Brokerage Connection Basics

When you connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house, Stock Rover will keep the positions in your brokerage account in sync with positions in the corresponding Stock Rover portfolio. This is done automatically every night and whenever you log in to Stock Rover. You can also manually request a sync anytime you are logged into your Stock Rover account. Connecting your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house is the easiest way to keep your portfolios up to date.

There are two steps in the brokerage connection process. First, you must connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house(s), via Yodlee, a trusted third party service. Once connected, you can map portfolio accounts within a brokerage house to Stock Rover portfolios. You have complete control over which portfolios in your brokerage house are mapped to which Stock Rover portfolios. You can also unlink individual portfolio accounts while remaining connected to your brokerage house. By default, all the portfolios in any brokerage house to which you connect (per user ID/password) will be added as a linked portfolio in Stock Rover. The information in this How-To guide will show you how to add brokerage houses, change portfolio linkages, and remove accounts. You will be walked through the following steps (this image appears when you first attempt to connect):

Connect to Brokerage House