down menu.) In Step 2, update the position date with the pull-down menu that says ‘Position as of’, called out below. You can also edit the Cash Position, called out below in the bottom left of the screen.

portfolio manager

Click ‘Update’ when you are done. The window will close unless you’ve unchecked the ‘Close Window After Update’ box, which allows you modify positions on several dates in the same session.

You can also import new positions that have been exported from your brokerage house as a new date record. To do this, first select the date for the positions in the date box. Next, click the ‘Import’ button and navigate to the file with your portfolio positions. Once imported, these positions will be entered into the selected date record. Please note that this will not combine your positions with those that are already in the portfolio, but instead will override them.

Buy or Sell a Stock from the Table

You can also enter a trade into your portfolio directly from the Table. To do so, right-click a stock in the Table and select ‘Trade in Portfolio’ from the drop-down menu.

right-click stock to add to portfolio

This will bring up a box (shown below) where you can choose the destination portfolio (or create a new one), choose if you want to buy or sell the stock, select the date for the transaction, select the quantity and buy price (the buy price defaults to the current price, or the closing price if a date other than the current date is selected). The ‘Total’ will update to reflect the value of the transaction, and you can also choose to have your portfolio’s cash position automatically adjusted by clicking the ‘Adjust cash’ box.

edit holding details

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