Share a Portfolio, Watchlist, or Screener With Other Users

You can share a portfolio, watchlist, or screener with all Stock Rover users by submitting it to the Investors’ Library. However, if you’d like to share an item privately with another Stock Rover user, you can export it as a .txt file and give them the file. To do this, right-click on the item in the Navigation panel and select ‘Export’ from the drop-down menu. This will download the file to whichever folder is specified by your web browser. From there, you can share the file with other Stock Rover users, who can import the file to their own accounts.

right-click to export

To import watchlists or portfolios, right-click on the applicable category in the Navigation panel (for example, if you want to import a watchlist, right-click ‘My Watchlists’) and then select ‘Create _____’ from the drop-down menu.

right-clicking to import

This will bring up dialog window where you are prompted to create a watchlist (or portfolio) from scratch, or to import a file. Select to import a file.

right-clicking to import

From here, another window will appear where you can browse to find to the file you wish to import, and then click the ‘Preview’ button. In the Preview window, you can review the contents of the file to make sure that Stock Rover has read it correctly and then click ‘Import.’ The portfolio, watchlist, or screener will then be added to the correct category in the Navigation panel. For screenshots of this process, please see the Restore a Portfolio, Watchlist, or Screener section.

To import a screener, right-click ‘My Screeners’ in the Navigation panel and select ‘Import Screener’ This will bring you to another dialog where you can navigate to the file to import.

Note: Exporting or importing a Screener only applies to the filter values of a screener, not the stocks that pass that screener. To export the results of a screener, first save them as a watchlist and then export the watchlist.

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