Add Quotes to Main Table

You can individually add tickers in the Quotes Box to the main Table by checking their checkboxes on the left side of the ticker symbol name. You can also select ‘Include in Table,’ (boxed in red in the screenshot below) to automatically show all quotes in the Table. Quotes in the Table are sometimes referred to as “research tickers.” When quotes, or research tickers, are added to the Table, they will be included in each table of stocks being viewed, regardless of whether the research ticker is part of that dataset. The following image shows a couple of research tickers, CAT and AAPL, selected for inclusion in the main Table.

research tickers in the table

Quotes in the Table will be bolded and italicized to distinguish them from others in the dataset (see circled items in the image above). If a research ticker happens to be native to the dataset being viewed, it will still appear bolded and italicized.For example, in the screenshot above, both research tickers AAPL and CAT are already a part of the DJIA, but they still are bolded and italicized because they are selected in the Quotes Box.

Add Tickers to the Quotes Box View Only Quotes in Main Table