Rebalance a Portfolio

To rebalance your portfolio in Stock Rover, click the ‘Rebalance Portfolio’ button in the Start menu, or search for the action from the search box.

rebalance portfolio

You will be prompted with a dialog box with a list of your portfolios. Select the one you want and click ‘Rebalance’.

rebalance portfolio

This will open another window with the positions in your portfolio. Under the ‘Balanced Percentage’ column, you can enter in the desired percentage for each stock. You must also specify a drift tolerance. The drift tolerance is the amount of percentage points under which the you will not need to execute trades to get to the balanced amount. For example, if you have a target balance of 10%, but have a stock with 12% allocation, the model would not prompt you for trade if the drift tolerance was 3. But, if the drift tolerance was 1, you would be prompted to trade to get to the balanced percentage. In Step 2, you can review the allocation. Click ‘Update’ when you have the balanced percentages completed.

rebalacing window

In the next window, you’ll see the portfolio listed. Uncheck the ‘Highlight Changes’ box if you’d like to take away the colored rows. A green row indicates you would need to add shares to get to the target percentage, a red row indicates that you would need to reduce shares.

rebalanced model

Click the right blue bar on the right to open the analytics panel. This shows a statistics about the composition in the current portfolio and the model protfolio. Click ‘Update Model’ if you’d like to go back and adjust the model quantities. Click the ‘Export’ button to export the table to a csv file.

portfolio modeling

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