Financial Services Sector

Asset Management

Ticker Company
AAB.TO Aberdeen International
AABVF Aberdeen International
AAMC Altisource Asset Mgmt
AB AllianceBernstein Holding
ABAKF Aberdeen Asia-Pacific
ABDC Alcentra Capital
ABDNF Aberdeen Asset Management
ABDNY Aberdeen Asset Management
ABDTF Aberdeen New Dawn IT
ABE Aberdeen Emerging Markets
ABK.PR.C.TO Allbanc Split
ACAS American Capital
ACSF American Capital
ADC.UN.V First Asset Canadian
AFAN AF Ocean Investment
AGF.B.TO AGF Management
AGFMF AGF Management
AHCLF Australian Ethical Invest
AHF.TO Aston Hill Financial
AHFCF Aston Hill Financial
AINC Ashford
AINV Apollo Investment
AIOAF Sarossa
AIS.H.V A I S Resources
AJMPF Ashmore Group
ALB.PR.C.TO Allbanc Split II
ALEDY Allied Group
ALEV Alpha Lujo
ALITF Alliance Trust
ALLYPRA GMAC Capital Trust I
ALPN Alpine Management Systems
AMEN AMEN Properties
AMG Affiliated Managers Group
AMN.P.V Aumento Capital V
AMP Ameriprise Financial
AMPLQ Ampal-American Israel
AMTCQ Ameritrans Capital
AMTPQ Ameritrans Capital
ANNMF Anima Holding
AOG.UN.TO Aston Hill Advantage Oil
APAM Artisan Partners Asset
APO Apollo Global Management
ARCC Ares Capital
ARES Ares Management
ARESPRA Ares Management
ARNH Automotive Resource
ARSGZ ARA Asset Management
ASA ASA Gold And Precious Met
ASDS Ascendant Solutions
ATEP Asset Protection America
ATIB Atlantic Investment
AUI.UN.TO Australian Banc Income
AULRF Aurelius Equity Opps
AVHNF Ackermans & Van Haaren
AVHNY Ackermans & Van Haaren
AVNE Aventura Equities
AZIHF Azimut Holding
AZIHY Azimut Holding
BANX StoneCastle Financial
BAOGF Aston Hill Advantage Oil
BBO.PR.A.TO Big Bank Big Oil Split
BBO.TO Big Bank Big Oil Split
BCPO Bancpro
BCV Bancroft Fund
BCV.PRA Bancroft Fund
BDDSF Brederode
BDNHF Brewin Dolphin Holdings
BDVC Business Development Corp
BEN Franklin Resources
BFHJ Beneficial Holdings
BFY Blackrock New York Muni
BGMO Bergamo Acquisition
BHV Blackrock Virginia
BIG.D.TO Big 8 Split
BIG.PR.D.TO Big 8 Split
BILSU Belle Isle
BK Bank of New York Mellon
BK.TO Canadian Banc
BKCC BlackRock Capital
BKPR Bookkeeper International
BKPRC Bank of New York Mellon
BLE Blackrock Municipal IT
BLJ Blackrock New Jersey
BLK BlackRock
BLR.V Blackhawk Resource
BLRZF Blackhawk Resource
BLUBF Blue Ribbon Income Fund
BRGGF Banregio Grupo Financiero
BRLGF Founders Advantage
BSD.PR.A.TO Brookfield Soundvest
BSKIF Blue Sky Alternative
BSO.UN.TO Brookfield Select Opps
BX Blackstone Group
BXMX Nuveen S&P 500
BZM Blackrock Maryland
CAIXY CaixaBank
CBGPF Close Brothers Group
CBGPY Close Brothers Group
CCA Mfs California Insured
CCCOF Carrus Capital
CCGDF China Cinda Asset Mgmt Co
CCI.UN.TO Canadian Convertibles
CDD.UN.TO Core Canadian Dividend
CEF Central Fund of Canada
CEF.A.TO Central Fund of Canada
CET Central Securities
CEV Eaton Vance CA Muni
CEVIF China Everbright
CFDZY Corporacion Financiera
CFIGY Challenger
CG The Carlyle Group
CGI.TO Canadian General Inv
CH Aberdeen Chile Fund
CH.V Urban Select Capital
CHAJF China Assets (Holdings)
CHAM Champion Investments
CHCDF China Merchants China
CHQ.V Carrus Capital
CHYFF Cathay Financial Holding
CHYYY Cathay Financial Holding
CIFAF CI Financial
CIK Credit Suisse Asset Mgmt
CIQ.UN.TO Canadian High Income
CIVX CTR Investments
CIX.TO CI Financial
CIXPF CaixaBank
CKI.TO Clarke
CLIUF City of London Investment
CLM Cornerstone Strategic
CLMS Calamos Asset Management
CMFN CM Finance
CMQMY Incapital Unit Trust
CNDCF Canadian Banc
CNHA Conihasset Captial
CNLMF Charlemagne Capital
CNS Cohen & Steers
CNVT CVF Technologies
COO.V NatureBank Asset Mgmt
CPRN Citigroup Capital
CPTA Capitala Finance
CPTC Corporate Capital Trust
CRBJY China Resources Land
CRDUF Canadian Resources Income
CRF Cornerstone Total Return
CRPFY Corporacion Financiera
CRSWF Crosswinds Holdings
CRUOF Rockshield Capital
CSWC Capital Southwest
CTF Nuveen Long/Short
CUBA Herzfeld Caribbean Basin
CVG.TO Clairvest Group
CVTGF Clairvest Group
CWI.TO Crosswinds Holdings
CYTTF CytoTools AG
DAQ.A.TO Dundee Acquisition
DAQ.UN.TO Dundee Acquisition
DC.A.TO Dundee
DC.PR.B.TO Dundee
DC.PR.C.TO Dundee
DC.PR.D.TO Dundee
DC.PR.E.TO Dundee
DDEJF Dundee
DEUBF Deutsche Beteiligungs
DF.PR.A.TO Dividend 15 Split Corp II
DF.TO Dividend 15 Split Corp II
DFN.PR.A.TO Dividend 15 Split Corp
DFN.TO Dividend 15 Split Corp
DGS.PR.A.TO Dividend Growth Split
DHIL Diamond Hill Inv Gr
DHY Credit Suisse High Yield
DMCD Detwiler Fenton Group
DMF Dreyfus Municipal Income
DSL DoubleLine Inc Solns Fund
DVSPF Dividend 15 Split Corp
EAD Wells Fargo Income
EBF.UN.TO European Strategic
ECCA Eagle Point Credit
ECCB Eagle Point Credit
ECF Ellsworth Growth & Income
ECF.UN.TO East Coast Inv Grade
ECGP Envit Capital Group
ECPG Encore Capital Group
EDGNF Edinburgh Dragon Trust
EDI Stone Harbor Emg Mkts
EGI.UN.TO Excel India Growth
EGSNF EnergyO Solutions Russia
EIA Eaton Vance California
EIM Eaton Vance Municipal
EIO Eaton Vance Ohio
EIP Eaton Vance Pennsylvania
EIT.UN.TO Canoe EIT Income Fund
EIV Eaton Vance Municipal
ELA.UN.TO Excel Funds Management
ELETY Elementone
EMEZU EME Reorganization Trust
EMI Eaton Vance Michigan Muni
EMJ Eaton Vance New Jersey
ENDTF Canoe EIT Income Fund
ENI.UN.TO Energy Income
ENX Eaton Vance New York
EQS Equus Total Return
ERC Wells Fargo Multi-Sector
ERH Wells Fargo Utilities
ERM.TO Eclipse Residential MIC
ESS.V Esstra Industries
ESTRF Esstra Industries
EUIVF Eurocastle Investment
EUZOF Eurazeo
EV Eaton Vance
EVJ Eaton Vance NJ Muni Incom
EVM Eaton Vance California
EVO Eaton Vance Ohio
EVP Eaton Vance PA Muni
EVV Eaton Vance Duration
EVY Eaton Vance NY Muni Incom
EXC.V Essex Angel Capital
FAP.TO Aberdeen Asia-Pacific
FAX Aberdeen Asia-Pacific
FBS.B.TO 5Banc Split
FBS.PR.C.TO 5Banc Split
FCAFY F&C Asset Management
FCF.V Founders Advantage
FCO Aberdeen Global Income
FCPA Finance Co Pennsylvania
FCS.PR.C.TO Faircourt Split Trust
FDUS Fidus Investment
FEI First Trust MLP
FEN First Trust Energy Income
FEQT First Eagle
FFI.UN.TO Flaherty & Crumrine Inv
FFN.PR.A.TO North American Finl 15
FFN.TO North American Finl 15
FFXDF Fairfax India Holdings
FGF.V Capital DGMC
FGX.TO Faircourt Gold Income
FIF First Trust Energy Infra
FIG Fortress Investment Group
FIH.U.TO Fairfax India Holdings
FII Federated Investors
FNBB FNB Financial
FNCSF North American Finl 15
FNGN Financial Engines
FNINF 49 North Resources
FNR.V 49 North Resources
FPAFF First Pacific
FRCGF Faircourt Gold Income
FRRPF Fiera Capital
FRTD Fortitude Group
FSAM Fifth Street Asset Mgmt
FSD First Trust High Income
FSEN FS Energy and Power
FSFR Fifth Street Senior
FSGR FS Global Credit Opps
FSVT FS Investment II
FSZ.TO Fiera Capital
FTF Franklin Templeton Ltd
FTN.PR.A.TO Financial 15 Split
FTN.TO Financial 15 Split
FTRRF Fonterra Shareholders
FTU.PR.B.TO US Financial 15 Split
FTU.TO US Financial 15 Split
FULL Full Circle Capital
GABPRD Gabelli Equity Trust
GABPRG Gabelli Equity Trust
GABPRH Gabelli Equity Trust
GABPRJ Gabelli Equity Trust
GAF.UN.TO Global Alpha Worldwide
GAFL Great American Financial
GAIN Gladstone Investment
GAINM Gladstone Investment
GAINN Gladstone Investment
GAINO Gladstone Investment
GAMPRB General American Investor
GARS Garrison Capital
GBDC Golub Capital BDC
GBL GAMCO Investors
GBLBF Groupe Bruxelles Lambert
GBLBY Groupe Bruxelles Lambert
GCAAF Guardian Capital Group
GCG.A.TO Guardian Capital Group
GCG.TO Guardian Capital Group
GCPL Global Capital Partners
GCS.PR.A.TO Global Champions Split
GCVPRB Gabelli Convertible
GDS.TO Gendis
GDVM Global Developments
GDVPRA Gabelli Dividend & Income
GDVPRD Gabelli Dividend & Income
GDVPRG Gabelli Dividend & Income
GFDV General Finance & Dev
GFWQZ PLM Equip Growth FND
GGN GAMCO Global Gold Natural
GGN.PRB GAMCO Global Gold Natural
GGTPRB Gabelli Multimedia Trust
GGZPRA Gabelli Global Small
GHC.UN.TO Global Healthcare
GHKSY Global Investment House
GIF.UN.TO Global Infrastructure
GII.UN.TO Global Diversified
GIIZF Global Diversified
GIVPY Grupo de Inversiones
GIVSY Grupo de Inversiones
GKSGF GrenkeLeasing
GLAD Gladstone Capital
GLADO Gladstone Capital
GLCH Gleacher
GLO Clough Global
GLQ Clough Global Equity
GLU Gabelli Global Utility
GLU.PRA Gabelli Global Utility
GLUSF Gluskin Sheff
GLV Clough Global Dividend
GLWSF Global Water Solutions
GNDIF Gendis
GPIIF GP Investments
GRCV Grand Capital Ventures
GRF Eagle Capital Growth Fund
GRNBF GreenBank Capital
GROW US Global Investors
GRP.PR.A.TO Global Resource Champions
GRS.H.TO Griffin Skye
GRXPRA Gabelli Healthcare
GRXPRB Gabelli Healthcare
GS.TO Gluskin Sheff
GSB.UN.TO Goldman Sachs US Income
GSMF GSM Fund Group
GSVC GSV Capital
GTTXF Gottex Fund Management
GUTPRA Gabelli Utility Trust
GUTPRC Gabelli Utility Trust
GVHIB Global Vision Holdings
GVITY Global Investment House
HALN Halo Companies
HBF.UN.TO Brand Leaders Plus Income
HBIN Hbancorporation
HBL.UN.TO Brand Leaders Income Fund
HCAP Harvest Capital Credit
HEN.UN.TO Energy Leaders Income
HFAHF HFA Holdings
HGHRF Highlands Natural
HGI.UN.TO Global Telecom
HGUBP Highlands Capital
HHL.UN.TO Healthcare Leaders Income
HHY.UN.TO High Rock Canadian High
HIG.UN.TO Global Healthcare Income
HMB.V Humboldt Capital
HNDGF Henderson Group
HNNA Hennessy Advisors
HNW Pioneer Diversified High
HPF.UN.TO Energy Leaders Plus Inc
HRGLF Hargreaves Lansdown
HRGLY Hargreaves Lansdown
HRZN Horizon Tech Finance
HSCEF Sawada Holdings
HTA.UN.TO Tech Achievers Growth
HTCIY Hitachi Capital
HTIVF Hotung Investment Hldgs
HTO.UN.TO Global Water Solutions
HUL.UN.TO US Buyback Leaders Fund
IAC.A.TO INFOR Acquisition
IAF Aberdeen Australia Equity
IAM.TO Integrated Asset Mgmt
IBIVF I B I Investment House
ICGUF Intermediate Capital
ICHIF Ichigo
ICL.V Itasca Capital
ICLTF Itasca Capital
ICNQU ICON Equipment
ICOR InterCore
ICTQ ICON ECI Fund Fifteen
IDEA Invent Ventures
IDEIF Ideiasnet
IDTVF Industrivarden
IF Aberdeen Indonesia Fund
IFB.UN.TO Investment Grade Infr
IFHZF Intercorp Peru
IFN India Fund
IGIFF IGM Financial
IGM.PR.B.TO IGM Financial
IGM.TO IGM Financial
IHL.UN.TO Voya High Income Floating
INC.UN.TO Income Financial
INNO Innocap
ISL Aberdeen Israel Fund
ISL.U.TO Voya Floating Rate Senior
ISL.UN.TO Voya Floating Rate Senior
ITGQF Integrated Asset Mgmt
ITPC Intrepid Capital
ITRUF Intertrust
IVITF Invictus MD Strategies
IVSBF Investor
IVSBY Investor
IVSXF Investor
IVTJF Investec
IVTJY Investec
IVZ Invesco
IXSV Intersecurity Holdings
JNS Janus Capital Group
JP Jupai Holdings
JPIVF JPMorgan Indian IT
JRS Nuveen Real Estate Income
KCAP KCAP Financial
KED Kayne Anderson Energy Dev
KIO KKR Income Opportunities
KNDXY Kenedix
KNGTF Kingston Financial
KNVKF Kinnevik
KOVTF k1 Ventures
KRIUF Keg Royalties Income Fund
KYNPRF Kayne Anderson Mlp
LAQ Aberdeen Latin America
LBS.PR.A.TO Life & Banc Split
LBS.TO Life & Banc Split
LCS.PR.A.TO Brompton Lifeco Split
LDHL LD Holdings
LEHKQ Lehman Brothers Holdings
LEON Leone Asset Management
LFBCF Life & Banc Split
LFE.PR.B.TO Canadian Life Cos Split
LFE.TO Canadian Life Cos Split
LM Legg Mason
LPC.V Lorne Park Capital
LXEEF Luxempart
M.PR.A.V Mosaic Capital
M.V Mosaic Capital
MAB Eaton Vance Massachusetts
MAIN Main Street Capital
MAR.TO Marret Resource
MBK.UN.TO Manulife US Regional Bank
MC Moelis & Co
MCC Medley Capital
MCKZF Mackenzie Master
MCVT Mill City Ventures III
MDLY Medley Management
MDS.UN.TO Healthcare Special
MFCB MFC Bancorp
MFR.UN.TO Manulife Floating Rate
MHE BlackRock Massachusetts
MIF.UN.TO Marquest Canadian Equity
MIW Eaton Vance Michigan
MKRRF Melker Schorling
MKZ.UN.TO Mackenzie Master
MMC.P.V Marching Moose Capital
MMD MainStay DefinedTerm
MMP.UN.TO Precious Metals
MMV Eaton Vance MA Muni
MN Manning & Napier
MNGPF Man Group
MNGPY Man Group
MNXCZ Mandatory Exchangeable
MORG Morgan Financial
MPM.TO Markland AGF Precious Met
MQA.UN.TO Macquarie Emerging Market
MQIIF Macquarie Int'l Infra
MSB Mesabi Trust
MTOMF First Growth Funds
MTR Mesa Royalty
MVC MVC Capital
MVF Blackrock Munivest Fund
MXE Mexico Equity & Income
MYIRF Myanmar Investments
MZA Blackrock Muniyield
NAF.UN.TO Global Capital Secs Trust
NAZ Nuveen AZ Premium Income
NBH Neuberger Berman
NBO Neuberger Berman
NBO.H.V Nebo Capital
NBW Neuberger Berman
NCB Nuveen
NCD.UN.TO First Asset North
NEW.PR.D.TO Newgrowth Corp
NEW.TO Newgrowth Corp
NFD.A.V Northfield Capital
NHS Neuberger Berman
NID Nuveen Intermediate Dur
NIF.UN.TO Noranda Income Fund
NJV Nuveen NJ Municipal Value
NKG Nuveen GA MTPS-2015
NKX Nuveen California
NMFC New Mountain Finance
NML Neuberger Berman
NMS Minnesota Municipal
NMZ Nuveen Municipal High
NNDIF Noranda Income Fund
NOAH Noah Holdings
NOM Nuveen MO Premium
NPF.UN.TO North American Preferred
NPN Nuveen Pennsylvania
NRF.UN.TO North American REIT
NRK Nuveen NY AMT-Free Muni
NRO Neuberger Berman
NSAM NorthStar Asset Mgmt Gr
NSVTF National Investments Fund
NTRS Northern Trust
NTRSP Northern Trust
NUM Nuveen MI Quality Income
NUO Nuveen OH Quality Income
NUX.V New Pacific Holdings
NVG Nuveen Enhanced AMT-Free
NVX Nuveen CA Dividend
NXC.TO NexC Partners
NXJ Nuveen NJ Dividend
NYH Eaton Vance New York
NYV Nuveen NY Municipal Value
NZF Nuveen Enhanced Municipal
NZH Nuveen CA Dividend
OAK Oaktree Capital Group
OFS OFS Capital
OHAI OHA Investment
OIC.H.V Onecap Investment
OLGRF Olympia Financial Group
OLY.TO Olympia Financial Group
OMAM OM Asset Management
OODH Orion Diversified Holding
OSP.PR.A.TO Brompton Split Banc
OSP.TO Brompton Oil Split
OUY.U.TO Canoe US Strategic Yield
OVUEF OneVue Holdings
OZM Och-Ziff Capital Mgmt Gr
PBY.UN.TO Canso Credit Income
PCD.UN.TO Pathfinder Income Fund
PCF.U.TO Energy Credit
PCF.UN.TO Energy Credit
PCPG Principal Capital Group
PDV.PR.A.TO Prime Dividend
PFD.U.TO Limited Duration Inv
PFLT PennantPark Floating Rate
PFT.UN.TO Canadian Preferred Share
PFU.UN.TO Investment Grade Managed
PGPHF Partners Group Holding
PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund
PHYS.TO Sprott Physical Gold
PIC.A.TO Premium Income
PIC.PR.A.TO Premium Income
PJC Piper Jaffray
PLCQF Polar Capital Technology
PLRRF Polar Capital Holdings
PLTI Platcom
PMMTF Precious Metals
PMRGF Panmure Gordon & Co
PNNT Pennant Park Investment
PRDGF Premier Diversified Hldgs
PRF.UN.TO PineBridge Investment
PRNWF Progress Now!
PRPLF Perpetual
PRPM ProTek Capital
PSEC Prospect Capital
PSF Cohen & Steers Select
PSLV Sprott Physical Silver
PSMUF Sinar Mas Multiartha
PTCI Point Capital
PTF.V Pender Growth Fund
PUB.UN.V U.S. Banks Income & Grwth
PVF.PR.U.V Partners Value Inv
PVS.PR.B.TO Partners Value Split
PVS.PR.C.TO Partners Value Split
PVS.PR.D.TO Partners Value Split
PVS.PR.E.TO Partners Value Split
PXAMF Proxama
PZN Pzena Investment Mgmt
QBA.V LGC Capital
QLTS Q Lotus Holdings
QQFHF Henderson Far East Income
QQQX Nasdaq Premium Income
QUCT Queen City Investment
RAI.UN.TO Real Asset Income
RAND Rand Capital
RBCF Rubicon Financial
RBN.UN.TO Blue Ribbon Income Fund
RDWD Redwood Group
REVNF Reinet Investments
RGT Royce Global Value Trust
RHCO Readen Holding
RILY B. Riley Financial
RIN.V Resinco Capital Partners
RIT.TO First Asset Canadian REIT
RITPF RIT Capital Partners
RMGOF Remgro
RMGYY Remgro
RMT Royce Micro-Cap Trust
RPAML Royal Palm Beach Colony
RPGLF Regent Pacific Group
RSCZF Resinco Capital Partners
RSVXY Renta 4 Banco
RTU.TO Canadian Resources Income
RVT Royce Value Trust
SAMG Silvercrest Asset Mgmt Gr
SANPRA Santander Finance
SANPRB Santander Finance
SANPRC Santander Finance
SANPRI Santander Finance
SAR Saratoga Investment
SBC.PR.A.TO Brompton Split Banc
SBC.TO Brompton Split Banc
SBHGF SBI Holdings
SBI Western Asset Inter
SBN.TO S Split
SBST Sunburst Alliance
SBT.UN.TO Silver Bullion Trust
SCEPRF Southern California
SCM Stellus Capital Inv
SCW.UN.TO Canso Select Opps
SDV.H.V Sumtra Diversified
SEC.TO Senvest Capital
SEIC SEI Investments
SFE Safeguard Scientifics
SFNXF Sofina
SGE.V Strategem Capital
SHGKF Sun Hung Kai & Co
SHGKY Sun Hung Kai & Co
SHNWF Schroders
SHNWY Schroders
SHRRF Schroders
SII.TO Sprott
SIVTF Scottish Investment Trust
SJGFF Schroder Japan Gwth Fund
SKAJ Skajaquoda Group
SKG.UN.TO Skylon Growth & Income
SLLV Soellingen Advisory Group
SLRC Solar Capital
SMCG Millennium Investment
SNI.PR.A.V Sonor Investments
SNST Sunset Capital Assets
SOHL Southern Trust Securities
SOR Source Capital
SPEPRB Special Opportunities
SPGUF Energy Income
SPKMF Spackman Equities Group
SPOXF Sprott
SPYUF Terra Capital
SQG.V Spackman Equities Group
STMZEF Scottish Mortgage IT
STT State Street
STTPRC State Street
STTPRD State Street
STTPRE State Street
STTPRG State Street
SUNS Solar Senior Capital
SVCTF Senvest Capital
SVNJ 727 Communications
SVVC Firsthand Tech Value Fund
SWKH SWK Holdings
SYNNF Symphony Intl Holdings
TAPNF Tarpon Investimentos
TCA.V Timia Capital
TCC.H.V Trenchant Capital
TCN.TO Tricon Capital Group
TCNGF Tricon Capital Group
TCPC TCP Capital
TETAA Teton Advisors
TEUZF Teuza a Fairchild
TF.TO Timbercreek Financial
TGONF Tetragon Financial Group
TGOPF 3i Group
TGOPY 3i Group
TINY Harris & Harris Group
TLF.UN.TO Tech Leaders income Fund
TNPRF Tern Properties
TODS Tonawanda Share Corp
TOKTY Tokai Tokyo Financial
TPVG TriplePoint Venture Gwth
TRF.UN.TO First Asset Energy
TRNGF Trendlines Group
TRNLY Trendlines Group
TROW T. Rowe Price Group
TSLX TPG Specialty Lending
TSRUF Pacific Current Group
TXT.PR.A.TO Top 10 Split
TYPR Tri-Continental
TZS.TO Trez Capital Senior
UBAAF Urbana
UCHC Uni Core Holdings
UDA.UN.TO Caldwell U.S. Dividend
UGYM US Guaranty of America
UNC.PR.A.TO United Corporations
UNC.PR.B.TO United Corporations
UNC.PR.C.TO United Corporations
UNC.TO United Corporations
UOEMF Utilico Emerging Markets
URB.A.TO Urbana
URB.TO Urbana
URNAF Urbana
USF.UN.TO US Financials Income Fund
USH.UN.TO US Housing Recovery Fund
UST.PR.B.TO Utility Split
UST.UN.TO Utility Split
UTC.TO Utility
UTG Reaves Utility Income
V.H.V Valucap Investments
VCF Delaware Investments
VFL Delaware Investments
VGI.UN.TO Voya Global Income Solns
VIP.UN.TO Aston Hill VIP Income
VKI Invesco Advantage
VKIN Viking Investments Group
VMM Delaware Investments MN
VNMHF VietNam Holding
VONHF Vontobel Holding
VOYA Voya Financial
VPGLF Value Partners Group
VRTS Virtus Investment
VTMC Valentine Mark
WCM.A.TO Wilmington Capital
WDR Waddell & Reed Financial
WED.V Westaim
WETF WisdomTree Investments
WETM WestMountain Alternative
WFS.PR.A.TO World Financial Split
WHF WhiteHorse Finance
WHG Westwood Holdings Group
WINS Wins Finance Holdings
WISH Wright Investors' Service
WNDLF Wendel
WNMLA Winmill
WNRP West Suburban Bancorp
WNTR Worldwide Diversified
WOI.H.V World Organics
WP.V Western Pacific Trust
WSSE Wallstreet Securities
WSSSQ Wall Street Strategies
XMF.A.TO M Split
XRDC Crossroads Capital
XTD.TO TDb Split
XYM.UN.TO Star Yield Managers Trust
YBRHF Yellow Brick Road
YCM.PR.A.TO Commerce Split
YCM.PR.B.TO Commerce Split
YCM.TO Commerce Split
YORI Yora International
ZAIS ZAIS Group Holdings
ZC.V Zimtu Capital

Banks – Global

Ticker Company
ACGBF Agricultural Bank China
ACGBY Agricultural Bank China
ALORY Alior Bank
AOZOF Aozora Bank
AOZOY Aozora Bank
BAC Bank of America
BACHF Bank Of China
BACPRA Bank of America
BACPRD Bank of America
BACPRY Bank of America
BCDRF Banco Santander
BCLYF Barclays
BCMXY Bank of Communications
BCS Barclays
BCSO Bancorp Southern Indiana
BKFCF Bank of Communications
BMBZF Blom Bank
BMLPRI Bank of America
BMLPRL Bank of America
BMMQF Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.A.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.B.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.R.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.S.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.T.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.W.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.Y.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.Z.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.TO Bank of Montreal
BMQCF Bank of Montreal
BMQZF Bank of Montreal
BNGYF Bank of Nagoya
BNS.PR.B.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.C.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.D.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.E.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.F.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.G.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.H.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BQACY Bank Audi
BQAZF Bank Audi
BQMGY Banque Marocaine Du
C Citigroup
CBAUF Commonwealth Bank
CBAUY Commonwealth Bank
CBVHY China Everbright Bank Co
CEBCF China Everbright Bank Co
CICHF China Construction Bank
CICHY China Construction Bank
CIMDF CIMB Group Holdings
CM.PR.O.TO Canadian Imperial Bank
CM.PR.P.TO Canadian Imperial Bank
CM.PR.Q.TO Canadian Imperial Bank
CM.TO Canadian Imperial Bank
COOBF Co-operative Bank
CPRC Citigroup
CPRJ Citigroup
CPRK Citigroup
CPRL Citigroup
CPRP Citigroup
CPRS Citigroup
CS Credit Suisse Group
CSGKF Credit Suisse Group
DEUPF Deutsche Postbank
DKT Deutsche Bank Conting
DTK Deutsche Bank Contingent
EFGIF EFG International
EWBC East West Bancorp
FANDY Firstrand
GHDS Greater Hudson Bank
GUAA Guaranty Bancorp
HSBC HSBC Holdings
HSEA HSBC Holdings
HSEB HSBC Holdings
HXPN Harris Exploration
HYKUF Hyakugo Bank
IDCBF Industrial And Comml Bank
IDCBY Industrial And Comml Bank
JBARF Julius Baer Gruppe
JBAXY Julius Baer Gruppe
JPM JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRA JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRB JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRD JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRE JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRF JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRG JPMorgan Chase
JPMPRH JPMorgan Chase
KHSHF Kagoshima Bank
LFGP Ledyard Financial Group
MBFJF Mitsubishi UFJ Financial
MCBG Mercersburg Financial
MLYBY Malayan Banking
MLYNF Malayan Banking
MMPM Merchants & Marine
MTU Mitsubishi UFJ Financial
NA.PR.A.TO National Bank of Canada
NA.PR.S.TO National Bank of Canada
NA.PR.W.TO National Bank of Canada
NA.PR.X.TO National Bank of Canada
NA.TO National Bank of Canada
NABZY National Australia Bank
NAUBF National Australia Bank
NBGGY National Bank of Greece
NTB Bank of N.T Butterfield
RBCDF Royal Bank of Canada
RBKDF Royal Bank of Canada
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRF Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRH Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRL Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRRCL Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRS Royal Bank of Scotland
RBSPRTCL Royal Bank of Scotland
RY.PR.A.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.H.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.J.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.K.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.M.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.N.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.O.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.P.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.Q.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.R.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.Z.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY/PT Royal Bank of Canada
RYLBF Royal Bank of Canada
RYPRS Royal Bank of Canada
SCBFF Standard Chartered
SFIGA Star Financial Group
SGDBF San-in Godo Bank
SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial
SMFNF Sumitomo Mitsui Financial
SVNLF Svenska Handelsbanken
SVNLY Svenska Handelsbanken
TD The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.A.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.B.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.C.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.D.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.E.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.F.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.G.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PF.H.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PR.S.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PR.T.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PR.Y.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.PR.Z.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD.TO The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TNTTF The Toronto-Dominion Bank
TWCI T.W. Christian
WBK Westpac Banking
WEBNF Westpac Banking
WFC Wells Fargo
WFCPRJ Wells Fargo
WFCPRL Wells Fargo
WFCPRP Wells Fargo
WFCPRR Wells Fargo
WFCPRT Wells Fargo
WFCPRV Wells Fargo
WFCPRW Wells Fargo
WFCPRX Wells Fargo

Banks – Regional – Africa

Ticker Company
AAMAF Atlas Mara
ACSBL Access Bank
AFRVF African Bank Investments
AGRPF Barclays Africa Group
AGRPY Barclays Africa Group
CIBEY Comml Intl Bank (Egypt)
CKHGY Capitec Bank Holdings
CMGGF Comml Intl Bank (Egypt)
DIBPL Diamond Bank
GUARL Guaranty Trust Bank
GUARY Guaranty Trust Bank
ITCFY Investec
NDBKF Nedbank Group
NDBKY Nedbank Group
RMBHY Rmb Holdings
SBGOF Standard Bank Group
SGBLY Standard Bank Group
UBKAY United Bank for Africa
UBKZF United Bank for Africa
ZMBAY Zambia

Banks – Regional – Asia

Ticker Company
ALCEY ForteBank
AXBKY Axis Bank
BACHY Bank Of China
BBKQY Bank of Baroda
BGKKF Bangkok Bank
BHKLY BOC Hong Kong Holdings
BKAHF Bank Of Ayudhya
BKAYY Bank Of Ayudhya
BKEAF Bank of East Asia
BKEAY Bank of East Asia
BKHPF Bank Hapoalim
BKHPY Bank Hapoalim
BKHYY Bank Hapoalim
BKIWF Bank of Iwate
BKKLY Bangkok Bank
BKKPF Bangkok Bank
BKNDY Bank of India
BKRKF Bank Rakyat Indonesia
BKRKY Bank Rakyat Indonesia
BLMIF Bank Leumi Le-Israel
BMUSY BankMuscat
BNKHF BOC Hong Kong Holdings
BPHLF Bank of The Philippine
BPHLY Bank of The Philippine
CBQRL Commercial Bank
CGHBF Chong Hing Bank
CHBAF Chiba Bank
CHBAY Chiba Bank
CHBJF China Citic Bank Corp
CHCJY China Citic Bank Corp
CIHHF China Merchants Bank Co
CIHKY China Merchants Bank Co
CKGOY China Banking
CMTDF Sumitomo Mitsui Trust
CNRYY Canara Bank
COGQF Chongqing Rural
CRCBY Chongqing Rural
CRPKY Corporation Bank
CTFHY CTBC Financial Holding
DAHSF Dah Sing Financial
DBSDF DBS Group Holdings
DBSDY DBS Group Holdings
DGBFF DGB Financial Group Co
DHSBF Dah Sing Banking Group
DSFGY Dah Sing Financial
DXB Deutsche Bank Contingent
FBKIF First Intl Bank of Israel
FDBAY Federal Bank
FFHMY First Financial Holding
FFHOY First Financial Holding
FKKFF Fukuoka Financial Group
FKKFY Fukuoka Financial Group
FUISF Fubon Financial Hldgs Co
FUISY Fubon Financial Hldgs Co
FUIZF Fubon Financial Hldgs Co
HACBF Hachijuni Bank
HACBY Hachijuni Bank
HALYY Halyk Savings Bank
HLFBF Hong Leong Financial
HNFGF Hana Financial Group
HSBJY The Housing Bank
HSNGF Hang Seng Bank
HSNGY Hang Seng Bank
IBOKY Industrial Bank of Korea
JDKWY Jordan Kuwait Bank
JPHLF Japan Post Holdings
JPPHY Japan Post Holdings
JPPTY Japan Post Bank
JPSTF Japan Post Bank
KAZML Kazkommertsbank
KAZNF Kazkommertsbank
KB KB Financial Group
KGTFF Krung Thai Bank
KGTFY Krung Thai Bank
KMBKY Kotak Mahindra Bank
KNFSF Kiatnakin Bank
KPCKF Kasikornbank Public
KPCPF Kasikornbank Public
KPCPY Kasikornbank Public
KPCUF Kasikornbank Public
KTHAF Krung Thai Bank
KYUNF Kyushu Financial Group
MFG Mizuho Financial Group
MTPOF Metropolitan Bank & Trust
MTPOY Metropolitan Bank & Trust
MZHOF Mizuho Financial Group
NPAKF North Pacific Bank
OVCHF Oversea-Chinese Banking
OVCHY Oversea-Chinese Banking
PBCFF Public Financial Holdings
PBCRF PT Bank Central Asia
PBCRY PT Bank Central Asia
PBDBY Bank Danamon Indonesia
PBPJF Bank Pan Indonesia
PBTSF Bank Tabungan Pensiunan
PKTBF PT Bank Tabungan Negara
PNJZY Punjab National Bank
PPERF Bank Mandiri (Persero)
PPERY Bank Mandiri (Persero)
PTBGY PT Bank Tabungan Negara
PTBRY Bank Negara Indonesia
RSNHF Resona Holdings
RZLLY Rizal Commercial Banking
SBKFF State Bank of India
SEBNF Seven Bank
SHG Shinhan Financial Group
SHZUY Shizuoka Bank
SKCBY Shinkin Central Bank
SKLKF Shinsei Bank
SKLKY Shinsei Bank
SMCBF Siam Commercial Bank
SMUUY Siam Commercial Bank
SUGBY Suruga Bank
SUTNY Sumitomo Mitsui Trust
SVNBY Seven Bank
SYBJF Security Bank
SZKBF Shizuoka Bank
THNUY Thanachart Capital
TMBBY TMB Bank Public Co
TSCFY TISCO Financial Group
UDBKL United Bank
UOVEF United Overseas Bank
UOVEY United Overseas Bank
UQNNY Union Bank of India
WF Woori Bank
YFGSF Yamaguchi Financial Group
YYBKY Yes Bank

Banks – Regional – Australia

Ticker Company
BKQNF Bank of Queensland
BKQNY Bank of Queensland
BXRBF Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
BXRBY Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
CMWAY Commonwealth Bank

Banks – Regional – Canada

Ticker Company
BK.PR.A.TO Canadian Banc
BMO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.K.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.L.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.M.TO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.Q.TO Bank of Montreal
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.A.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.N.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.O.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.P.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.Q.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.R.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.Y.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.Z.TO Bank of Nova Scotia
CBWBF Canadian Western Bank
CM Canadian Imperial Bank
CWB.PR.B.TO Canadian Western Bank
CWB.PR.C.TO Canadian Western Bank
CWB.TO Canadian Western Bank
HSB.PR.C.TO HSBC Bank Canada
HSB.PR.D.TO HSBC Bank Canada
LB.PR.F.TO Laurentian Bank
LB.PR.H.TO Laurentian Bank
LB.PR.J.TO Laurentian Bank
LB.TO Laurentian Bank
LRCDF Laurentian Bank
NA.PR.Q.TO National Bank of Canada
NTIOF National Bank of Canada
PWC.TO PWC Capital
RY Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.B.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.C.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.D.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.E.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.F.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.G.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.I.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.L.TO Royal Bank of Canada
RY.PR.W.TO Royal Bank of Canada
VB.PR.A.TO VersaBank
VB.PR.B.TO VersaBank
VB.TO VersaBank

Banks – Regional – Europe

Ticker Company
AAALF Aareal Bank
AAALY Aareal Bank
AIBSF Allied Irish Banks
AKBTY Akbank
AKSJF Sberbank of Russia
ALBKF Alpha Bank
ALBKY Alpha Bank
ALBQY Alpha Bank
ASYKF Asya Katilim Bankasi
BACPY Bank of Cyprus
BCBHF Caribbean Investment
BCSPRA Barclays Bank
BCSPRD Barclays Bank
BHNWF Bank Handlowy w Warszawie
BKESF Banco Espirito Santo
BKESY Banco Espirito Santo
BKIMF Bankinter
BKNIY Bankinter
BKPKF Bank Pekao
BKSNF Bank J Safra Sarasin
BKVZY Vozrozhdenie Bank
BKZHY Bank Zachodni WBK
BMDPF Banca Monte dei Paschi
BMDPY Banca Monte dei Paschi
BMSAF Bank Millennium
BMSBY Bank Millennium
BNCDY Mediolanum
BNDSF Banco de Sabadell
BNDSY Banco de Sabadell
BNKXF Bankia
BNKXY Bankia
BNMDF Mediolanum
BPCGD Banco Comercial Portugues
BPCGF Banco Comercial Portugues
BPESF Banco Popular Espanol
BPIRF Piraeus Bank
BPIRY Piraeus Bank
BPMLF Banca Popolare di Milano
BPMLY Banca Popolare di Milano
BPPUF Unione di Banche Italiane
BPPUY Unione di Banche Italiane
BPSAF Banco Popolare Societ
BPSAY Banco Popolare Societ
BPXXY Banca popolare
BQNBF Banque Nationale
CAMYF Caisse Regionale
CCAMF Crdit Agricole Nord
CRARF Credit Agricole
CRARY Credit Agricole
CRZBF Commerzbank
CRZBY Commerzbank
DB Deutsche Bank
DNKEY Danske Bank
DNSKF Danske Bank
EBKDY Erste Group Bank
EBKOF Erste Group Bank
EFGXY EFG International
EGFEF Eurobank Ergasias
EGFEY Eurobank Ergasias
EKSKF Sparebanken
ESFHF Espirito Santo Finl Gr
ESFOF Espirito Santo Finl Gr
FCBBF FinecoBank
FNBKY FinecoBank
FNKXF Finansbank
HOMJF Haci Omer Sabanci Holding
HOSXF Haci Omer Sabanci Holding
HOSZY Haci Omer Sabanci Holding
IITOF Intesa Sanpaolo
IITSF Intesa Sanpaolo
ILDBY Bank of Ireland
ILPMF Permanent TSB Group Hldgs
INGKY ING Bank Slaski
IRLBF Bank of Ireland
ISNPY Intesa Sanpaolo
JYSKY Jyske Bank
KMBRY Komercni Banka
KMERF Komercni Banka
LCHTF Liechtensteinische
LLDTF Lloyds Banking Group
LLOBF Lloyds Banking Group
LLYDF Lloyds Banking Group
LYG Lloyds Banking Group
MBNKF Metro Bank
MDIBF Mediobanca
MDIBY Mediobanca
MDRDF Skandiabanken
MGABY Megabank
NBGIF National Bank of Greece
NCGOF Abanca Corporacion
NRBAY Nordea Bank
NRDEF Nordea Bank
NTXFF Natixis
NTXFY Natixis
NWPRC National Westminster Bank
OSVBF Onesavings Bank
PKSKY Bank Pekao
PKSVF Bank Pekao
PSZKF PKO Bank Polski
PSZKY PKO Bank Polski
RAIFF Raiffeisen Bank
RAIFY Raiffeisen Bank
SAN Banco Santander
SBRCY Sberbank of Russia
SBRKF SpareBank 1 SR Bank
SCGLF Societe Generale
SCGLY Societe Generale
SGKBF St Galler Kantonalbank
SKBNY Sekerbank
SKVKY Skandinaviska Enskilda
SPIZF Sparebanken Vest
SPXXF SpareBank 1 Nord
SRMGF SpareBank 1 SMN
STUPF Santander UK
SVKAF Skandinaviska Enskilda
SVKEF Skandinaviska Enskilda
SWDBF Swedbank
SWDBY Swedbank
SYANY Sydbank
THBIY Turkiye Halk Bankasi
TKGBF Turkiye Garanti Bankasi
TKGBY Turkiye Garanti Bankasi
TKGZY Turkiye Garanti Bankasi
TKYVY Trkiye VakIflar BankasI
TRKYY Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma
TSBBF TSB Banking Group
TYIBF Turkiye Is Bankasi
UNCFF UniCredit
UNCFY UniCredit
VALIF Valiant
VENBF Veneto Banca
VLNVF Van Lanschot
VRGDF Virgin Money Hldgs (UK)
YVKAF Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi

Banks – Regional – Latin America

Ticker Company
AVAL Grupo Aval Acciones
BAP Credicorp
BBD Bank Bradesco
BBDO Bank Bradesco
BCA Corpbanca
BCH Banco De Chile
BCOHY Banco Hipotecario
BCVMF Banco Macro
BDORY Banco do Brasil BB Brasil
BDYVY Banco Daycoval
BFR BBVA Banco Frances
BGYQY Banco Guayaquil
BHPTY Banco Hipotecario
BLX Banco Latinoamericano
BMA Banco Macro
BNZIF Banco Invex
BPATL Banco Patagonia
BPTGY Banco Patagonia
BRPBF Banco Santander Rio
BSAC Banco Santander Chile
BSBR Banco Santander (Brasil)
BSMX Grupo Financiero
BVZCY Banco Venezolano de
CIB BanColombia
CMPRF Gentera
GBOOF Grupo Financiero Banorte
GBOOY Grupo Financiero Banorte
GFBBF Grupo Financiero BBVA
GFRSF Grupo Financiero
GGABF Grupo Financiero Galicia
GGAL Grupo Financiero Galicia
GPFOF Grupo Financiero Inbursa
GPFOY Grupo Financiero Inbursa
ITCB Itau Corpbanca
ITUB Itau Unibanco Holding
IVISF Itausa Investimentos ITAU
MSFJY Mercantil Servicios
PRBAY Parana Banco
SCBLF Scotiabank Peru
SUPV Grupo Supervielle

Banks – Regional – US

Ticker Company
ABCB Ameris Bancorp
ABNC American Bancorp
ABNK AltaPacific Bancorp
ABTO AB&T Financial
ABTX Allegiance Bancshares
ABYB Amboy Bancorp
ACBC Albinia Community Bancorp
ACBI Atlantic Capital
ACFC Atlantic Coast Financial
ACFL AMC Financial Holdings
ADKT Adirondack Trust
AFCB Athens Bancshares
AJSB Ajs Bancorp
ALBY Community Capital
ALRS Alerus Financial
AMBK American Bank
AMBKP American Capital
AMBZ American Business Bank
AMNB American National
AMRB American River Bankshares
ANCX Access National
ANDC Andover Bancorp
AOCN Bank Ocean City
APLO Apollo Bancorp
AQFH Aquesta Financial
ARBV American Riviera Bank
AROW Arrow Financial
ASB Associated Banc
ASBB ASB Bancorp
ASBPRC Associated Banc
ASBPRD Associated Banc
ASCN Absecon Bancorp
ASRV AmeriServ Financial
ASRVP AmeriServ Financial
ATBA Atlantic Bancshares
ATFS Altrust Financial
ATLO Ames National
AUBN Auburn National Bancorp
AUNB Americas United Bank Ca
AVBH Avidbank Holdings
AVLY Allegheny Valley Bancorp
BACPRC Bank of America
BACPRE Bank of America
BACPRI Bank of America
BACPRL Bank of America
BACPRW Bank of America
BACRP Bank of America
BANC Banc of California
BANCPRC Banc of California
BANCPRD Banc of California
BANCPRE Banc of California
BANF BancFirst
BANFP BFC Capital Trust II
BANR Banner
BAOB Baraboo Bancorp
BARK Bank of Akron
BAYK Bay Banks of Virginia
BAYN Bay National
BBBI Birmingham Bloomfield
BBBK Baker Boyer Bancorp
BBME Border Bancshares Inc Me
BCAL Bank of Southern
BCBF Beach Community
BCBP BCB Bancorp
BCML Bay Commercial Bank
BCTF Bancorp 34
BDGE Bridge Bancorp
BERK Berkshire Bancorp
BFFI Ben Franklin Financial
BFNC Bank First National
BFTL Bank Fincastle
BHB Bar Harbor Bankshares
BHBCQ Beverly Hills Bancorp
BHBK Blue Hills Bancorp
BHDB Brotherhood Bancshares
BHRB Burke & Herbert Bank & Tr
BKCS Bucks County
BKGMF BankGuam Holding
BKOR Oak Ridge Financial
BKRL Bank Reale
BKSC Bank of South Carolina
BKU BankUnited
BKUT Bank Of Utica (ny)
BKUTK Bank Of Utica (ny)
BLHK BlueHarbor Bank
BLMT BSB Bancorp
BMBN Benchmark Bankshares
BMLPRG Bank of America
BMLPRH Bank of America
BMLPRJ Bank of America
BMRC Bank of Marin
BMTC Bryn Mawr Bank
BNCL Beneficial Bancorp
BNCN BNC Bancorp
BNNP Bank of Napa
BOCH Bank of Commerce Holdings
BOH Bank of Hawaii
BOKF BOK Financial
BOLB Bol Bancshares
BOLBP Bol Bancshares
BOMK Bank of Mckenney (VA)
BOTJ Bank of the James Finl Gr
BPFH Boston Private Financial
BPFHP Boston Private Financial
BPOP Popular
BPOPM Popular Capital Trust II
BPOPN Popular Capital Trust I
BPOPO Popular
BPOPP Popular
BPRN The Bank of Princeton
BRBS Blue Ridge Bankshares
BRBW Brunswick Bancorp
BRKL Brookline Bancorp
BSCA Bank Of Santa Clarita Ca
BSPA Ballston Bancorp
BSPB BOSP Bancshares
BSRR Sierra Bancorp
BSSC Bank Southside VA
BTHT Best Hometown Bancorp
BTOF Benton Financial
BUSE First Busey
BVBC Blue Valley Ban
BVFL Bv Financial
BWFG Bankwell Financial Group
BXS BancorpSouth
BYBK Bay Bancorp
BYLB Boyle Bancorp
CABB California Business
CABC California Bank
CAC Camden National
CACB Cascade Bancorp
CALW CalWest Bancorp
CAPB CapitalSouth Bancorp
CARE Carter Bank & Trust
CARO Carolina Financial
CART Carolina Trust BancShares
CATC Cambridge Bancorp
CATY Cathay General Banc
CBAF Citba Financial
CBAN Colony Bankcorp
CBCB Commerce Bancshares
CBCO Coastal Banking
CBCPQ Colonial Capital Trust IV
CBCZ Comunibanc
CBF Capital Bank Financial
CBFA CB Financial
CBFC CNB Financial Services
CBFCA CNB Financial Services
CBFV CB Financial Services
CBHC CBC Holding
CBJC Capital Bank
CBKM Consumers Bancorp
CBKW Choice Bancorp
CBMI CSB Bancorp
CBNC County Bank
CBOF Cboa Financial
CBSH Commerce Bancshares
CBSHP Commerce Bancshares
CBSI Central Bancshares
CBSU Central Bank
CBTC CBT Financial
CBTH Citizens B & T Holdings
CBU Community Bank System
CBWA Commencement
CBYAA Community Bank Of Bay
CCBC Chino Commercial
CCBG Capital City Bank Group
CCBK Columbus Community Bank
CCMB Capital Commerce Bancorp
CCNE CNB Financial
CCYY Clarion County Community
CECB Cecil Bancorp
CEFB Central Florida St Bank
CEFC Commercial National
CENP Centerpointe Community
CESO Central Service
CFBN Community 1st Bancorp
CFCB Centrue Financial
CFCX Centric Financial
CFDB Central Federal
CFFI C&F Financial
CFG Citizens Financial Group
CFGW Community Financial Group
CFHW Community First
CFIC Cornerstone Financial
CFNB California First National
CFNL Cardinal Financial
CFOK Community First Bancorp
CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers
CFRPRA Cullen/Frost Bankers
CFST Communities First Finl
CHBH Croghan Bancshares
CHBK Calhoun Bankshares
CHCO City Holding Co
CHFC Chemical Financial
CHFN Charter Financial
CHMG Chemung Financial
CHOB Charter Oak Bank (ca)
CIBH CIB Marine Bancshares
CIVB Civista Bancshares
CIVBP Civista Bancshares
CIWV Citizens Financial WV
CIZN Citizens Holding
CKPB Capital Bank New Jersey
CKTM Commerce Bank
CLAT Clatsop Community Bank
CLBH Carolina Bank Holdings
CLDB Cortland Bancorp
CMA Comerica
CMOH Commercial Bancshares
CMTB Community Bank of Bergen
CMTV Community Bancorp
CMYF Community 1st
CNAF Commercial National
CNBKA Century Bancorp
CNBKB Century Bancorp
CNBL Citizens National
CNBV CNB Bancorp
CNNB Cincinnati Bancorp
CNND Canandaigua National
CNOB ConnectOne Bancorp
CNUN Community Bancshares
COBZ CoBiz Financial
COFS ChoiceOne Financial
COLB Columbia Banking System
COTZ Cortez Community
CPF Central Pacific Financial
CPKF Chesapeake Financial
CPTY Capitol City Bancshares
CRCA Connecticut River
CRLN Carolina Alliance Bank
CROL Carroll Bancorp
CRSB Cornerstone Community
CSBB CSB Bancorp
CSFL Centerstate Banks
CSHB Community Shores Bank
CSHX Cashmere Valley Bank
CSKL Catskill Hudson Bancorp
CSTR CapStar Financial Hldgs
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp
CTBK City Bank
CTBS Citizens Bankshares
CTDN Capital Directions
CTOT Cornerstone
CTYP Community Bankers
CUBI Customers Bancorp
CUBIPRC Customers Bancorp
CUBIPRD Customers Bancorp
CUBIPRE Customers Bancorp
CUBIPRF Customers Bancorp
CUBN Commerce Union Bancshares
CULL Cullman Bancorp
CUMD County First Bank
CUNB CU Bancorp
CVBF CVB Financial
CVCY Central Valley Community
CVLY Codorus Valley Bancorp
CWAY Coastway Bancorp
CWBB Commonwealth Business
CWBC Community West Bancshares
CWBK CommerceWest Bank NA
CYBA Canyon Bancorp
CYFL Century Financial
CYHC Country Bank Holding
CYHT Community Bank System
CYSM Community Bk Santa Maria
CYVF Crystal Valley Financial
CZBC Citizens Bancorp
CZBS Citizens Bancshares
CZBT Citizens Bancorp
CZFC Citizens First
CZFS Citizens Financial Servs
CZID Citizens Independent
CZNB Citizens Bancorp
CZNC Citizens & Northern
CZNL Citizens National
CZWI Citizens Community
CZYB CCB Bankshares
DBCP Delmar Bancorp
DBIN Dacotah Banks
DCBB DCB Bancshares
DCBF DCB Financial
DEAR Dearborn Bancorp
DEBC Delta National Bancorp
DENI Denali Bancorporation
DFBRY Deutsche Bank Mexico
DIMC Dimeco
DLNO Delanco Bancorp
DMKBA Denmark Bancshares
DMKBB Denmark Bancshares
DMNB Diamond Bancshares
DMSQ Damariscotta Bankshares
DNBF DNB Financial
DNVB Denver Bankshares
DORLQ Doral Financial
DORNQ Doral Financial
DOROQ Doral Financial
DRLCQ Doral Financial
DRTF Dart Financial
DRWB Darien Rowayton Bank
DSFN DSA Financial
DVFL Davis Trust Financial
DWNX Delhi Bank
EASB Easton Bancorp
EBDC ebank Financial Services
EBMT Eagle Bancorp Montana
EBSH Empire Bancshares
EFIN Eastern Michigan Finl
EFSC Enterprise Financial
EFSG Enterprise Finl Servs Gr
EFSI Eagle Financial Services
EGBN Eagle Bancorp
EGDW Edgewater Bancorp
ELMA Elmer Bancorp
EMCF Emclaire Financial
EMPK Empire Bancorp
EMYB Embassy Bancorp
ENBN Enterprise Bank
ENBP ENB Financial
ENFC Entegra Financial
EQBK Equity Bancshares
ESBK Elmira Savings Bank
ESBS ES Bancshares
ESDF East Side Financial
ESXB Community Bankers Trust
EVBN Evans Bancorp
EVBS Eastern Virginia
EVER EverBank Financial
EVERPRA EverBank Financial
EXCH Exchange Bancshares
EXSR Exchange Bank Santa
FABK First Advantage Bancorp
FABP Farmers Bancorp
FABR First Alliance Bancshares
FAIT First American Intl
FBAK First National Bank
FBCI First Banking Center
FBCNP First Citizens
FBCP Founders Bancorp Ca
FBIP F N B Bancorp
FBIZ First Business Financial
FBK FB Financial
FBLV First Bancorp
FBMS First Bancshares
FBNC First Bancorp
FBNK First Connecticut Bancorp
FBOO First Bank of Ohio
FBP First BanCorp
FBPA Farmers Bank
FBPRL First BanCorp
FBPRM First BanCorp
FBPRN First BanCorp
FBPRO First BanCorp
FBPRP First BanCorp
FBSS Fauquier Bankshares
FBTT First Bankers Trustshares
FBVA Farmers Bankshares
FBVI Fcn Banc
FCB FCB Financial Holdings
FCBC First Community
FCBE FCB Bancorp
FCBI Frederick County Bancorp
FCBS First Century Bankshares
FCCO First Community
FCCT First Community Corp Tn
FCCTO First Community Corp Tn
FCCTP First Community Corp Tn
FCCY 1st Constitution
FCF First Commonwealth Finl
FCFP First Community
FCGA First Commerce Community
FCIT First Citrus Bancorp
FCNCA First Citizens BancShares
FCNCB First Citizens BancShares
FCNH First Colebrook Bancorp
FCOB 1st Colonial Bancorp
FCPB First Capital Bancshares
FCTXZ Farm Credit Bank of Texas
FDBC Fidelity D & D Bancorp
FDLB Fidelity Federal Bancorp
FDVA Freedom Bank Of Virginia
FETM Fentura Financial
FFBC First Financial Bancorp
FFHD FirstAtlantic Finl Hldgs
FFIN First Finl Bankshares
FFKT Farmers Capital Bank
FFMR First Farmers Financial
FFNM First Federal of Northern
FFNW First Financial Northwest
FFWM First Foundation
FGBI First Guaranty Bancshares
FGEB First General Bank
FGFH Foresight Financial Group
FHB First Hawaiian
FHLB Friendly Hills
FHN First Horizon National
FHNPRA First Horizon National
FIBH First Bancshares
FIBK First Interstate BancSys
FIEB First Intercontinental
FIEC Frontier National
FIGR First National Bank
FIISO Financial Institutions
FIISP Financial Institutions
FIIT First Security
FINN First National Nebraska
FISB 1st Capital Bank
FISI Financial Institutions
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp
FITBI Fifth Third Bancorp
FIZN First Citizens Bancshares
FKYS First Keystone
FLBD First National Bank
FLEW Fleetwood Bank
FLIC First of Long Island
FLOL Feliciana Bank & Trust
FMAO Farmers & Merchants
FMBE FMB Equibanc
FMBH First Mid Illinois
FMBI First Midwest Bancorp
FMBJ First Menasha Bancshares
FMBL Farmers & Merchants Bank
FMBM F & M Bank
FMBN Farmers and Merchants
FMCB Farmers & Merchants
FMFB First Missouri Bancshares
FMFG Farmers & Merchants Bank
FMFP First Community Financial
FMGI First Community Financial
FMIA First Miami Bancorp
FMNB Farmers National Banc
FMOO F & M Bancorp (OH)
FNBC First NBC Bank Holding
FNBG FNB Bancorp
FNBM First National Bank
FNCB First National Community
FNLC First Bancorp
FNRN First Northern Community
FNTD First National Talladega
FOCF Forrest City Financial
FOFN Four Oaks Fincorp
FOLB Folsom Lake Bank Ca
FOTB First Ottawa Bancshares
FPBK First Priority Financial
FRAF Franklin Financial Servs
FRBA First Bank Williamstown
FRBK Republic First Bancorp
FRC First Republic Bank
FRCPRA First Republic Bank
FRCPRB First Republic Bank
FRCPRC First Republic Bank
FRCPRD First Republic Bank
FRCPRE First Republic Bank
FRCPRF First Republic Bank
FRCPRG First Republic Bank
FRIE Friends Bank New Smyrna
FRME First Merchants
FRSB First Resource
FSB Franklin Finl Network
FSBC FSB Bancorp
FSBW FS Bancorp
FSDK First Citizens Natl Bank
FSFF First Suffield Financial
FSFG First Savings Financial
FSGB First Fedreal
FSMK 1st Summit Bancorp
FSNJ First State
FSRL First Reliance Bancshares
FSTF First State Financial
FSWA First Sound
FTSB First Sentry Bancshares
FULT Fulton Financial
FUNC First United
FUSB First US Bancshares
FVCB FVC Bankcorp
FWVB First West Virginia
FXLG F S Bancorp
FXNC First National
GABA Georgia Bancshares
GABAP Georgia Bancshares
GABC German American
GABK Grand Bank Corp
GBCI Glacier Bancorp
GBFL Great Basin Financial
GBNK Guaranty Bancorp
GCYO Gold Canyon Bank Az
GFED Guaranty Federal
GLBP Globe Bancorp
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp
GLDT Gold Coast Bank
GLNV Glenville Bank Holding
GNBC Green Bancorp
GNBF GNB Financial Services
GNTY Guaranty Bancshares
GPNC Grandpoint Capital
GSBC Great Southern Bancorp
GSBX Golden State Bancorp
GSTB Great State Bank
GVYB Golden Valley Bank Chico
GWB Great Western Bancorp
HABC Habersham Bancorp
HAFC Hanmi Financial
HARI Harvard Illinois Bancorp
HARL Harleysville Savings Finl
HBAN Huntington Bancshares
HBANN Huntington Bancshares
HBANO Huntington Bancshares
HBANP Huntington Bancshares
HBHC Hancock Holding
HBIA Hills Bancorp
HBK Hamilton Bancorp
HBMD Howard Bancorp
HBNC Horizon Bancorp
HBSI Highlands Bankshares
HCBN HCB Financial
HCBP Harvest Community Bank
HCFB HCSB Financial
HCFL Home City Financial
HCKG Hocking Valley Bancshares
HEOP Heritage Oaks Bancorp
HFBK Harford Bank
HFWA Heritage Financial
HLAN Heartland Bancorp
HLND Highlands Bankshares
HMBH Hamilton State Bancshares
HMLN Hamlin Bank and Trust
HMTA HomeTown Bankshares
HMTAP HomeTown Bankshares
HOMB Home BancShares
HONT Honat Bancorp
HOPE Hope Bancorp
HPTB High Point Bank
HRBK Harbor Bankshares
HSBK Highlands Bancorp
HTBI HomeTrust Bancshares
HTBK Heritage Commerce
HTLF Heartland Financial
HTWC Hometown Bancorp
HVLM Huron Valley Bancorp
HWBK Hawthorn Bancshares
HWIS Home Bancorp Wisconsin
HYCY Henry County Bancshares
HZNB Manasota Group
IALB Independent Alliance Bank
IBCP Independent Bank
IBFL Independent Bancshares
IBOC International Bancshares
IBTN InsCorp
IBTX Independent Bank Gr
IBWC IBW Financial
IDBP Island Bancorp
IDFB Idaho First Bank
IEBS Independence Bancshares
IFBH Ifb Holdings
IFSB Colombo Bank
IIBK Idaho Independent Bank
ILCM Illinois Community
ILII Illini
INBK First Internet
INDB Independent Bank
IOFB Iowa First Bancshares
IRWPQ IFC Capital Trust VI
ISBA Isabella Bank
ISTR Investar Holding
JBPB Jefferson Bancshares
JFBC Jeffersonville Bancorp
JFBF Jefferson Bankshares
JFWV Jefferson Security Bank W
JMSB John Marshall Bank
JNES Jonestown Bank & Trust
JUVF Juniata Valley Financial
KCPC Key Capital
KEFI Keweenaw Financial
KEY KeyCorp
KISB Kish Bancorp
KLIB Killbuck Bancshares
KTHN Katahdin Bankshares
KTYB Kentucky Bancshares
LARK Landmark Bancorp
LBAI Lakeland Bancorp
LBBB Liberty Bell Bank
LBCP Liberty Bancorp
LDKB Landmark Bancorp
LFYC Lafayette Community
LGHT Lighthouse Bank Ca
LION Fidelity Southern
LKFN Lakeland Financial
LSFG LifeStore Financial
LTXB LegacyTexas Financial Gr
LWCL Lewis & Clark Bank
LYBC Lyons Bancorp
MBCN Middlefield Banc
MBFI MB Financial
MBFIP MB Financial
MBKL Metairie Bank & Trust
MBNC Merchants Bancorp
MBRG Middleburg Financial
MBTF MBT Financial
MBVA Millennium Bankshares
MBVT Merchants Bancshares
MBWM Mercantile Bank
MCBC Macatawa Bank
MCBK Madison County Financial
MCBP Michigan Community
MCBS MetroCity Bankshares
MCHB Mechanics Bank
MCHT Mauch Chunk Trust
MDNB Minden Bancorp
MDVT Middlebury National
MELR Melrose Bancorp
MFBP M & F Bancorp
MFGI Merchants Financial Group
MFNC Mackinac Financial
MFSF MutualFirst Financial
MGYR Magyar Bancorp
MIFF Mifflinburg Bank & Trust
MLGF Malaga Financial
MNAT Marquette National
MNBO MNB Holdings
MNBP Mars National Bancorp
MNBT Mountain National
MNSB MainStreet Bancshares
MOFG MidWestOne Financial Gr
MPB Mid Penn Bancorp
MPBK MetroPacific Bank
MRAB Mirae Bancorp
MSBC Mission Bancorp
MSBI Midland States Bancorp
MSFG MainSource Financial
MSL Midsouth Bancorp
MSLXP Midsouth Bancorp
MSVB Mid-Southern Savings Bank
MTB M&T Bank
MTFC Minster Financial
MTGB Meetinghouse Bancorp
MTVB Mountain-Valley
MVBF MVB Financial
MVBFO MVB Financial
MVBFP MVB Financial
MVLY Mission Valley
MWBC MW Bancorp
MYBF Muncy Bank Financial
NABA National Bancshares
NACB National Capital Bank DC
NBCT Northwest Bancorp
NBHC National Bank Holdings
NBHDZ National Bank Holdings
NBHOZ National Bank Holdings
NBN Northeast Bancorp
NBTB NBT Bancorp
NCBF Nature Coast Bank Cry Rv
NCBS Nicolet Bankshares
NCNB Northern California
NCOM National Commerce
NCXS National Bank
NDMN NewDominion Bank
NEFB Neffs Bancorp
NEFBP Neffs Bancorp
NFBK Northfield Bancorp
NFBP Newfield Bancorp
NJCB New Jersey
NKSH National Bankshares
NMNB New Millenium Bank
NODB North Dallas Bank & Trust
NRIM Northrim BanCorp
NRLB Northern California
NSBK Northern Star Financial
NSFC Northern States Financial
NTBP New Tripoli Bancorp
NUBC Northumberland Bancorp
NUBK Kinderhook Bank
NWBN New Resource
NWFL Norwood Financial
NWID New Windsor Bancorp
NWPP New Peoples Bankshares
NWYF Northway Financial
NXTYQ Nexity Financial
OAKV Oak View National Bank
OCBI Orange County Bancorp
OCNB Oconomowoc Bancshares
OFG OFG Bancorp
OHBK Old Harbor Bank
OHPB Ohana Pacific Bank
OKSB Southwest Bancorp
OLBK Old Line Bancshares
OLCB Ohio Legacy
OLDF Old Forge Bank PA
ONB Old National Bancorp
OPB Opus Bank
OPBK OP Bancorp
OPHC OptimumBank Holdings
OPOF Old Point Financial
ORBN Oregon Bancorp
ORIT Oritani Financial
ORPB Oregon Pacific Bancorp
ORRF Orrstown Finl Servs
OSBC Old Second Bancorp
OSBCP Old Second Capital Trust
OSHC Ocean Shore Holding
OTTW Ottawa Bancorp
OVBC Ohio Valley Banc
OVLY Oak Valley
OXBC Oxford Bank
OZRK Bank of the Ozarks
PABK PAB Bankshares
PABN PanAmerican BanCorp
PACW PacWest Banc
PARA Premara Financial
PB Prosperity Bancshares
PBAM Private Bancorp America
PBCA PBB Bancorp
PBIB Porter Bancorp
PBKX Partners Bank
PBNC Paragon Commercial
PBNK Pinnacle Bank
PBVA Peoples Bankshares
PCBC Pacific Commerce Bancorp
PCBK Pacific Continental
PCBN Piedmont Community Bank
PCLB Pinnacle Bancshares
PDOB Presidio Bank
PEBA Penn Bancshares
PEBC Peoples Bancorp
PEBK Peoples Bancorp
PEBO Peoples Bancorp
PFBC Preferred Bank
PFBI Premier Financial Bancorp
PFBN Pacific Alliance Bank
PFBX Peoples Financial
PFCF Pacific City Financial
PFDB Patriot Federal
PFHD Professional Holding
PFIS Peoples Financial Servs
PFLC Pacific Financial
PFNL Plymouth Financial
PGC Peapack Gladstone Finl
PGNN Paragon Financial
PKBK Parke Bancorp
PKKW Parkway Acquisition
PKWY Parkway Bank
PLBC Plumas
PLBN Pilot Bancshares
PLRM Pilgrim Bancshares
PLZZ Plaza Bancorp
PMBC Pacific Mercantile
PMHG Prime Meridian Holding
PMHV Prime Bank
PNBC Princeton National Bancor
PNBI Pioneer Bankshares
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp
PNC PNC Financial Services Gr
PNCFO PNC Financial Services Gr
PNCPRP PNC Financial Services Gr
PNCPRQ PNC Financial Services Gr
PNFP Pinnacle Financial
PNNB Pinnacle Bank Oregon
PNVL Prineville Bancorp
PONB Pioneer Bancshares
PONT Pontiac Bancorp
PPAL Peoples Trust Company
PPBI Pacific Premier Bancorp
PPBN Pinnacle Bankshares
PPLL Peoples
PRCB Premier Commercial
PRK Park National
PRMY Primary Bk
PSBC Pacific State Bancorp
PSBP Provident State Bank
PSBQ PSB Holdings
PSTB Park Sterling
PTBS Potomac Bancshares
PUB People's Utah Bancorp
PUGB Puget Sound Bancorp
PUNB Putnam County National
PVBC Provident Bancorp
PVBK Pacific Valley Bank
PVTB PrivateBancorp
PVTBP PrivateBancorp
PWBO Pacific West
PWOD Penns Woods Bancorp
PZBW Plaza Bank Wa
QCRH QCR Holdings
QNTO Quaint Oak Bancorp
QRRY Quarry City Savings
RBAZ Republic Bank AZ
RBCAA Republic Bancorp
RBCAB Republic Bancorp
RBPAA Royal Bancshares of PA
RBPAB Royal Bancshares of PA
RCBC River City Bank
REDW Redwood Financial
RF Regions Financial
RFPRA Regions Financial
RFPRB Regions Financial
RGBC Regional Bankshares
RIVE Riverview Financial
RLBS Reliance Bancshares
RNDB Randolph Bancorp
RNST Renasant
RPFG Rainier Pacific Financial
RSAM Rising Sun Bancorp MD
RVVY River Valley Community
RWCB Redwood Capital Bancorp
SABB Santa Ana
SABK South Atlantic Bancshares
SAGN Saigon National
SAL Salisbury Bancorp
SASR Sandy Spring Bancorp
SBAZ State Bank
SBBI S b c p Bancorp
SBBX Sussex Bancorp
SBCF Seacoast Banking
SBCP Sunshine Bancorp
SBFC Southeastern Bank
SBFG SB Financial Group
SBFGP SB Financial Group
SBHO Steuben Trust
SBKK Suncrest Bank
SBKO Summit Bank
SBKT Sumner Bank & Trust
SBNC Southern Bancshares NC
SBNCM Southern Bancshares NC
SBNCN Southern Bancshares NC
SBNY Signature Bank
SBSI Southside Bancshares
SBTB SBT Bancorp
SCAY Seneca-cayuga Bancorp
SCBH Seacoast Commerce Banc
SCIV Savings Bank
SCNB Suffolk Bancorp
SCZC Santa Cruz County Bank
SDLJ Scottdale Bank & Trust
SEBC Southeastern Banking
SFBC Sound Financial Bancorp
SFBS Servisfirst Bancshares
SFNC Simmons First National
SFRK Security First Bank
SFST Southern First Bancshares
SGB Southwest Georgia
SGBK Stonegate Bank
SGBP Syringa Bancorp
SHBI Shore Bancshares
SHRC Shore Community Bank Toms
SIVB SVB Financial
SLCT Select Bancorp
SLRK Solera National Bancorp
SMAL Summit Banchsares
SMBK SmartFinancial
SMMF Summit Financial Group
SNBC Sun Bancorp
SNBN Sound Banking Co
SNLC Security Natl Sioux City
SNLS San Luis Trust Bank FSB
SNV Synovus Financial
SNVPRC Synovus Financial
SOMC Southern Michigan Bancorp
SOME Somerset Trust Holding
SONA Southern National Bancorp
SQCF Susquehanna Community Fin
SRCE 1st Source
SRYB Surrey Bancorp
SSB South State
SSBI Summit State Bank
SSFN Stewardship Financial
SSHC Southshore Community Bank
SSNF Sunshine Financial
STBA S&T Bancorp
STBI Sturgis Bancorp
STBZ State Bank Financial
STI SunTrust Banks
STIPRA SunTrust Banks
STIPRE SunTrust Banks
STL Sterling Bancorp
STND Standard Financial
SUGR Sugar Creek Financial
SVBI Severn Bancorp
SVFL Silver Falls Bank
SVRH Sevier County Bancshares
SVVB SaviBank
SYBT Stock Yards Bancorp
TBBK The Bancorp
TBBN TFB Bancorp
TBK Triumph Bancorp
TBNC T Bancshares
TCB TCF Financial
TCBI Texas Capital Bancshares
TCBIP Texas Capital Bancshares
TCBK TriCo Bancshares
TCBPRB TCF Financial
TCBPRC TCF Financial
TCFC The Community Financial
TCNB Town Center Bank
TFSL TFS Financial
TGRF TGR Financial
THFF First Financial
THVB Thomasville Bancshares
TMAK Touchmark Bancshares
TMCV Temecula Valley Bancorp
TMCVP Temecula Valley Bancorp
TMP Tompkins Financial
TNCB Tennessee Community Bank
TOAK Treaty Oak Bancorp
TOAKP Treaty Oak Bancorp
TOWN Towne Bank
TRCB Two River Bancorp
TRCY Tri City Bankshares
TRMK Trustmark
TRST Trustco Bank
TRUX Truxton
TRVB Tri-Valley Bank
TRVR Two Rivers Financial
TSC TriState Capital Holdings
TSFGM South Financial Group
TSFGN South Financial Group
TSOH Tri-State 1st Banc
TVNB Turbotville National Bank
TWCF Town & Country Financial
TWNE Towne Bancorp Inc Az
TYBT Trinity Bank
TYCB Calvin B. Taylor
TYFG Tri County Financial
UABK United American Bank
UBAB United Bancorp Alabama
UBCP United Bancorp
UBFO United Security
UBOH United Bancshares
UBSH Union Bankshares
UBSI United Bankshares
UCBI United Community Banks
UIFC Uniti Financial
UMBF UMB Financial
UMPQ Umpqua Holdings
UNB Union Bankshares
UNBK United National Bank
UNIB University Bancorp
UNIF U&I Financial
UNTY Unity Bancorp
USAB USAmeribancorp
USB US Bancorp
USMT Us Metro Bank Ca
UVSP Univest Corp of Pennsylva
UWHR Uwharrie Capital
VABB Virginia Bank Bancshares
VABK Virginia National
VBFC Village Bank and Trust
VBTX Veritex Holdings
VCBB Ventura County Business
VCBP Valley Commerce Bancorp
VCBS Virginia Community
VLY Valley National
VLYPRA Valley National
VSBN VSB Bancorp
WABC Westamerica Bancorp
WAL Western Alliance Bancorp
WASH Washington Trust Bancorp
WAWL Wawel Savings Bank
WBB Westbury Bancorp
WBHC Wilson Bank Holding
WBKC Wolverine Bancorp
WBS Webster Financial
WBSPRE Webster Financial
WCBH WCB Holdings
WCFB WCF Bancorp
WDFN Woodlands Financial Servs
WEBK Wellesley Bancorp
WEIN West End Indiana
WFBI WashingtonFirst
WFCL 1867 Western Financial
WFCNP Wells Fargo
WFCPRN Wells Fargo
WFCPRO Wells Fargo
WFCPRQ Wells Fargo
WMCB Williamette Community
WMIG West Michigan National
WMPN William Penn Bancorp
WNEB Western New England
WSBC Wesbanco
WSFGQ WSB Financial
WSFS WSFS Financial
WSSH West Shore Bank
WTBA West Bancorp
WTBFA WTB Financial
WTBFB WTB Financial
WTFC Wintrust Financial
WTFCM Wintrust Financial
WTFPP Wintrust Financial
WTWB West Town Bank & Trust
WTWN West Town Bancorp
WYPH Waypoint Biomedical
XBKS Xenith Bankshares
YDKN Yadkin Financial
YRKB York Traditions
ZBPRA Zions Bancorp
ZBPRF Zions Bancorp
ZBPRG Zions Bancorp
ZBPRH Zions Bancorp
ZION Zions Bancorp

Capital Markets

Ticker Company
AAD.V Added Capital
AAMTF Armada Mercantile
ABGSF ABG Sundal Collier Hldg
AC Associated Capital Group
AMRK A-Mark Precious Metals
AMTD TD Ameritrade Holding
AWHI ANGO World Holdings
BATS BATS Global Markets
BBVXF Banco Bilbao Vizcaya
BCO.H.V British Controlled
BGCP BGC Partners
BINCY BinckBank
BITCF First Bitcoin Capital
BNDWF Poalim IBI Managing
CAPP Capstone Financial Group
CBCY Central Bancompany
CBCYB Central Bancompany
CCORF Canaccord Genuity Group
CF.PR.A.TO Canaccord Genuity Group
CF.PR.C.TO Canaccord Genuity Group
CF.TO Canaccord Genuity Group
CFD Nuveen Diversified
CFLSF CASH Financial Servs Gr
CFNCF Compagnie Financire
CGXYY China Galaxy Securities
CHNTF China LNG Group
CIIHF CITIC Securities
CIIHY CITIC Securities
CNQNF Central China Securities
COWN Cowen Group
CPFH Capital Financial Hldgs
CPVBF Corporativo Gbm
CSHYY China Strategic Holdings
CTNO Carlton Companies
CURN Currency Exchange Intl
CWGRP Cowen Group
CXI.TO Currency Exchange Intl
DS.TO Dividend Select 15
DSECF Daiwa Securities Group
DSTWF Daniel Stewart Securities
EFGHY Egyptian Financial Group
EFGZF Egyptian Financial Group
ENEHF Enerchina Holdings
ETFC E*TRADE Financial
EVR Evercore Partners
FCMGF Firm Capital Mortgage Inv
FFP.V Consolidated Firstfund
FLPRF Financial Products Group
FLTDF Flow Traders
FSIC FS Investment
FTGI Finotec Group
GAHC Global Arena Holding
GCAP GAIN Capital Holdings
GHL Greenhill & Co
GLSSP Goldman Sachs Group
GMP.TO GMP Capital
GOPH Gopher Protocol
GS Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRA Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRB Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRC Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRD Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRI Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRJ Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRK Goldman Sachs Group
GSPRN Goldman Sachs Group
GTIJY Guotai Junan
GUOTF Guotai Junan
HAITY Haitong Securities Co
HFC.V Hampton Financial
HLI Houlihan Lokey
HNGFF Haitong Intl Secs Gr
HTNGF Haitong Securities Co
IBKR Interactive Brokers Group
IDBLZ Indiabulls Ventures
IFMI Institutional Financial
IGEX Indo Global Exchange(s)
IGGHY IG Group Holdings
IGGRF IG Group Holdings
ITG Investment Technology Gr
JFC.V Jaguar Financial
JGFCF Jaguar Financial
KCG KCG Holdings
KGRI Kiley Group
LAZ Lazard
LBOA LBO Capital
LEHLQ Lehman Brothers Holdings
LEHNQ L.B. Holdings Cap Tr. VI
LEMT Lemont
LHHMQ L.B. Holdings Cap Tr. V
LNKAY Link Administration Hldgs
LPLA LPL Financial Holdings
MAUSY Matsui Securities Co
MCQEF Macquarie Group
MERPRK Merrill Lynch Cap Tr. I
MERPRP Merrill Lynch Captal
MERR Merriman Holdings
MKTX MarketAxess Holdings
MNTR Mentor Capital
MNXBF Monex Group
MNXBY Monex Group
MQBKY Macquarie Group
MRFGF Marfin Investment Group H
MRFGY Marfin Investment Group H
MRSSF Miraeasset Securities
MRSZF Marusan Securities
MS Morgan Stanley
MSN.UN.TO Morguard Sunstone
MSPRA Morgan Stanley
MSPRE Morgan Stanley
MSPRF Morgan Stanley
MSPRG Morgan Stanley
MSPRI Morgan Stanley
MTSEF Matsui Securities Co
NHLD National Holdings
NHMAF Nihon M&A Center
NMR Nomura Holdings
NRSCF Nomura Holdings
NTFL Network 1 Financial Group
OFSI Omni Financial Services
OPY Oppenheimer Holdings
OPYB Oppenheimer Holdings
PAMI PAM Holdings
PIEJF Rothschild
PJT PJT Partners
PLSQF Plus500
PNP.TO Pinetree Capital
PNPFF Pinetree Capital
RII.K.V Richco Investors
RJF Raymond James Financial
SCHW Charles Schwab
SCHWPRB Charles Schwab
SCHWPRC Charles Schwab
SCHWPRD Charles Schwab
SF Stifel Financial
SFPRA Stifel Financial
SIEB Siebert Financial
SNRS Sunrise Consulting Group
SWH.TO Sunwah International
SWSQY Swissquote Group Holding
TULLF Tullett Prebon
UCSO United Consortium
VIRT Virtu Financial
VTTBL Vaulted Gold Bullion
WFG.V Waterfront Capital
WFGCF Waterfront Capital
WSFL Woodstock Holdings
WTEC Westech Capital
XI.V Exclamation Investment
YIN Yintech Investment Hldgs
ZGCO Ziegler Companies

Credit Services

Ticker Company
ACCFF Accord Financial
ACD.TO Accord Financial
AD.TO Alaris Royalty
AEOJF AEON Financial Service Co
AGM Federal Agricultural
AGMA Federal Agricultural
AGMPRA Federal Agricultural
AGMPRB Federal Agricultural
AGMPRC Federal Agricultural
AGRIP AgriBank
ALARF Alaris Royalty
AMSA American Seniors
ARWD Arrow Resources
ASFI Asta Funding
ASFZ Associates First Capital
ATLC Atlanticus Holdings
ATNP Atlantis Technology Group
AUTCF Fincera
AVGC Avangard Capital
AWKS Ameriworks Financial
AXP American Express
AXS.V Axis Auto Finance
BCAP Baron Capital Enterprise
BEGI Blackstar Enterprise
BJJQY Bajaj Finance
BTOHF B2Holding
CACC Credit Acceptance
CBL.TO Callidus Capital
CBRJ Carbon Race
CCAOF Callidus Capital
CCCR China Commercial Credit
CCGN Consumer Capital Group
CFCPRB Countrywide Capital V
CFGX Capital Financial Global
CHW.TO Chesswood Group
CLDC China Lending
COF Capital One Financial
COFPRC Capital One Financial
COFPRD Capital One Financial
COFPRF Capital One Financial
COFPRG Capital One Financial
COFPRP Capital One Financial
CPSS Consumer Portfolio Servs
CRCPF Credit China FinTech
CRQDF Credito Real SAB de CV
CSASF Credit Saison
CSF.TO Cash Store Financial
CSFSF Cash Store Financial
CTON Second Street Capital
CUCDF CSU Cardsystem
DFFGF Differ Group Holding Co
DFS Discover Financial
DFSPRB Discover Financial
DSEEY Daiwa Securities Group
ECN.TO ECN Capital
EDNMF Edenred
EFN.PR.A.TO Element Fleet Management
EFN.PR.C.TO Element Fleet Management
EFN.PR.E.TO Element Fleet Management
EFN.PR.G.TO Element Fleet Management
EFN.TO Element Fleet Management
ELAY eLayaway
ELEEF Element Fleet Management
ENVA Enova International
EQUI EquiFin
FA.V Fountain Asset
FAHLF First Asia Holdings
FCFS FirstCash
FFFC FastFunds Financial
FFMH First Farmers
FLXGF FlexiGroup
FPLPF Provident Financial
FPLPY Provident Financial
FRNV Frontera Investment
FSC Fifth Street finance
GDOT Green Dot
GO.TO Mogo Finance Technology
GRLPF Group Lease
GRPLF Group Lease
GSY.TO goeasy
HAWK Blackhawk Network Holding
HESV Home Energy Savings
IEGHD IEG Holdings
INP.V Input Capital
IPFPF Intl Personal Finance
IPFPY Intl Personal Finance
JGW JG Wentworth
JGWE JG Wentworth
JSFNF Japan Securities Finance
KBKC KBK Capital
KYNC KYN Capital Group
LC LendingClub
LMFA LM Funding America
LND.V Inspira Financial
LNDZF Inspira Financial
LOAN Manhattan Bridge Capital
MA Mastercard
MBDC Mass Business Development
MFIN Medallion Financial
MFTGF Mogo Finance Technology
MGI MoneyGram International
MHZNY Mahindra & Mahindra Finl
MIT.V Mint
MSTO Masterbeat Corp
MUTM Mutual Merchant Services
NAVI Navient
NEWS NewStar Financial
NICK Nicholas Financial
NNI Nelnet
NWAV New Wave Holdings
NWWTF Newnote Financial
OMF OneMain Holdings
ONDK On Deck Capital
ONRGF OneRoof Energy Group
PBITF PT BFI Finance Indonesia
PIAC Princeton Capital
PRSG Primus Guaranty
PWQFY Power Finance Corp
PYPL PayPal Holdings
RCTC Ready Credit
RLCTY Rural Electrification
RM Regional Management
RNP.V Royalty North Partners
ROVOF Inspired Capital
RSRSF Resurs Holding
SNDMY Sundaram Finance
SNFCA Security National
SRCF Source Financial
SRRQY Shriram Transport Finance
SYF Synchrony Financial
TCAP Triangle Capital
TMSH TransGlobal Assets
TRYF Trycera Financial
TSS Total System Services
UCPC UniCapital
V Visa
VIEWF Viewtran Group
WORC Wake Up Now
WRLD World Acceptance
WU The Western Union
YRD Yirendai

Financial Exchanges

Ticker Company
BOLYY Bolsas
BOMXF Bolsa Mexicana De Valores
BSMAF Bursa Malaysia
CBOE CBOE Holdings
CCTL Coin Citadel
DBOEF Deutsche Boerse
DBOEY Deutsche Boerse
EUXTF Euronext
HEHSF Hellenic Exchanges
HEXEY Hellenic Exchanges
HKXCF Hong Kong Exchanges
ICE Intercontinental Exchange
ITNM International Monetary
JPXGY Japan Exchange Group
LDNXF London Stock Exchange Gr
LNSTY London Stock Exchange Gr
NDAQ Nasdaq
OSBHF Oslo Bors
OSCUF Japan Exchange Group
OTCM OTC Markets Group
PSKXF Philippine Stock Exchange
SOHMF Bolsas
SPXCF Singapore Exchange
SPXCY Singapore Exchange
X.TO TMX Group

Insurance – Diversified

Ticker Company
AEG Aegon
AIG American International Gr
AIZ Assurant
ALIZF Allianz
ANPNF Acheron Portfolio
ANPXF Acheron Portfolio
ARZGF Assicurazioni Generali
ARZGY Assicurazioni Generali
AV Aviva
AVV Aviva
AZSEY Allianz
BBSEY BB Seguridade
BLHEF Baloise Holding
BLHEY Baloise Holding
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway
BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway
CCS.PR.C.TO Co-operators General
CNCPF Conduit Capital
CUII China United Insurance
DGRLY Delek Group
DIISF Direct Line Insurance Gr
DIISY Direct Line Insurance Gr
ELF.PR.F.TO E-L Financial Corp
ELF.PR.G.TO E-L Financial Corp
ELF.PR.H.TO E-L Financial Corp
ELFIF E-L Financial Corp
ERPRF European Reliance General
ESGR Enstar Group
ESXRY Esure Group
GJNSF Gjensidige Forsikring
GJNSY Gjensidige Forsikring
GNW Genworth Financial
GTS Triple-S Management
GWRHF Genworth Mortgage
HAHRF Harel Insurance & Finance
HIG Hartford Financial
HMN Horace Mann Educators
IAG.PR.A.TO Industrial Alliance
IAG.PR.G.TO Industrial Alliance
IAG.TO Industrial Alliance
IDLLF Industrial Alliance
IPHXF Phoenix Holdings
KENCA Kentucky Central Life
KMPR Kemper
MDBKY Medibank Private
MIGDF Migdal Insurance & Finl
MSADF MS&AD Insurance Group
MSADY MS&AD Insurance Group
NHOLF Sompo Holdings
ORI Old Republic Intl
PLPGF Lippo General Insurance
POW.TO Power Corp of Canada
SBBG Seibels Bruce Group
SLF.PR.J.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.K.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.TO Sun Life Financial
SLFYF Sun Life Financial
SMPNY Sompo Holdings
SNYFY Sony Financial Holdings
SUND Sundance Strategies
SWSDF Swiss Life Holding
SYFHF Sony Financial Holdings
SZLMY Swiss Life Holding
TLLXY Talanx
TNXXF Talanx
TPDKY Topdanmark
UFGSY Unipol Gruppo Finanziario
UNPLF UnipolSai
VNRFY Vienna Insurance Group
VNRGF Vienna Insurance Group
WNCG Wyncrest Group
ZFSVF Zurich Insurance Group
ZURVY Zurich Insurance Group

Insurance – Life

Ticker Company
AAME Atlantic American
AEL American Equity Inv
AELIY Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik
AFL Aflac
CFIN Citizens Financial
CHPXF China Pacific Insurance
CHPXY China Pacific Insurance
CIA Citizens
CILJF China Life Insurance Co
CINSF China Taiping Insurance
CLFWF China Life Insurance
CNO CNO Financial Group
CNPAF CNP Assurances
CNPAY CNP Assurances
CSNRF Chesnara
CTIHY China Taiping Insurance
CWID Country Wide Insurance
DCNSF Dai-ichi Life Holdings
DCYHF Discovery
DCYHY Discovery
DLICY Dai-ichi Life Holdings
DLLLF Delta Lloyd
DLLLY Delta Lloyd
EML.PR.A.TO Empire Life Insurance
FFG FBL Financial Group
FGL Fidelity & Guaranty Life
FLCR FullCircle Registry
GEHDF Great Eastern Hldgs
GEHDY Great Eastern Hldgs
GRTYA Guaranty
GRWTF Great-West Lifeco
GWGH GWG Holdings
GWLIF Great-West Lifeco
GWLOF Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.F.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.G.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.H.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.I.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.L.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.M.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.N.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.O.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.P.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.Q.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.R.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.S.TO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.TO Great-West Lifeco
HNRDF Hansard Global
IHC Independence Holding
IHRC Investors Heritage Cap
JALC John Adams Life
JPNPY Japan Post Insurance
KCLI Kansas City
LBERY Liberty Holdings
LFC China Life Insurance Co
LGGNF Legal & General Group
LGGNY Legal & General Group
LIFNF Lifenet Insurance
LINS Life Insurance
LINSA Life Insurance
LLFP Legal Life Plans
LNC Lincoln National
LPHIQ Life Partners Holdings
MDWT Midwest Holding
MET MetLife
MFC Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.B.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.C.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.F.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.G.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.H.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.I.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.J.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.K.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.L.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.M.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.N.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.O.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.P.TO Manulife Financial
MFC.TO Manulife Financial
MMHDF MMI Holdings
MPOHY MMI Holdings
MXGQY Max Financial Services
NCLI North Coast Life Insuranc
NCLIP North Coast Life Insuranc
NWLI National Western Life Gr
ODMTY Old Mutual
ODMUF Old Mutual
OICT Oicintra
PFG Principal Financial Group
PHXXF Phoenix Group Holdings
PHXXY Phoenix Group Holdings
PIAIF Ping An Insurance (Group)
PKIN Pekin Life Insurance
PNGAY Ping An Insurance (Group)
POFNF Power Financial
POW.PR.A.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.B.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.C.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.D.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.E.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.F.TO Power Corp of Canada
POW.PR.G.TO Power Corp of Canada
PRI Primerica
PRU Prudential Financial
PTPNF Panin Financial
PUK Prudential
PUKPF Prudential
PUKPR Prudential
PUKPRA Prudential
PWCDF Power Corp of Canada
PWF.PR.A.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.E.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.F.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.G.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.H.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.I.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.K.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.L.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.O.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.P.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.Q.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.R.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.S.TO Power Financial
PWF.PR.T.TO Power Financial
PWF.TO Power Financial
RCCH RCC Holdings
SKRUF Scottish Re Group
SLF Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.A.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.B.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.C.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.D.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.E.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.G.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.H.TO Sun Life Financial
SLF.PR.I.TO Sun Life Financial
SLFPF Standard Life
SLFPY Standard Life
SLLDY Sanlam
SLMAF Sanlam
SMANP Sman Capital Trust
SREDF Storebrand
SREDY Storebrand
STJPF St James's Place
TDHOY T&D Holdings
TIPT Tiptree Financial
TMK Torchmark
UNM Unum
YDVL Yadkin Valley

Insurance – Property & Casualty

Ticker Company
AFFMQ Affirmative Insurance
AFG American Financial Group
AFH Atlas Financial Holdings
AFSI AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRA AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRB AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRC AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRD AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRE AmTrust Financial Servs
AFSIPRF AmTrust Financial Servs
AGII Argo Group International
AICIQ Acceptance Insurance
ALL Allstate
ALLPRA Allstate
ALLPRC Allstate
ALLPRD Allstate
ALLPRE Allstate
ALLPRF Allstate
AMIGF Admiral Group
AMIGY Admiral Group
ANAT American National Ins Co
ARHPRC Arch Capital Group
ASAM AssuranceAmerica
AWH Allied World Assurance
AXS Axis Capital Holdings
AXSPRC Axis Capital Holdings
AXSPRD Axis Capital Holdings
BEAZY Beazley
BWINA Baldwin & Lyons
BWINB Baldwin & Lyons
BZLYF Beazley
CB Chubb
CINF Cincinnati Financial
CNA CNA Financial
CNFR Conifer Holdings
DGICA Donegal Group
DGICB Donegal Group
EFH.TO Echelon Financial
EGFHF Echelon Financial
ELF.TO E-L Financial Corp
EMCI EMC Insurance Group
ENH Endurance Specialty
ENHPRC Endurance Specialty
EUHMF Euler Hermes Group
EURHY Euler Hermes Group
FAXRF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FAXXF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FBDHF FBD Holdings
FBDHY FBD Holdings
FFH.PR.C.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.D.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.E.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.F.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.G.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.H.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.I.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.J.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.K.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.PR.M.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FFH.TO Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FNHC Federated National Hldg
FRFFF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FRFGF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FRFHF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FRFXF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FRFZF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FXFHF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
FXFLF Fairfax Financial Hldgs
GANS Gainsco
GBLI Global Indemnity
GCNJF Grupo Catalana Occidente
HALL Hallmark Financial Servs
HCXLF Hiscox
HCXLY Hiscox
HNGGF Hastings Group Holdings
HRTG Heritage Insurance Hldgs
IAUGF Insurance Australia Group
IAUGY Insurance Australia Group
IFC.PR.A.TO Intact Financial
IFC.PR.C.TO Intact Financial
IFC.PR.D.TO Intact Financial
IFC.TO Intact Financial
IFCZF Intact Financial
IPCC Infinity Prop & Casualty
JRVR James River Group Hldgs
KFS Kingsway Financial Servs
KFS.TO Kingsway Financial Servs
KNSL Kinsale Capital Group
L Loews
MAJCQ Majestic Capital
MCY Mercury General
MKL Markel
NATL National Interstate
NAVG Navigators Group
NGHC National General Holdings
NGHCN National General Holdings
NGHCO National General Holdings
NGHCP National General Holdings
NMIH NMI Holdings
NSEC National Security Group
PGR Progressive
PIH 1347 PIH
PINXF People's Insurance Co
PPCCF PICC Property & Casualty
PPCCY PICC Property & Casualty
PRA Proassurance
PTAYF Asuransi Ramayana
PWZYF Powszechny Zaklad
PZAKY Powszechny Zaklad
QBEIF QBE Insurance Group
QBIEY QBE Insurance Group
RSAIF RSA Insurance Group
RSNAY RSA Insurance Group
SAFT Safety Insurance Group
SGYI Strategy International
SIGI Selective Insurance Group
SLMRF Sul America
SNC State National Companies
SNMCY Suncorp Group
SNMYF Suncorp Group
STC Stewart Information Servs
STFC State Auto Financial
THG The Hanover Insurance
TKOMF Tokio Marine Holdings
TKOMY Tokio Marine Holdings
TRV Travelers Companies
UFCS United Fire Group
UIHC United Insurance Holdings
UNAM Unico American
UVE Universal Insurance Hldgs
WEDXF Westaim
WRB WR Berkley
WTM White Mountains Insurance
XL XL Group
Y Alleghany

Insurance – Reinsurance

Ticker Company
ACGL Arch Capital Group
ACGLP Arch Capital Group
AHL Aspen Insurance Holdings
AHLPRA Aspen Insurance Holdings
AHLPRB Aspen Insurance Holdings
AHLPRC Aspen Insurance Holdings
AHLPRD Aspen Insurance Holdings
AOREF American Overseas
BCRH Blue Capital Reinsurance
GVFG Gerova Financial Group
HVRRF Hannover Rueck
HVRRY Hannover Rueck
MHLD Maiden Holdings
MHLDO Maiden Holdings
MHPRA Maiden Holdings
MHPRC Maiden Holdings
MURGF Munchener
MURGY Munchener
OXBR Oxbridge Re Holdings
PREPRF PartnerRe
PREPRG PartnerRe
PREPRH PartnerRe
PREPRI PartnerRe
RE Everest Re Group
RGA Reinsurance Group
RNR RenaissanceRe Holdings
RNRPRC RenaissanceRe Holdings
RNRPRE RenaissanceRe Holdings
SNAS Sino Assurance
SSREF Swiss Re
SSREY Swiss Re
TIEUF Thai Reinsurance
TIL Till Capital
TIL.V Till Capital
TPRE Third Point Reinsurance
VR Validus Holdings
VRPRA Validus Holdings
WSMI Wisdom International

Insurance – Specialty

Ticker Company
AGO Assured Guaranty
AMBC Ambac Financial Group
EIG Employers Holdings
FAC First Acceptance
FAF First American Financial
FNF Fidelity National Finl
FNFV Fidelity National Finl
FPLF First Pet Life
GLRE Greenlight Capital Re
GMICF Genworth MI Canada
ITIC Investors Title
JFGI Jacobs Financial Group
LCSHF Lancashire Holdings
MIC.TO Genworth MI Canada
MPFRF Mapfre
MPFRY Mapfre
MTG MGIC Investment
OB OneBeacon Insurance Group
RDN Radian Group
STAMY Santam
SYCRF Syncora Holdings
TGICQ Triad Guaranty
TRUP Trupanion
WECS Wecosign

Insurance Brokers

Ticker Company
ACKBF ACL International
AJG Arthur J. Gallagher
ARINA Arista Investors
BRO Brown & Brown
CISG CNinsure
CRD.A Crawford & Co
EHTH eHealth
ERIE Erie Indemnity
ERIEB Erie Indemnity
HUTN EF Hutton America
KINS Kingstone Companies
LLTHF Jardine Lloyd Thompson Gr
LLTHY Jardine Lloyd Thompson Gr
MAAL Marketing Alliance
MMC Marsh & McLennan
PN Patriot National
SFGLF Steadfast Group
UAHC United American Healthcar
WLTW Willis Towers Watson

Savings & Cooperative Banks

Ticker Company
ABBB Auburn Bancorp
ABPA Allegiance Bank Of Na Pa
AF Astoria Financial
AFBA Allied First Bancorp
AFNL AmTrust Financial
AFPRC Astoria Financial
ALGC Algiers Bancorp
AMFC AMB Financial
ANCB Anchor
ASBN ASB Financial
BAFI BancAffiliated
BFCF BFC Financial
BFCFB BFC Financial
BFIN BankFinancial
BHLB Berkshire Hills Bancorp
BHWB Blackhawk Bancorp
BKJ Bancorp of New Jersey
BKMU Bank Mutual
BOFI BofI Holding
BORT Bank of Botetourt
BRBI Blue River Bancshares
BSF Bear State Financial
BYFC Broadway Financial
CARV Carver Bancorp
CASH Meta Financial Group
CCFC Ccsb Financial Corp
CCFH CCF Holding
CFBK Central Federal
CFFN Capitol Federal Financial
CIBN Community Investors Ban
CKFC Clarkston Financial
CMFP Community First Bancorp
CNBA Chester Bancorp
CRZY Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp
CSBK Clifton Bancorp
CTUY Century Next Financial
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares
EBSB Meridian Bancorp
EBTC Enterprise Bancorp
EQFN Equitable Financial
FBC Flagstar Bancorp
FBPI First Bancorp of Indiana
FBSI First Bancshares /MO/
FCAP First Capital
FCBF FCB Financial
FDEF First Defiance Financial
FFDF FFD Financial
FFIC Flushing Financial
FHBI First Home Bancorp
FIRT First Banctrust
FNFI First Niles Financial
FNFPA First Niles Financial
FNWB First Northwest Bancorp
FPBF FPB Financial
FRFC First Robinson Financial
FSBK First South Bancorp
FSBS First South Bancorp
FSBSP First South Bancorp
GCBC Greene County Bancorp
GFCJ Guaranty Financial
GNRV Grand River Commerce
GOVB Gouverneur Bancorp
GRBS Greer Bancshares
GRRB Grandsouth Bancorpation
GRRBP Grandsouth Bancorpation
GTPS Great American Bancorp
GTWN Georgetown Bancorp
GVFF Greenville Federal Financ
HBCP Home Bancorp
HCBC High Country Bancorp
HFBA HFB Financial
HFBC HopFed Bancorp
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp
HIBE Hibernia Bancorp
HIFS Hingham Institution
HLFN Home Loan Financial
HMCBF Home Capital Group
HMNF HMN Financial
HMST HomeStreet
HNZZY Heartland Bank
HONE HarborOne Bancorp
HVYB Home Valley Bancorp
HWEN Home Financial Bancorp
HWFGQ Harrington West Financial
ICBK County Bancorp
IROQ IF Bancorp
ISBC Investors Bancorp
JDVB Jeff Davis Bancshare
JXSB Jacksonville Bancorp
KFFB Kentucky First Federal
KRNY Kearny Financial
KSBI KS Bancorp
LIBC Liberty Bancorp
LLND Landmark Land
LNXW Lenox Wealth Management
LOB Live Oak Bancshares
LOGN Logansport Financial
LPBC Lincoln Park
LSBG Lake Sunapee Bank Group
LSBK Lake Shore Bancorp
LTLB Little Bank
MBCQ MB Bancorp
MCPH Midland Capital Holdings
MFDB Mutual Federal Bancorp
MLVF Malvern Bancorp
MSBF MSB Financial
NASB NASB Financial
NECB Northeast Community
NIDB Northeast Indiana Bancorp
NWBB New Bancorp
NWBI Northwest Bancshares
NWIN Northwest Indiana
NYCB New York Community Banc
NYCBPRU New York Community Banc
OCFC OceanFirst Financial
OFED Oconee Federal Financial
PBBI PB Bancorp
PBCO Peoples Bank of Commerce
PBCP Polonia Bancorp
PBCT People's United
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp
PBIP Prudential Bancorp
PBSK Poage Bankshares
PFOH Perpetual Federal Savings
PFS Provident Financial
PLNF Plantation Financial
PPLUP People's United
PPSF Peoples-Sidney Financial
PROV Provident Financial Hldgs
QCCO QC Holdings
RVSB Riverview Bancorp
RYFL Royal Financial
SCBS Southern Community
SCSG Southcrest Financial Gr
SCYT Security Bancorp
SFBK SFB Bancorp
SFDL Security Federal
SIFI SI Financial Group
SMBC Southern Missouri Bancorp
SNNY Sunnyside Bancorp
SOBS Solvay Bank
SOVPRC Santander Holdings USA
SRNN Southern Banc
SZBI SouthFirst Bancshares
TBNK Territorial Bancorp
TDCB Third Century Bancorp
TMEB Terme Bancorp
TSBK Timberland Bancorp
UBNK United Financial Bancorp
UCBA United Community
UCFC United Community
UNTN United Tennessee
USBK Usa Bank (ny)
VERF Versailles Financial
VLLX Valley Republic Bancorp
WAFD Washington Federal
WAKE Wake Forest Bancshares
WAYN Wayne Savings Bancshares
WEFP Wells Financial
WSBF Waterstone Financial
WVFC WVS Financial

Specialty Finance

Ticker Company
ADFT Adfitech
AFRS American First Financial
AI Arlington Asset Inv
AI.TO Atrium Mortgage Inv
ALLY Ally Financial
AMIVF Atrium Mortgage Inv
ANAS Alternaturals
ATAX America First Multifamily
AYB.H.V Ayubowan Capital
BCF.V Builders Capital Mortgage
BNPVP Boston Private Capital
CFSU Complete Financial
CMFC CMAL Financial
CRN.TO Crown Capital Partners
DCF.TO Difference Capital Finl
DIV.TO Diversified Royalty
DOMR Dominion Resources
DORPQ Doral Financial
DXPRA Dynex Capital
EFC Ellington Financial
EMG Emergent Capital
EMRH Emerging Healthcare
EQB.PR.C.TO Equitable Group
EQB.TO Equitable Group
EQGPF Equitable Group
EQI.TO Equity Financial Holdings
ESNT Essent Group
FBGRF Finbond Group
FC.TO Firm Capital Mortgage Inv
FCBK First Choice Bank
FCRM Franklin Credit
FDDXD Fannie Mae
FDMF Freedom Energy Holdings
FEHZY Far East Horizon
FMCC Federal Home Loan
FMCCG Federal Home Loan
FMCCH Federal Home Loan
FMCCI Federal Home Loan
FMCCJ Federal Home Loan
FMCCK Federal Home Loan
FMCCL Federal Home Loan
FMCCM Federal Home Loan
FMCCN Federal Home Loan
FMCCO Federal Home Loan
FMCCP Federal Home Loan
FMCCS Federal Home Loan
FMCCT Federal Home Loan
FMCKI Federal Home Loan
FMCKJ Federal Home Loan
FMCKK Federal Home Loan
FMCKL Federal Home Loan
FMCKM Federal Home Loan
FMCKN Federal Home Loan
FMCKO Federal Home Loan
FMCKP Federal Home Loan
FN.PR.A.TO First National Financial
FN.PR.B.TO First National Financial
FN.TO First National Financial
FNLIF First National Financial
FNMA Fannie Mae
FNMAG Fannie Mae
FNMAH Fannie Mae
FNMAI Fannie Mae
FNMAJ Fannie Mae
FNMAK Fannie Mae
FNMAL Fannie Mae
FNMAM Fannie Mae
FNMAN Fannie Mae
FNMAO Fannie Mae
FNMAP Fannie Mae
FNMAS Fannie Mae
FNMAT Fannie Mae
FNMFM Fannie Mae
FNMFN Fannie Mae
FNMFO Fannie Mae
FREGP Federal Home Loan
FREJN Federal Home Loan
FREJO Federal Home Loan
FREJP Federal Home Loan
GFNL Genesis Financial
GNVN Geneva Financial
GRC.V Grenville Strategic
GRVFF Grenville Strategic
GSBD Goldman Sachs BDC
HBTC Harbourton Capital Group
HCG.TO Home Capital Group
HKXCY Hong Kong Exchanges
HOFC Homeowners Financial
HTGC Hercules Capital
HTH Hilltop Holdings
HVCW Harrison Vickers
ILPMY Permanent TSB Group Hldgs
IMH Impac Mortgage Holdings
IMPHO Impac Mortgage Holdings
IMPHP Impac Mortgage Holdings
INPCF Input Capital
IOU.V IOU Financial
IOUFF IOU Financial
KWF.V Knightswood Financial
LFLS Loans4Less.Com
LHFLY LIC Housing Finance
MKP.TO MCAN Mortgage
MMAC MMA Capital Management
MRCC Monroe Capital
MRLN Marlin Business Services
MSFN MainStreet Financial
NFSE nFinanSe
NSM Nationstar Mortgage Hldgs
OCFN Omega Commercial Finance
OCN Ocwen Financial
OXLCN Oxford Lane Capital
OXLCO Oxford Lane Capital
PARGF Paragon Group of Cos
PCSO Protective Capital
PFSI PennyMac Financial Servs
PGMT Paragon Mortgage
PSMH PSM Holdings
PYCFF Marret Resource
RFNS Reliant Financial Service
SC Santander Consumer USA
SCB.TO Street Capital Group
SGM Stonegate Mortgage
STXMF Starrex International
TNTHF Difference Capital Finl
TREE LendingTree
TWHR Washtenaw Group
TZZ.TO Trez Capital Mortgage Inv
UNDVL United Development
VPGI Velocity Portfolio Group
VPGIP Velocity Portfolio Group
VRTA Vestin Realty Mortgage I
VRTB Vestin Realty Mortgage II
WAC Walter Investment Mgmt
WD Walker & Dunlop
WTHL Whitehall Enterprises

Consumer Cyclical Sector Health Care Sector