Scoring a Portfolio or Watchlist


This section describes how to use the Screener Management window to score/rank a Portfolio or a Watchlist by a screener’s criteria.

To “score” a portfolio or watchlist means you can see how stocks in your portfolio or watchlist perform against the full set of filters from any screener. For example, you could use a value-oriented screener to help determine whether or not your holdings are good values, or you could use a growth screener to see which of your picks are growth stocks — and to what degree.

Selecting a Screener for scoring

Clicking on Screeners in the Start Menu on the left-hand side launches the Screener Management window. From here select the screener that you want to use to score a portfolio or watchlist in the Screeners selection panel. In the example below a Buffettology Inspired screener is selected.

Portfolio and Watchlist score introduction

Selecting a Portfolio or Watchlist

Clicking on ‘Score Portfolio’ or ‘Score Watchlist’ in the Screener panel displays a list of Portfolios and Watchlists to select from.

Portfolio and Watchlist score selecting

Scoring a Portfolio or Watchlist

Clicking on the portfolio or watchlist you wish to score will instantly load the results in the Table view you last had open with a new column called Score. The example below is showing how each of the tickers is scoring against the 15 filter criteria of the Buffettology Inspired screener. A score of 100% 15/15 means the ticker met all criteria (passing the screener outright). Clicking on the Score column header sorts the Table by Score.

Portfolio and Watchlist scoring

Hovering over the Score value opens a tooltip listing a breakdown of exactly how the stock fared against all of the filters in the screener. The tooltip lists the screener’s filter criteria, how the stock did in each category, and whether it results in a pass or fail of that particular filter.

Portfolio and Watchlist score tooltip

Note that scoring using a ranked screener adds 2 additional columns.

The first ‘Rank’ column shows the rank number of any of the stocks in the portfolio or watchlist that pass the ranked screener out of all the stocks in the North American exchanges.

The second ‘Rank Within Table’ column ranks just the stocks in the portfolio or watchlist according to the specified weights. The ‘Rank Within Table’ number will be green if the stock passed the original ranked screener and red if it did not.

The example below shows the scoring of a watchlist using a Dividends + Great Cashflow screener which is available in the Stock Rover library.

Portfolio and Watchlist score ranked

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