Screen Layout

Screen Layout

The Stock Rover screen is composed of multiple panels, some of which are interdependent.

At the top of the window is a multipurpose toolbar, which is outlined in a red box in the image below. From left to right, the toolbar includes the Stock Rover logo, which if clicked, opens a new browser tab that links to the Stock Rover homepage, a ticker search box, market information, and an account settings drop down menu that will be labeled with your account name.


The item selected in the Navigation panel, on the left side of the screen, determines which dataset is loaded into the rows of the the Table. If a parent item is selected in the Navigation panel, the rows in the Table will show summaries for each of the child items. For example, if the ‘Portfolios’ icon is selected in the Navigation panel, the Table will display rows containing summary views for each of your portfolios.

The row selected in the Table determines what is displayed in the Insight panel on the right side.

If the Table and Chart are linked, the row selected in the Table will automatically be charted. You can unlink the Chart and Table through the Chart’s Settings menu.

Navigation Managing Panels