Suggest a Metric for Stock Rover

To view a list of all the metrics that are currently available in Stock Rover, see our Metrics page. You can submit suggestions for custom metrics you’d like to add to Stock Rover through the Investors’ Library. To do this, click the ‘Suggest one of you own creations for inclusion in the Stock Rover Library!’ link at the bottom of the Investors’ Library window.

investors' library submission

This will bring up the Library Suggestion menu window. Click on ‘Custom Metrics’ in the ‘Type’ panel on the left, and describe the metric you would like to add to Stock Rover. Please be specific and include an equation if possible.

investors' library metric submission

The Stock Rover team will evaluate the feasibility of deriving the suggested metric within the framework of the metrics that Stock Rover already provides. If the metric can be created and is considered of value to the community, it will be added to the Investors’ Library and therefore made available to you and other Stock Rover users.

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