Submit an Item to the Investors' Library

We encourage you to submit your own items to the Investors’ Library that you think would be of value to the wider Stock Rover user community. Once submitted, the item will be reviewed for acceptance by the Stock Rover team before actually being added to the Library. Your email will not be displayed with the item in the library unless you explicitly enter your email into the ‘Attribute to’ box (shown in second screenshot below). Please read the Terms of Use prior to submitting an item, as well as review the list of all metrics currently available in Stock Rover at the Metrics page.

To submit, click the hyperlink at the bottom of the window where it reads ‘Suggest one of your own creations for inclusion in the Stock Rover Library!

investors' library submission

This will open a second window, similar to the first (shown below), where you can find the items you want to submit using the navigation on the left. To select an item to submit to the Investors’ Library, click on it in the right-side panel, add any additional comments in the box below, add in the name the item will be attributable to, and click ‘Submit.’

investors' library submission

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