Portfolio Overview

Portfolios are designed to track the stocks you actually (or hypothetically) own. Portfolios maintain a list of the individual investments (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds), and, for each investment, the number of shares and the average purchase price for the shares. Historical positional information is maintained so Stock Rover can accurately track portfolio performance over time. Stock Rover uses this information to calculate detailed performance data for the portfolio.

Stock Rover has a number of capabilities to help you create your portfolios, manage your portfolios, alert on your portfolios and get email performance reports. Also seen in the screenshot below we have several different portfolio tools including automatic brokerage connection, projecting future dividend income, future portfolio simulation, trade planning and rebalancing tools, and in-depth portfolio analytics.

There is a video that shows an overview of the portfolios facility. The video can be viewed here. Please note that this video was recorded on a slightly earlier version of Stock Rover, so there may be some minor differences between the product you experience and this video.


Creating a New Portfolio