Add and Remove Tickers from the Chart

Add Tickers

There are a few ways to add a ticker to the chart. If you right-click a stock in the Table and select ‘Chart,’ it will add it to the chart, replacing any ticker that is currently charted.

right-click on stock to add to chart

You can also add to the chart by typing the ticker or other chartable item (such as a portfolio or watchlist) into main search box in the top left of the chart. If you pause after typing a partial entry, the auto-fill suggestion box will appear with a list of companies or set of tickers that matches your search.

chart stock

From here, you can add additional tickers to the chart by clicking ‘Compare To’ box and typing in a set of tickers.

chart stock with research box

You can also add a stock to the chart by ensuring that the chart and the Table are linked and then selecting one or several tickers in the Table.

chart stock with research box

You can add sets of stocks, such as portfolios, watchlists, or screeners, to the chart through the Navigation panel by right-clicking on the item you wish to chart and selecting ‘Chart.’

chart stock with research box

Remove Tickers

To remove a stock from the chart, click the ‘x’ at the end of ticker name in the chart’s legend.

chart stock with research box

If the line is a benchmark, a technical, or a fundamental, you can also uncheck these items from their drop-down menus. For comparison tickers, you can clear them all, or individually, from the Compare box, shown below.

chart stock with research box

Unlink the Chart from the...