Auto-Resize Columns

Columns in any of the Stock Rover tables are inherently different widths. Also which columns are actually displayed in a table is configurable. A third complication is the size of the table a set of columns are displayed in can vary based on the size of the browser window. Sometimes, this can lead to horizontal column scrolling if all the columns don’t fit, or wasted space in the table if the columns don’t use all of the table’s real estate.

To address this situation, there is a button available in different sections of Stock Rover that allows you automatically fit all of your columns into the window. This feature is available in the Dashboard, Table, Historical Data, Trade Planning and Rebalancing, Portfolio Analytics, and Metric Browser. Please see screenshot below which displays the icon that performs this task.

Note: The auto-resize function only applies to the current view. Also you can’t undo this action, but you can manually resize any column simply by dragging the edges of its header.


Drag and Drop Tags and Colors