Energy Sector

Oil & Gas Drilling

Ticker Company
AEEI American Environmental
AEGG American Energy Group
AFS.H.V Afrasia Mineral Fields
AGDY Agri-Dynamics
AKT.A.TO Akita Drilling
AKT.B.TO Akita Drilling
AKTAF Akita Drilling
AMSE American Sands Energy
AOGC Australian Oil & Gas
ARHVF Archer
ATW Atwood Oceanics
AWLCF Awilco Drilling
AXGC Axis Energy
AZGSQ Aztec Oil & Gas
BDGR Black Dragon Resource
BEEI Bald Eagle Energy
BPIGF BPI Energy Holdings
CET.TO Cathedral Energy Services
CETEF Cathedral Energy Services
COHG Cheetah Oil & Gas
CYNS Cygnus Oil & Gas
DFS.V Global Daily Fantasy
DO Diamond Offshore Drilling
DTRO Deltron
EEN.V Estrella International
EENC Emergent Energy
EENZF Estrella International
EGOH Eagle Oil Holding
ENYNF EnerNorth Industries
ESI.TO Ensign Energy Services
ESV Ensco
ESVIF Ensign Energy Services
EUENF Eurasia Energy
FOEAF Fred Olsen Energy
FRGY Frontier Energy
GEYI Global Energy
GFKSY Gulf Keystone Petroleum
GLRP Glen Rose Petroleum Corp
GPL.V Galileo Petroleum
GUKYF Gulf Keystone Petroleum
GULTU Gulf Coast Ultra Deep
HENC Holloman Energy
HP Helmerich & Payne
ICD Independence Contract
IDCN Indocan Resources
IDNG Independence Energy
IGPG Ignis Petroleum Group
INCDZ Independence Contract
JDOGQ John D Oil & Gas
JPTXY Japan Petroleum
JSTS Justiss Oil
LCTZ La Cortez Energy
LEERF Leed Resources
LEI Lucas Energy
MAH.V Marksmen Energy
MGUY Mogul Energy Intl
MIOI Mining Oil
MJOG Majestic Oil & Gas
MKSEF Marksmen Energy
MRVKF Maverick Drilling
MRVKY Maverick Drilling
MTEI Mountain Energy
MVPH MVP Holdings
MVRM Maverick Minerals
NADL North Atlantic Drilling
NATDF North Atlantic Drilling
NBR Nabors Industries
NE Noble Corp
NFEI New Frontier Energy
NSRS North Springs Resources
NWUC Nationwide Utilities Corp
OOAG OMDA Oil and Gas
OOGI C2E Energy
ORIG Ocean Rig UDW
OSKA Osyka
OUTB Outback Oil & Mineral
OWI.H.V One World Investments
PACD Pacific Drilling
PDGO Paradigm Oil & Gas
PES Pioneer Energy Services
PGNPQ Paragon Offshore
PGPM Pilgrim Petroleum
PGSI Pegasi Energy Resources
PHUN Petrohunter Energy Corp
PHX.TO PHX Energy Services
PHXHF PHX Energy Services
PIUTQ Paiute Oil & Mining Corp
PKPL Park Place Energy
PNFTF Petroneft Resources
PPTL Premium Energy
PSTRQ PostRock Energy
PSUD Petrosun
PTEN Patterson-UTI Energy
PTHRF Pantheon Resources
PTRO Petrominerals
PVRS Providence Resources
QI.V Q Investments
RDC Rowan Companies
REOS Reostar Energy
RIG Transocean
RIGP Transocean Partners
RRCH Richland Resources
RSPP RSP Permian
RYPE Royalite Petroleum
SBR Sabine Royalty
SDLP Seadrill Partners
SDRL Seadrill
SNVP Savoy Energy
SOIGF Strata Oil & Gas
SOIS Striker Oil & Gas
SPLM Sentry Petroleum
SPOC Spectrum Oil
SPRL Strat Petroleum
SSN.V Stetson Oil & Gas
STGAF Sterling Energy
SVGYF Savanna Energy Services
SVY.TO Savanna Energy Services
SYNG Synergetics
TAMO Tamm Oil & Gas
TDG.TO Trinidad Drilling
TDGCF Trinidad Drilling
TECO Treaty Energy
TIP.H.V Tyner Resources
TIPNF Tyner Resources
TMCGF TomCo Energy
TMT.H.V TMT Resources
TOPZD Topaz Resources
TSCAF Tuscany Energy
TUS.V Tuscany Energy
UNT Unit
UREYF Urals Energy
UVSE Universal Energy
VCOGF Victoria Oil & Gas
VCYE Velocity Energy
VEL.V Vanoil Energy
VNLEF Vanoil Energy
VTGDF Vantage Drilling
WBRE Wild Brush Energy
WEEEF Western Energy Services
WEYI Westpoint Energy
WNWG Wentworth Energy
WRG.TO Western Energy Services
WSSXF Hague and London Oil
WTLC Western Metals
XDC.TO Xtreme Drilling

Oil & Gas E&P

Ticker Company
AAPH American Petro-Hunter
AAV Advantage Oil & Gas
AAV.TO Advantage Oil & Gas
ABIZF Abington Resources
ABU.V Abenteuer Resources
ACDP American Community
ACL.V ACL International
ACTPF Ascent Resources
ADENF Adira Energy
ADL.V Adira Energy
ADNY Adino Energy
AE.A.V Anterra Energy
AEC.V Artisan Energy
AEDC American Energy
AEN.V Antrim Energy
AERN AER Energy Resources
AETUF ARC Resources
AEXFF Aminex
AFE.V Africa Energy
AGGI Allied Energy
AGYYF Armour Energy
AGZ.V Ashanti Gold
AHU.V Arctic Hunter Energy
AKVA Arkanova Energy
ALK.H.V AlkaLi3 Resources
ALOD Allied Resources
ALTX Altex Industries
ALV.V Alvopetro Energy
ALVOF Alvopetro Energy
AMZGQ American Eagle Energy
AND.TO Anderson Energy
ANDL Avondale Resources
ANECQ American Natural Energy
ANEGY Andes Energia
ANFC Black Ridge Oil & Gas
ANGYF Argent Energy
ANSZ Anasazi Energy
AOGN Avalon Oil and Gas
AOI.TO Africa Oil
AOIFF Africa Oil
AOILQ Armada Oil
AOIX American Oil & Gas
AORGF Argos Resources
AOS.V Alberta Oilsands
AOSDF Alberta Oilsands
APA Apache
APAHP Apache
APC Anadarko Petroleum
APEOF GrowMax Resources
APEUF Archer Petroleum
APHE Alpha Energy
AR Antero Resources
ARET Arete Industries
AREX Approach Resources
ARGYF Avanti Energy
ARH.V Altima Resources
ARK.V Archer Petroleum
ARSEF Altai Resources
ARSLF Altima Resources
ARW.H.V Aroway Energy
ARX.TO ARC Resources
ASENQ American Standard Energy
ASUXF Amerisur Resources
ATDEF Montana Exploration
ATERF Anterra Energy
ATGYF Antrim Energy
ATH.TO Athabasca Oil
ATHOF Athabasca Oil
ATI.V Altai Resources
ATKXF Atikwa Resources
ATLS Atlas Energy Group
ATRLF Sacgasco
ATU.V Altura Energy
ATXDY Austex Oil
AUNXF Austin Exploration
AUNXY Austin Exploration
AVN.V Avanti Energy
AVOGF Avner Oil Exploration
AXAS Abraxas Petroleum
AXIO Axiom Oil and Gas
AXLFF Anderson Energy
AXLM Auxillium Energy
AXPLF Arabella Exploration
AXPT Axis Petroleum
AZA.H.V Azabache Energy
AZBCF Azabache Energy
AZUEF Panorama Petroleum
BAKPF Baraka Energy & Resources
BAYP Bayport International
BBEPQ BreitBurn Energy Partners
BBG Bill Barrett
BBI.V Blackbird Energy
BBLS Petrolia Energy
BBPPQ BreitBurn Energy Partners
BCCR Buccaneer Energy
BCEI Bonanza Creek Energy
BCHEY Beach Energy
BDCO Blue Dolphin Energy
BDFH Four G Holdings
BDRSF Borders & Southern
BECC Breitling Energy
BEGYF Trinity E&P
BEN.V Butte Energy
BEPTF Beach Energy
BERI Blue Earth Resources
BEY.V Blacksteel Energy
BGKYF Big Sky Petroleum
BHROF Bayshore Petroleum
BIR.PR.A.TO Birchcliff Energy
BIR.PR.C.TO Birchcliff Energy
BIR.TO Birchcliff Energy
BIREF Birchcliff Energy
BKKN Bakken Resources
BKX.TO BNK Petroleum
BLELF Blue Energy
BLKG Black Stallion Oil & Gas
BLKPF BlackPearl Resources
BLMC Biloxi Marsh Lands
BNE.TO Bonterra Energy
BNEFF Bonterra Energy
BNG.TO Bengal Energy
BNGLF Bengal Energy
BNKPF BNK Petroleum
BNP.TO Bonavista Energy
BNPCF BNP Resources
BNPUF Bonavista Energy
BOPFF Border Petroleum
BOR.V Border Petroleum
BRHM Brenham Oil & Gas
BRK.H.V Brixton Energy
BRN Barnwell Industries
BRNGF Buru Energy
BRS.V BRS Resources
BRSOF BRS Resources
BRZL Scepter Holdings
BRZV Breezer Ventures
BSH.V Bayshore Petroleum
BSHPY Bahamas Petroleum
BSI.V Blue Sky Energy
BSM Black Stone Minerals
BSP.H.V Big Sky Petroleum
BSPE Blacksands Petroleum
BTE Baytex Energy
BTE.TO Baytex Energy
BUKHF Bucking Horse Energy
BWPC Blue Water Petroleum
BWSOF ThreeD Capital
BXE Bellatrix Exploration
BXE.TO Bellatrix Exploration
BYIN Baying Ecological Holding
BYOGF Bounty Oil & Gas
BYROF Byron Energy
BYSD Bayside
CAMS Cambrian Systems
CANIF Zenith Energy
CAZ.TO Caza Oil & Gas
CAZFF Caza Oil & Gas
CBMDF CBM Asia Development
CBV.V Cobra Venture
CBVTF Cobra Venture
CDDRF Corridor Resources
CDH.TO Corridor Resources
CDID Quad Energy
CE.V Canada Energy Partners
CEA.V Cerus Energy Group
CEGX Cardinal Energy Gr
CEQXF Cequence Energy
CETG Capital City Energy Group
CEY.H.V Century Energy
CEYFF Century Energy
CHAG Chancellor Group
CHK Chesapeake Energy
CHKDG Chesapeake Energy
CHKDH Chesapeake Energy
CHKDJ Chesapeake Energy
CHKDP Chesapeake Energy
CHKPRD Chesapeake Energy
CHKR Chesapeake Granite Wash
CHKVP Chesapeake Energy
CHKVZ Chesapeake Energy
CHKWZ Chesapeake Energy
CHY.H.V Cypress Hills Resource
CIE Cobalt Intl Energy
CIMVF Canadian Imperial Venture
CJ.TO Cardinal Energy
CKE.TO Chinook Energy
CKRGZ Chesapeake Energy
CKZ.H.V Caspian Energy
CLR Continental Resources
CNDPF Canada Energy Partners
CNE.TO Canacol Energy
CNNEF Canacol Energy
CNPRF Condor Petroleum
CNQ Canadian Natural
CNQ.TO Canadian Natural
CNRR Cn Resources
CNX Consol Energy
CNXAF Carbon Energy
CNXAY Carbon Energy
COCBF Coastal Carribean Oil
COG Cabot Oil & Gas
COGLF Chelsea Oil and Gas
COIL Citadel Exploration
COMRF Comet Ridge
COP ConocoPhillips
COPJF Cooper Energy
COQ.V Rooster Energy
CORC Cornwall Resources
CPCCD Striper Energy
CPE Callon Petroleum
CPEPRA Callon Petroleum
CPG Crescent Point Energy
CPG.TO Crescent Point Energy
CPI.TO Condor Petroleum
CPPXF Continental Energy
CQE.TO Cequence Energy
CQM.H.V Canadian Quantum Energy
CQUTF Canadian Quantum Energy
CQV.H.V Canadian Imperial Venture
CR.TO Crew Energy
CRBO Carbon Natural Gas
CRC California Resources
CRCL Circle Star Energy
CRK Comstock Resources
CRLFF Cardinal Energy
CRMIQ Core Resource Management
CRNCY Cairn Energy
CRNZF Cairn Energy
CRRDF Cardiff Energy
CRS.V Cardiff Energy
CRT Cross Timbers Royalty
CRZO Carrizo Oil & Gas
CSCE Cascade Energy
CSTPF Front Range Resources
CTGSP CTG Resources
CUEYY Cue Energy Resources
CVONF Carnarvon Petroleum
CWEGF Crew Energy
CWEI Clayton Williams Energy
CWLXF Curlew Lake Resources
CWQ.H.V Curlew Lake Resources
CWV.V Crown Point Energy
CWVLF Crown Point Energy
CXO Concho Resources
CYLC County Line Energy
CYPE Century Petroleum Corp
CYPYF Cypress Hills Resource
CYRR Canary Resources
DALP Dala Petroleum
DALXF DualEx Energy Intl
DBRM Daybreak Oil & Gas
DDRI Diversified Resources
DEE.TO Delphi Energy
DEN.TO Dundee Energy
DENR Discovery Energy
DKDRF Delek Drilling
DKL Delek Logistics Partners
DLL.H.V Deloro Resources
DLOV Daleco Resources
DLTA Delta Oil & Gas
DLTZ Delta Intl Oil & Gas
DMLP Dorchester Minerals
DNR Denbury Resources
DNRG Dominovas Energy
DPGYF Delphi Energy
DPRK Deep Rock Oil & Gas
DRAGF Dragon Oil
DRKOF Newcastle Energy
DRYN Drayton Richdale
DVC.H.V Devin Energy
DVN Devon Energy
DVNGF Devin Energy
DWOG Deep Well Oil & Gas
DXA.V Doxa Energy
DXAEF Doxa Energy
DXE.V DualEx Energy Intl
DYRFF Dunes Exploration
EBLMY Maurel & Prom
EBY.V Emerald Bay Energy
EBYH E-Buy Home
ECA Encana
ECA.TO Encana
ECAOF Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas
ECCE Eagle Ford Oil & Gas
ECR Eclipse Resources
EDE.H.V Edge Resources
EDEP Eldorado Exploration
EDGXF Edge Resources
EEENF 88 Energy
EEGC Empire Energy Internation
EEGNY Empire Energy Group
EEGUF Empire Energy Group
EEL.V Esrey Energy
EFIR Egpi Firecreek
EGBRF Strategic Energy Resource
EGL.TO Eagle Energy
EGN Energen
EGRGF Eagle Energy
EGYF Energy Finders
EGYH Energy Holdings Intl
EKPTF ELK Petroleum
ELOGF Eland Oil & Gas
ELXPF Elixir Petroleum
EM.H.V Emperor Oil
EMBYF Emerald Bay Energy
EMPR Empire Petroleum
EMTC Eagle Mountain
ENG.V Energulf Resources
ENGFF Energulf Resources
ENRJ Enerjex Resources
ENRJP Enerjex Resources
ENSV Enservco
ENTK EnergyTek
EOG EOG Resources
EOG.V Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas
EOGSF Emerald Resources
EOLGF Empire Oil & Gas
EOPT Eos Petro
EORZ Empire Oil Refineries
EOXLQ Emerald Oil
EPE EP Energy
EPM Evolution Petroleum
EPM.PRACL Evolution Petroleum
EPS.TO Epsilon Energy
EPSEF Epsilon Energy
ERAO Energy Revenue America
ERF Enerplus
ERF.TO Enerplus
ERN Erin Energy
ESB.H.V EastSiberian
ESCRQ Escalera Resources
ESCSQ Escalera Resources
ESSE Earth Search Sciences
ESTE Earthstone Energy
ETKEF Entek Energy
EUGFF Dundee Energy
EVEP EV Energy Partners
EW.V East West Petroleum
EWPMF East West Petroleum
EXGYF Exall Energy
EXNT Enxnet
FAB.H.V Flying A Petroleum
FANG Diamondback Energy
FAPLF Flying A Petroleum
FCPS FuLuCai Productions
FECOF FEC Resources
FEECQ Far East Energy
FEN.V Forent Energy
FENYF Forent Energy
FMTNF Point Loma Resources
FO.V Falcon Oil & Gas
FOLGF Falcon Oil & Gas
FPP FieldPoint Petroleum
FRHLF Freehold Royalties
FRK.V Front Range Resources
FRU.TO Freehold Royalties
FSEI First Seismic
FTXP Foothills Exploration
GBEYF Global Energy Development
GBR New Concept Energy
GDANQ Goodrich Petroleum
GDAOQ Goodrich Petroleum
GDN.V Gordon Creek Energy
GDPAQ Goodrich Petroleum
GDPMQ Goodrich Petroleum
GDRRQ Goodrich Petroleum
GDUEQ Goodrich Petroleum
GEGYF Genel Energy
GEGYY Genel Energy
GENGF Gear Energy
GFOX Gray Fox Petroleum
GFPOF Gulfsands Petroleum
GGLR GeoGlobal Resources
GIREF Giant Resources
GNE Genie Energy
GNEPRA Genie Energy
GNF.V Greenfields Petroleum
GOE.V Goldeneye Resources
GPOR Gulfport Energy
GPRK GeoPark
GRDO Guard Dog
GRO.V GrowMax Resources
GROLF Petrotarg
GRSFF Greencastle Resources
GSA.V Groundstar Resources
GSPE Gulfslope Energy
GST Gastar Exploration
GST.PRA Gastar Exploration
GST.PRB Gastar Exploration
GTE Gran Tierra Energy
GTE.TO Gran Tierra Energy
GTX.TO Gran Tierra Exchanco
GUEXF Guardian Exploration
GULSF Ashanti Gold
GVLMF Greenvale Energy
GVLMY Greenvale Energy
GX.V Guardian Exploration
GXE.TO Gear Energy
GXO.TO Granite Oil
GXOCF Granite Oil
HDYN HyperDynamics
HECCQ Hydrocarb Energy
HEI.V Huntington Exploration
HENI Hinto Energy
HES Hess
HEVI Heavy Earth Resources
HEXPF Huntington Exploration
HGT Hugoton Royalty
HIPEF Hibiscus Petroleum
HK Halcon Resources
HLLXF Hellix Ventures
HME.V Hemisphere Energy
HMLA Homeland Resources
HN.H.V High North Resources
HNR Harvest Natural Resources
HNTHF High North Resources
HOC.V Hunter Oil
HOILF Hunter Oil
HOL.V Halio Energy
HPL.V Horizon Petroleum
HPMCF Africa Energy
HRCXF Hurricane Energy
HRH.V Hillcrest Petroleum
HROLF Hardy Oil & Gas
HRTPF Petro Rio
HRTPY Petro Rio
HUAZ Hua Ye Gas Group Holding
HUML Humble Energy
HUSA Houston American Energy
HWKR Hawker Energy
IACAF Ithaca Energy
IAE.TO Ithaca Energy
ICEIF Intelligent Content Ent
ICNOF Icon Energy
ICRMF Incremental Oil and Gas
IFNY Infinity Energy Resources
IFR.V International Frontier
IFRTF International Frontier
IGEHF Sino Gas & Energy Hldgs
IGESF IGas Energy
IGHOF Chiron Refineries
IKM.V Ikkuma Resources
INA.H.V Iona Energy
INWP International Western
IOG.V Ironhorse Oil & Gas
IONAF Iona Energy
IPRC Imperial Resources
IROIF InterOil Exploration
IRRSF Interra Resources
ISRL Isramco
ISRMF Isramco Negev 2 LP
IVANF Ivanhoe Energy
IXOG Index Oil & Gas
JAMTF Jagercor Energy
JCKRF Jacka Resources
JCO.V Jericho Oil
JEC.V Jura Energy
JECFF Jura Energy
JMBRF James Bay Resources
JNEEP Jones Energy
JNX.V Junex
JONE Jones Energy
JOY.TO Journey Energy
JRI.V Jaguar Resources
JRNGF Journey Energy
JROOF Jericho Oil
JYHW Jayhawk Energy
KDKN Kodiak Energy
KEGYF Toro Oil & Gas
KEL.TO Kelt Exploration
KFG.V KFG Resources
KFGRF KFG Resources
KKPT KoKo Petroleum
KLE.V Kingsland Energy
KLYCY Kunlun Energy
KNOLF Knol Resources
KNPRF Africa Hydrocarbons
KOS Kosmos Energy
KPLLF Kina Petroleum
KRNGF Karoon Gas Australia
KUB.V Cub Energy
KUNUF Kunlun Energy
KYS.H.V Kaymus Resources
LBPE Liberty Petroleum
LBYE Liberty Energy
LCRTF Leucrotta Exploration
LEKOF Lekoil
LGCY Legacy Reserves
LGCYO Legacy Reserves
LGCYP Legacy Reserves
LINEQ Linn Energy
LIOEF Lion Energy
LKOLF Lakes Oil
LLEX Lilis Energy
LNCYF Linc Energy
LNDNF Lundin Petroleum
LNE.V Loon Energy
LNGYF Esrey Energy
LOGL Legend Oil & Gas
LONE Lonestar Resources US
LOONF Loon Energy
LPI Laredo Petroleum
LRDC Laredo Oil
LSTMF Lightstream Resources
LTS.TO Lightstream Resources
LUPEY Lundin Petroleum
LXE.V Leucrotta Exploration
LYSYF Leyshon Energy
MAGH Magnum Hunter Resources
MCEP Mid-Con Energy Partners
MCF Contango Oil & Gas
MCM.A.V Matachewan Consolidated
MCW.V MCW Energy Group
MCWEF MCW Energy Group
MDLNF Madalena Energy
MDRG Modern Energy
MEEXF ME Resource
MEI.V Manitok Energy
MEMP Memorial Production
MENC Millennium Energy
MEOAY MEO Australia
MESNF Marauder Resources
MET.TO Metalore Resources
MEYYY PT Medco Energi Intl
MGLG Magellan Energy
MGPTF Magnolia Petroleum
MGSCF Metgasco
MGYOY MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas
MGYXY MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas
MHC.H.V Match Capital Resources
MHRGQ Magnum Hunter Resources
MHRLQ Magnum Hunter Resources
MHRPQ Magnum Hunter Resources
MIRXF Serrano Resources
MITSF Mitsui & Co
MKGP Maverick Energy Group
MLOOF Molopo Energy
MMEX MMEX Resources
MMO.V Mount Dakota Energy
MMOEF Mount Dakota Energy
MNAP MNP Petroleum
MNIRF Tanager Energy
MNP.V MNP Petroleum
MNTCF European Metals
MNVN Mondial Ventures
MNVWF Mountainview Energy
MOC.V Morumbi Resources
MOO.V Mooncor Oil & Gas
MPET Magellan Petroleum
MPO Midstates Petroleum
MQL.V Marquee Energy
MQLXF Marquee Energy
MRELF Maurel & Prom
MRMBF Morumbi Resources
MRO Marathon Oil
MROIF Madagascar Oil
MTDR Matador Resources
MTE.V Mitra Energy
MTLRF Metalore Resources
MTZ.V Montana Exploration
MUR Murphy Oil
MVN.V Madalena Energy
MWCAF Matachewan Consolidated
MWOG Midwest Oil and Gas
MXC Mexco Energy
MXM.V Maxim Resources
MXPTF Max Petroleum
MYMSF Genovation Capital
NAMG North American Oil & Gas
NAMX North American Explr
NBL Noble Energy
NDOIF Nordic Oil and Gas
NDRO Enduro Royalty Trust
NE.H.V Nextraction Energy
NEOEF Neon Capital
NEOEY Neon Capital
NERG NuTech Energy Resources
NFG National Fuel Gas
NFK.H.V Africa Hydrocarbons
NFX Newfield Exploration
NGELF New Guinea Energy
NGELY New Guinea Energy
NGMC Next Generation
NGY.H.V Newcastle Energy
NHEGF Nighthawk Energy
NHEGY Nighthawk Energy
NIDOF Nido Petroleum
NIDOY Nido Petroleum
NKO.TO Niko Resources
NKRSF Niko Resources
NNPTF Northern Petroleum
NNRGF NuEnergy Gas
NOG Northern Oil & Gas
NOG.H.V Nordic Oil and Gas
NOILF New World Oil & Gas
NOL.H.V Knol Resources
NORX Norstra Energy
NOVKY Novatek
NRHCF Mayan Energy
NSEEF Norse Energy
NSLPQ New Source Energy
NSTRY Nostrum Oil & Gas
NTAH Nevtah Capital Management
NTN.H.V Newton Energy
NUK.V North Sea Energy
NUSPQ New Source Energy
NVA.TO NuVista Energy
NWN.V NWest Energy
NWNYF NWest Energy
NWSTF New Standard Energy
NWTR New Western Energy
NXTFF Nextraction Energy
NZ.V New Zealand Energy
NZEOF New Zealand Oil & Gas
NZEOY New Zealand Oil & Gas
NZERF New Zealand Energy
OAKR Oakridge Energy
OAOFY Tatneft
OAS Oasis Petroleum
OBPT Orbit Petroleum
OCTX Octagon 88 Resources
ODVCI Oil & Gas Development Co
OEC.V Oracle Energy
OEDVQ Osage Explr & Dev
OEL.H.V Octant Energy
OGXPF Oleo e Gas Participacoes
OGXPY Oleo e Gas Participacoes
OIGLF Chariot Oil & Gas
OILY Sino American Oil
OISHF Oil Search
OISHY Oil Search
OJSCY Rosneft Oil
OLNQY Oil India
OOI.H.V Oil Optimization
OPGYF Ophir Energy
OPHRY Ophir Energy
ORC.A.V Orca Exploration Group
ORC.B.V Orca Exploration Group
ORXGF Orca Exploration Group
ORXPF Oryx Petroleum
OTTEF Otto Energy
OXC.TO Oryx Petroleum
OXPRY Oleo e Gas Participacoes
OXY Occidental Petroleum
OY.V Oyster Oil and Gas
OYL.V CGX Energy
PACO PACO Integrated Energy
PAPT Palisades Petroleum
PARR Par Pacific Holdings
PARXF Parex Resources
PBEGF Touchstone Exploration
PBT Permian Basin Royalty
PCO.V Phoenix Canada Oil
PCOGF Pancontinental Oil & Gas
PCQ.V Petrolympic
PCQRF Petrolympic
PDPYF Painted Pony Petroleum
PDQ.V Petrodorado Energy
PE Parsley Energy
PEA.V Petrolia
PED Pedevco
PEGFQ Pacific Exploration
PEGIY Energi Mega Persada
PEH.V Primeline Energy Holdings
PEII Petron Energy II
PEMC Pacific Energy & Mining
PENYF PMI Resources
PEPFF Petroplus Hldg
PER SandRidge Permian
PESAF Panoro Energy
PEY.TO Peyto Exploration & Dev
PEYUF Peyto Exploration & Dev
PFC.V PetroFrontier
PFNO ParaFin
PFRCF Woodrose
PFRRF PetroFrontier
PGF.TO Pengrowth Energy
PGH Pengrowth Energy
PGNE Primegen Energy
PGNYF Pura Vida Energy
PHX Panhandle Oil and Gas
PIFYF Pine Cliff Energy
PKKKY Pakistan Petroleum
PLO.H.V Paloma Resources
PLX.V Point Loma Resources
PMA.V PetroMaroc Corporation
PMBJF Brixton Energy
PMEHF Primeline Energy Holdings
PMGYF Perpetual Energy
PMI.V PMI Resources
PMOIF Premier Oil
PMOIY Premier Oil
PMT.TO Perpetual Energy
PMX.V ProAm Explorations
PNE.R.V Pine Cliff Energy
PNE.TO Pine Cliff Energy
PNN.V Pennine Petroleum
PNNEF Pennine Petroleum
PNRC Premier Energy
PNRG PrimeEnergy
PNRXF Porto Energy
PNWRF Valeura Energy
POE.V Pan Orient Energy
POEFF Pan Orient Energy
POG.V Perisson Petroleum
POGLY Indago Energy
POIL Pacific Oil
POU.TO Paramount Resources
PPA.V Panorama Petroleum
PPC.V Patriot Petroleum
PPCGF President Energy
PPE.V Pacific Paradym Energy
PPEVF Pacific Paradym Energy
PPPLF Pan Pacific Petroleum
PPR.TO Prairie Provident
PPY.TO Painted Pony Petroleum
PQ Petroquest Energy
PRC.H.V Peace River Capital
PRCYF Ikkuma Resources
PREXF Power Resource
PRHR PetroShare
PRJ.V Petro Rio
PRKO Perkins Oil & Gas
PRMRF Paramount Resources
PRPRF Prairie Provident
PRQ.TO Petrus Resources
PRTDF Petro Matad
PRYGF Petrel Energy
PSCSF Cerus Energy Group
PSH.V PetroShale
PSHIF PetroShale
PSJEY Petsec Energy
PSK.TO PrairieSky Royalty
PSSS Puissant Industries
PTC.V Petrox Resources
PTCO PetroGas
PTGIF PT Medco Energi Intl
PTIFF Petroceltic International
PTOAF Petrolia
PTORF Spartan Energy
PTP.V Petrichor Energy
PTQEP Petroquest Energy
PTR.V Petromin Resources
PTRA PetroTerra
PTRC Petro River Oil
PTRDD Petrodorado Energy
PTRUF Petrus Resources
PTV.V Petro Vista Energy
PTVRF Petro-Victory Energy
PTVYF Petro Vista Energy
PVDRF Providence Resources
PWE Penn West Petroleum
PWT.TO Penn West Petroleum
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources
PXT.TO Parex Resources
PXX.TO BlackPearl Resources
PYMOF Indago Energy
Q.A.V Questfire Energy
Q.B.V Questfire Energy
QEC.TO Questerre Energy
QEXXF Quattro Exploration
QGEPF QGEP Participacoes
QOIL Quest Oil
QPTRF Indus Energy NL
QUEZF Santa Maria Petroleum
QXP.V Quattro Exploration
RANGF North Sea Energy
RBE.V RockBridge Resources
RCEYF Ranger Canyon Energy
RCTRF Arctic Hunter Energy
RDFEF Brookside Energy
RDMPQ Red Mountain Resources
REGT Regent Technologies
REI Ring Energy
REMPF Red Emperor Resources
REN Resolute Energy
REXX Rex Energy
RGRYY Range Resources
RGWDS Ridgewood Energy T Fund
RHC.V Rockefeller Hughes
RICE Rice Energy
RIOB Rio Bravo Oil
RITE MineralRite
RKOS Arkos Energy
RKSFF Pure E&P Norway
RLTOF Azonto Petroleum
RNSFF Renaissance Oil
ROC.H.V Red Oak Mining
ROE.V Renaissance Oil
ROGI Radiant Oil & Gas
ROXIF Roxi Petroleum
ROYL Royale Energy
ROYT Pacific Coast Oil Trust
RPN.V Red Pine Petroleum
RPT.V ArPetrol
RPTZF ArPetrol
RRC Range Resources
RRX.TO Raging River Exploration
RSNGP Resolute Energy
RSRV The Reserve Petroleum
RTWRF Tower Resources
RXNRP Rex Energy
RYS.H.V Rhys Resources
RZPK EM Energy
SAEUF Saturn Minerals
SAH.V Sahara Energy
SAHRF Sahara Energy
SAO.V San Angelo Oil
SARAQ Saratoga Resources
SC.H.V Serrano Resources
SCAZP Sanchez Energy
SCD.V Samoth Oilfield
SCGX Saxon Capital Group
SCNG SC Holdings
SCP.TO Sprott Resource
SCPZF Sprott Resource
SD SandRidge Energy
SDCJF Sundance Energy Australia
SDE.V Standard Exploration
SDR SandRidge Mississippian
SDRPQ SandRidge Energy
SDRXQ SandRidge Energy
SDT SandRidge Mississippian
SDX.V SDX Energy
SEI.V Sintana Energy
SEN.TO Serinus Energy
SFPI Santa Fe Petroleum
SFT.V Softrock Minerals
SGER Sterling Energy Resources
SGGC Sigma Global
SGLRF Spyglass Resources
SGTPY Surgutneftegas
SGURF Sterling Resources
SGY Stone Energy
SGY.TO Surge Energy
SHASF ShaMaran Petroleum
SHDNF SacOil Holdings
SHGCF Shoreline Energy
SHM.V SynStream Energy
SHPEF Petrosibir
SIML Simlatus
SJT San Juan Basin Royalty
SKK.V Strikewell Energy
SKPI Sky Petroleum
SLG.V Sterling Resources
SLGYF San Leon Energy
SLGYY San Leon Energy
SLHVF Stealth Ventures
SLK.V Silk Road Energy
SM SM Energy
SMB.V Simba Energy
SMBZF Simba Energy
SMI.V Saturn Minerals
SMQ.H.V Santa Maria Petroleum
SN Sanchez Energy
SNDE Sundance Energy Australia
SNEGF Sound Energy
SNM.V ShaMaran Petroleum
SNRE Sable Natural Resources
SNUYF Serinus Energy
SNV.V Sonoro Energy
SNVFF Sonoro Energy
SNYXF Vital Energy
SNZYP Sanchez Energy
SOCLF SOCO International
SOCLY SOCO International
SOF.V International SoftRock
SOG.V Strategic Oil & Gas
SOGFF Strategic Oil & Gas
SOQDF Sonde Resources
SPE.TO Spartan Energy
SPGYF Whitecap Resources
SPI.V Canadian Spirit Resources
SPK.V Sunset Pacific Petroleum
SPND Spindletop Oil & Gas
SPP Sanchez Production
SPRN Supernova Energy
SQZZF Serica Energy
SRGG Surge Global Energy
SRLY Southern Realty
SRNLY Sun Resources
SRX.V Storm Resources
SS.V Summus Solutions
SSER Southern Star Energy
SSLTY Santos
SSN Samson Oil & Gas
SSPAF Sunset Pacific Petroleum
STBR Strongbow Resources
STDE Standard Energy
STOSF Santos
STP.TO Southern Pacific
STPJF Southern Pacific
STRXF Strata-X Energy
STSC Start Scientific
STTX Stratex Oil & Gas
SUNYF Sunshine Oilsands
SVNNF Savannah Petroleum
SVRGF Seven Generations Energy
SVSE Silver Star Energy
SWN Southwestern Energy
SWNC Southwestern Energy
SWTF Swift Energy
SXE.V Strata-X Energy
SXYEY Senex Energy
TAE.H.V TransAmerican Energy
TAIPF Taipan Resources
TAN.V Tanager Energy
TAT TransAtlantic Petroleum
TBDYF Gordon Creek Energy
TBE.TO Twin Butte Energy
TBTEF Twin Butte Energy
TCEC TransCoastal
TCRRF Terrace Energy
TDR.H.V Tudor Corp
TDRLF Tudor Corp
TE.V Trinity Valley Energy
TEI.TO Toscana Energy Income
TELOZ Tel Offshore
TENG Trans Energy
TET.TO Trilogy Energy
TETHF Tethys Petroleum
TETZF Trilogy Energy
TEXC Texcom
TEXQY Target Energy
TGA TransGlobe Energy
TGC Tengasco
TGC.V Terra Nova Energy
TGL.TO TransGlobe Energy
THYOF Tethys Oil
TMV.H.V 3MV Energy
TNEN True North Energy
TNEYF Tamarack Valley Energy
TNGRY 88 Energy
TNGS Titan Oil & Gas
TNKY TN-K Energy Group
TNP.TO TransAtlantic Petroleum
TNVMF Terra Nova Energy
TOO.V Toro Oil & Gas
TOU.TO Tourmaline Oil
TPC.V Tenth Avenue Petroleum
TPL.TO Tethys Petroleum
TPLM Triangle Petroleum
TPN.V Taipan Resources
TPNEF Cub Energy
TRAE Triton American Energy
TRCH Torchlight Energy
TRKX Trek Resources
TRMLF Tourmaline Oil
TROG Triumph Oil & Gas
TRSI Trophy Resources
TRXO T-Rex Oil
TSCEF Toscana Energy Income
TSUAF Transeuro Energy
TTENY TTE Petroleum
TTYP Trinity Petroleum Trust
TUWLF Tullow Oil
TUWOY Tullow Oil
TVE.TO Tamarack Valley Energy
TVETF Traverse Energy
TVL.V Traverse Energy
TVOG Turner Valley Oil & Gas
TXHE Texhoma Energy
TXJK Texas Jack Oil & Gas
TXP.TO Touchstone Exploration
TXSO Texas South Energy
TZR.V Terrace Energy
UAPC United American Petroleum
UERLF US Oil Sands
UGGYF Underground Energy
UHO.V United Hunter Oil & Gas
UKRNY Ukrnafta
UNEGF United Energy Group
UNGS Sylios
UNIGF Red Oak Mining
UPLMQ Ultra Petroleum
URXZF Tenth Avenue Petroleum
USEG US Energy
USLGF U S Oil & Gas
USO.V US Oil Sands
USOPY U S Oil & Gas
VET Vermilion Energy
VET.TO Vermilion Energy
VFGGF Virginia Hills Oil
VGN.V Greencastle Resources
VHO.V Virginia Hills Oil
VII.TO Seven Generations Energy
VLE.TO Valeura Energy
VMPT Vampt America
VNHLF Rose Petroleum
VNOM Viper Energy Partners
VNR Vanguard Natural Res
VNRAP Vanguard Natural Res
VNRBP Vanguard Natural Res
VNRCP Vanguard Natural Res
VOC VOC Energy
VOIL Virtus Oil & Gas
VPO.H.V Valparaiso Energy
VPTOF Senex Energy
VRY.V Petro-Victory Energy
VTC.H.V SVT Capital
VUL.V Vulcan Minerals
VULMF Vulcan Minerals
VUX.V Vital Energy
VYEY Victory Energy
WACC WestAmerica
WCE.V Wescan Energy
WCP.TO Whitecap Resources
WCSY Wealthcraft Systems
WCYN West Canyon Energy
WEB.V Westbridge Energy
WEGYF Westbridge Energy
WENEF Summus Solutions
WENTF Wentworth Resources
WGAS Worthington Energy
WHZT Whiting USA Trust II
WIL.V Wilton Resources
WLL Whiting Petroleum
WLTNF Wilton Resources
WOGI World Oil Group
WOIIF Abilene Oil and Gas
WOPEF Woodside Petroleum
WOPEY Woodside Petroleum
WPX Wpx Energy
WPXP Wpx Energy
WRESQ Warren Resources
WRS.H.V Woodrose
WSE.V Wellstar Energy
WSEYF Wellstar Energy
WTI W&T Offshore
WTXR West Texas Resources
WVR.H.V Wind River Energy
WWNG WW Energy
WZR.V WesternZagros Resources
XBOR Cross Border Resources
XCO EXCO Resources
XCPT XCana Petroleum
XCTGF Xcite Energy
XEC Cimarex Energy
XL.V XXL Energy
XNRG Xun Energy
XOG Extraction Oil & Gas
XOP.V Canadian Overseas
XTPT Xtra Energy
YGR.TO Yangarra Resources
YGRAF Yangarra Resources
YUMA Yuma Energy
YVI.V Yorkton Ventures
ZAR.TO Zargon Oil & Gas
ZARFF Zargon Oil & Gas
ZAZA ZaZa Energy
ZDEXF Sintana Energy
ZEE.V Zenith Energy
ZN Zion Oil & Gas
ZPTAF Surge Energy

Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Ticker Company
ACGYF Subsea 7
AKKVF Akastor
AKKVY Akastor
AKRTF Aker Solutions
AKRYY Aker Solutions
ALME Alamo Energy
ALYE Aly Energy Services
AMCBF Amec Foster Wheeler
AMFW Amec Foster Wheeler
AMRR American Metals Recovery
APLP Archrock Partners
AQLFF Aqualis
AROC Archrock
ATONF Anton Oilfield Services
ATONY Anton Oilfield Services
AVE.V Aveda Transportation
BADFF Badger Daylighting
BAS Basic Energy Services
BGSWF BW Offshore
BHI Baker Hughes
BKEN Bakken Energy
BLFR BlueFire Equipment
BLGPY Boart Longyear
BRBBY Bourbon
BRDBF Bumi Armada
BRS Bristow Group
BRY.TO Bri-Chem
BRYFF Bri-Chem
BSTGF Boustead Singapore
BWTX Bakken Water Transfer
CAOJF Petro Welt Technologies
CAVR CAVU Resources
CAWLF CWC Energy Services
CBGYF Ceiba Energy Services
CCLP CSI Compressco
CDVIQ Cal Dive International
CEB.V Ceiba Energy Services
CELP Cypress Energy Partners
CFW.TO Calfrac Well Services
CFWFF Calfrac Well Services
CHOLF China Oilfield Services
CHOLY China Oilfield Services
CHVEF Charisma Energy Services
CIMEF CIMC Enric Holdings
CJESQ C&J Energy Services
CLB Core Laboratories
CMDXF Computer Modelling Group
CPYJ Custom Designed
CRR Carbo Ceramics
CSM.TO ClearStream Energy
CSSV Caspian Services
CTBG Coil Tubing Technology
CTNR Central Natural Resources
CWC.V CWC Energy Services
CYSVF Canyon Services Group
DAL.V Dalmac Energy
DPDW Deep Down
DRQ Dril-Quip
DVG.V Divergent Energy Services
DWSN Dawson Geophysical
EEYUF Essential Energy Services
EFX.TO Enerflex
ELRMF ElectroMagnetic
EMES Emerge Energy Services
ENGT Energy & Technology
ENLB Enerlabs
ENQQF Enteq Upstream
ENRFF Enerflex
ENS.H.V Enseco Energy Services
ENSRF Enseco Energy Services
ESES Eco-Stim Energy Solutions
ESN.TO Essential Energy Services
EXTN Exterran
EZIDF Ezion Holdings
EZRHF Ezra Holdings
EZRHY Ezra Holdings
FES Forbes Energy Services
FET Forum Energy Technologies
FMSA Fairmount Santrol
FOEAY Fred Olsen Energy
FOSI Frontier Oilfield Service
FOYJ FOY Johnston
FRC.TO Canyon Services Group
FROT Falconridge Oil
FSNR Freestone Resources
FTI FMC Technologies
FTK Flotek Industries
GEOS Geospace Technologies
GFCI Grifco International
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication
GLF GulfMark Offshore
GLFH Galenfeha
GLKFF Raise Production
GLRI Glori Energy
GNOLF Genoil
GPTC Golden Patriot
GREI ATI Modular Technology
GSFVF GasFrac Energy Services
HAL Halliburton
HE.TO Hanwei Energy Services
HGHAF High Arctic Energy Servs
HGHUF Honghua Group
HLX Helix Energy Solutions Gr
HMKTF Lightning Ventures
HNL.TO Horizon North Logistics
HNTIF Hunting
HNTIY Hunting
HNWEF Hanwei Energy Services
HOS Hornbeck Offshore Servs
HTC.V HTC Purenergy
HWO.TO High Arctic Energy Servs
HYD.TO Hyduke Energy Services
HYKCF Hyduke Energy Services
HZNOF Horizon North Logistics
IES.V Intercept Energy Services
IESCF Intercept Energy Services
ILISF Divergent Energy Services
IO ION Geophysical
IRIG Integrated Drilling
JUTOY Jutal Offshore Oil Servs
KEGXQ Key Energy Services
KTXRF Kinetex Resources
KVAEF Kvaerner
LDSR Landstar
LNDT LianDi Clean Technology
LSI.V Lonestar West
LUPAQ Lupatech
LUPTQ Lupatech
MARPS Marine Petroleum Trust
MCB.TO McCoy Global
MCCRF McCoy Global
MDR McDermott International
MLLGF Mullen Group
MRC MRC Global
MTL.TO Mullen Group
MTRX Matrix Service
NESV National Energy Services
NGLE Novamex Energy
NGS Natural Gas Services Gr
NNYR Northamerican Energy
NOA North American Energy
NOA.TO North American Energy
NOV National Oilwell Varco
NPMRF Neptune Marine Services
NR Newpark Resources
NRT North European Oil
NSFDF NXT Energy Solutions
NWE.V New West Energy Services
OII Oceaneering International
OIS Oil States International
OXFCF Velocys
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy
PD.TO Precision Drilling
PDER Pardee Resources Co
PDS Precision Drilling
PFIE Profire Energy
PGEJF Petroleum Geo-Services
PGSVY Petroleum Geo-Services
PHNHF Aveda Transportation
PKD Parker Drilling
PLRUF Polarcus
PLSDF Pulse Seismic
PLXXF Plexus Holdings
POFCF Petrofac
POFCY Petrofac
POOSF Poseidon Concepts
PROP Propell Technologies
PRSEF Prosafe
PRSEY Prosafe
PRW.TO Petrowest
PSD.TO Pulse Seismic
PSI.TO Pason Systems
PSN.TO Poseidon Concepts
PSYTF Pason Systems
PTOG Petrotech Oil & Gas
PWSEF Petrowest
RCON Recon Technology
RGTZF Global Remote Tech
RPC.V Raise Production
RTSO RTS Oil Holdings
RTY.H.V Real Time Measurements
SAAYY Saipem
SAEX SAExploration Holdings
SAGA Saga Energy
SAPMF Saipem
SAPMY Saipem
SAWLF Shawcor
SBDXF SeaBird Exploration
SBFFF SBM Offshore
SBFFY SBM Offshore
SBOEF Schoeller-Bleckmann
SBOEY Schoeller-Bleckmann
SCL.TO Shawcor
SDPI Superior Drilling
SDSDF S.D. Standard Drilling
SDY.TO Strad Energy Services
SECYF Secure Energy Services
SES.TO Secure Energy Services
SEW.V Seaway Energy Services
SFD.TO NXT Energy Solutions
SGUJ Saguaro Holdings
SHANF Shandong Molong Petroleum
SHANY Shandong Molong Petroleum
SKPBF SapuraKencana Petroleum
SKPO Skye Petroleum
SLB Schlumberger
SPN Superior Energy Services
SPTYF Spectrum
SRPOF Scorpion Offshore
STRDF Strad Energy Services
SUBCY Subsea 7
SVMRF Sevan Marine
SVNT Seventy Seven Energy
SVVDF Sevan Drilling
SXCL Steel Excel
SYRG Synergy Resources
TCW.TO Trican Well Service
TDW Tidewater
TEGR Terra Energy & Res
TESO Tesco
TIRTZ Tidelands Royalty Trust B
TKPPY Technip
TNHPF Technip
TNISY Tecnicas Reunidas
TOLWF Trican Well Service
TOT.TO Total Energy Services
TOTZF Total Energy Services
TRB.V Tribute Resources
TRRVF TerraVest Capital
TSCGF TSC Group Holdings
TTI Tetra Technologies
TVK.TO TerraVest Capital
TXGE Texas Gulf Energy
TXL.TO Tesla Exploration
TXLZF Tesla Exploration
USAC USA Compression Partners
USEI US Energy Initiatives
UTDE United E&P
VTTI VTTI Energy Partners
WDGJF Wood Group (John)
WEE.V Wavefront Technology
WFT Weatherford International
WFTSF Wavefront Technology
WG Willbros Group
WYGPF WorleyParsons
WYGPY WorleyParsons
ZCL.TO ZCL Composites
ZCLCF ZCL Composites

Oil & Gas Integrated

Ticker Company
ANW Aegean Marine Petroleum
AVACF Avance Gas Holding
BFDE Bedford Energy
BNXR Brinx Resources
CLLZF Connacher Oil and Gas
CSGYY Cosmo Energy Holdings
CSSOF Cassandra Oil
CTI.V Caiterra International
CVE Cenovus Energy
CVE.TO Cenovus Energy
CVX Chevron
CWNQY Cairn India
DLKGF Delek Group
E Eni
EC Ecopetrol
ECT ECA Marcellus Trust I
EQGP EQT GP Holdings
GBNXF Gibson Energy
GEOR GeoPetro Resources
GLPEF Galp Energia SGPS
GLPEY Galp Energia SGPS
GPE.H.V Great Prairie Energy
GXR.V Georox Resources
GZPFY Gazprom Neft
HLPTY Hellenic Petroleum
HLPXF Hellenic Petroleum
HSE.PR.A.TO Husky Energy
HSE.PR.B.TO Husky Energy
HSE.PR.C.TO Husky Energy
HSE.PR.E.TO Husky Energy
HSE.PR.G.TO Husky Energy
HSE.TO Husky Energy
HUSKF Husky Energy
ICTC International Capital
IFUE Fuel Performance Solns
IMO Imperial Oil
IMO.TO Imperial Oil
KABX Kabe Exploration
KELTF Kelt Exploration
KRFG King Resources
LNGLY Liquefied Natural Gas
LUKFY Lukoil
LUKOY Lukoil
MEYPY Maple Energy
MNGA MagneGas
NAGP Native American Energy
NBZ.TO Northern Blizzard
NBZZF Northern Blizzard
OCRNL Rosneft Oil
OGFGF Origin Energy
OGFGY Origin Energy
OGZPY Gazprom
OGZRY Gazprom
OPEI Orient Petroleum
PBR Petrobras
PBR.A Petrobras
PBRQF Petrobras
PCCYF PetroChina
PEFGF Petrobras Argentina
POGS Pioneer Oil & Gas
POGWY Polish Oil and Gas
POLR Polar Petroleum
PTOI Plastic2Oil
PTR PetroChina
PZE Petrobras Argentina
QDRSF Quadrise Fuels Intl
QEP QEP Resources
RDS.A Royal Dutch Shell
RDS.B Royal Dutch Shell
REPYF Repsol
REPYY Repsol
RGZPF Gazprom
RNFTF Rosneft Oil
RRL.V Relentless Resources
RRRI Rock Ridge Resources
RVDO Riverdale Oil & Gas
RYDAF Royal Dutch Shell
RYDBF Royal Dutch Shell
SEGYY SPT Energy Group
SGTZY Surgutneftegas
SNP China Petroleum
SNPMF China Petroleum
SSL Sasol
STO Statoil
STOHF Statoil
SU Suncor Energy
SU.TO Suncor Energy
TGRO Tiger Oil and Energy
TK Teekay
TOMI Texas Oil and Minerals
TOT Total
TUSK Mammoth Energy Services
VPNFF Ventspils nafta
XOM Exxon Mobil

Oil & Gas Midstream

Ticker Company
ALA.TO AltaGas
AM Antero Midstream Partners
AMID American Midstream
ARCX Arc Logistics Partners
AZUR Azure Midstream Partners
BKEP Blueknight Energy
BKEPP Blueknight Energy
BPL Buckeye Partners
BWP Boardwalk Pipeline
CEQP Crestwood Equity Partners
CGGXP Columbia Pipeline Group
CLRGF Chemoil Energy
CNNX CONE Midstream Partners
CPPL Columbia Pipeline
CQH Cheniere Energy Partners
CQP Cheniere Energy Partners
DM Dominion Midstream
DPM DCP Midstream Partners
EBBNF Enbridge
EBRGF Enbridge
EEP Enbridge Energy Partners
EEQ Enbridge Energy
ENB Enbridge
ENB.PF.A.TO Enbridge
ENB.PF.C.TO Enbridge
ENB.PF.E.TO Enbridge
ENB.PF.G.TO Enbridge
ENB.PF.U.TO Enbridge
ENB.PF.V.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.A.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.B.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.D.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.F.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.H.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.J.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.N.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.P.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.T.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.U.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.V.TO Enbridge
ENB.PR.Y.TO Enbridge
ENB.TO Enbridge
ENBBF Enbridge
ENBL Enable Midstream Partners
ENF.TO Enbridge Income Fund
ENGY Central Energy Partners
ENLC EnLink Midstream
ENLK EnLink Midstream Partners
EPD Enterprise Products
EPPRC El Paso Energy Capital
EQM EQT Midstream Partners
ETE Energy Transfer Equity
ETP Energy Transfer Partners
FCGYF Veresen
FI Frank's International
FLST FuelStream
FRWYZ Fairway Energy
GEI.TO Gibson Energy
GEL Genesis Energy
GLOP GasLog Partners
GLP Global Partners
GPLS Geopulse Exploration
GPP Green Plains Partners
HEP Holly Energy Partners
HOLHF Hoegh LNG Holdings
IPL.TO Inter Pipeline
IPPLF Inter Pipeline
JPEP JP Energy Partners
KEY.TO Keyera
KEYUF Keyera
KMI Kinder Morgan
KMIPRA Kinder Morgan
LNG Cheniere Energy
LNGLF Liquefied Natural Gas
MCESF Macro Enterprises
MCR.V Macro Enterprises
MEP Midcoast Energy Partners
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners
MMP Magellan Midstream
NBLX Noble Midstream Partners
NGFF NGFC Equities
NGLSPRA Targa Resources Partners
NS NuStar Energy
NSH NuStar Holdings
OKS ONEOK Partners
PAA Plains All American
PAGP Plains GP Holdings
PBA Pembina Pipeline
PBFX PBF Logistics
PBNAF Pembina Pipeline
PGAS Petrogress
PPL.PR.A.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.C.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.E.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.G.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.I.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.K.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.PR.M.TO Pembina Pipeline
PPL.TO Pembina Pipeline
PTXP PennTex Midstream
RMP Rice Midstream Partners
SE Spectra Energy
SEMG Semgroup
SEP Spectra Energy Partners
SGU Star Gas Partners
SHLX Shell Midstream Partners
SMLP Summit Midstream Partners
SNPKF Sinopec Kantons Holdings
SOCGM Southern California Gas
SOCGP Southern California Gas
SPKOY Sinopec Kantons Holdings
SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners
TCANF TransCanada
TCP TC Pipelines
TEGP Tallgrass Energy GP
TEP Tallgrass Energy Partners
TLLP Tesoro Logistics
TLP TransMontaigne Partners
TNCAF TransCanada
TRGP Targa Resources
TRP TransCanada
TRP.PR.A.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.B.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.C.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.D.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.E.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.F.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.G.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.H.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.I.TO TransCanada
TRP.PR.J.TO TransCanada
TRP.TO TransCanada
TWM.V Tidewater Midstream
VLP Valero Energy Partners
VSN.PR.A.TO Veresen
VSN.PR.C.TO Veresen
VSN.PR.E.TO Veresen
VSN.TO Veresen
W.PR.J.TO Westcoast Energy
W.PR.M.TO Westcoast Energy
WES Western Gas Partners
WGP Western Gas Equity
WMB Williams Companies
WNRL Western Refining
WPT World Point Terminals
WPWR Well Power
WPZ Williams Partners

Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing

Ticker Company
AE Adams Resources & Energy
ALDW Alon USA Partners
ALJ Alon USA Energy
AMNC Amincor
BPT BP Prudhoe Bay
BRQPY Bharat Petroleum Corp
BRTPF Brightoil Petroleum
CAFS Force Fuels
CAPL CrossAmerica Partners
CLMT Calumet Specialty
CLNE Clean Energy Fuels
CLSZF China Oil And Gas Group
CPOW Clean Power Concepts
CTXAF Caltex Australia
CTXAY Caltex Australia
CVI CVR Energy
CVRR CVR Refining
CWOC Champion Winkler Oil
DK Delek US Holdings
DVFI Diversified Oil & Gas
FGP Ferrellgas Partners
FLNA FuelNation
GBOE GeoBio Energy
GNWKY Australian Renewable Fuel
HDSQY Hindustan Petroleum Corp
HFC HollyFrontier
HNOKF Han Kook Shell Oil
ICNN Incoming
IDKOF Idemitsu Kosan
IDKOY Idemitsu Kosan
INOIY Indian Oil Corp
INT World Fuel Services
IOC InterOil
IRLCF The Israel Corporation
IRLCY The Israel Corporation
ITFY Interfoundry
JXHGF JX Holdings
JXHLY JX Holdings
LCNTU Louisiana Central Oil
LPIH Longwei Petroleum Inv
MIDH Middle East Oil
MNELF Mission NewEnergy
MOHCY Motor Oil (Hellas)
MPC Marathon Petroleum
NECA New America Energy
NGL NGL Energy Partners
NNSV NanoSave Technologies
NOCEF NewOcean Energy Holdings
NZRFF New Zealand Refining
NZRFY New Zealand Refining
OILRF Oil Refineries
PBF PBF Energy
PEIX Pacific Ethanol
PETZF Petron
PKI.TO Parkland Fuel
PKIUF Parkland Fuel
PNADF Petronas Dagangan
PQRTY Petronet LNG
PRTFU Patriot Renewable Fuels
PSON Petrosonic Energy
PSX Phillips 66
PSXP Phillips 66 Partners
QEGY Quantum Energy
REGI Renewable Energy Group
RLNIY Reliance Industries
SBRN Siberian Natural Gas
SHI Sinopec Shanghai
SNXG Sunx Energy
SPTJF Sinopec Shanghai
SRLP Sprague Resources
SSSKY Showa Shell Sekiyu
SUN Sunoco
SWSKF Showa Shell Sekiyu
TGRLF TonenGeneral Sekiyu
TOIPF Thai Oil
TOIPY Thai Oil
TSO Tesoro
TUPRF Tupras-Turkiye Petrol
UBRG Universal Bioenergy
UGP Ultrapar Participacoes
VLO Valero Energy
VVV Valvoline
WNR Western Refining
XTRM Extreme Biodiesel
YZCFF Sinopec Oilfield Service
ZNRGF Z Energy

Health Care Sector Industrials Sector