Portfolio Analytics Overview

The Stock Rover Portfolio Analytics facility allows you to analyze the overall performance of your portfolio as well as the performance of the individuals holdings that constitute your portfolio. There are three basic sections to the Portfolio Analytics Facility. They are Value over Time, Risk and Reward, and Holding Detail.

Value over Time shows you how your portfolio's value has changed over time, factoring in both inflows, outflows and the underlying change in the value of the investments themselves. You can see your Period Rate of Return (IRR) and Annual Rate of Return (IRR) for any selected period you like. You will also see the investment appreciation, return on Investment as well as additional metrics such as % invested.

Risk and Reward shows the amount of risk you took to achieve your return. It includes such metrics as return vs. the S&P 500, maximum drawdown. volatility, risk adjusted return vs. the S&P 500 and the Sharpe ratio.

Finally the Holdings Detail section shows the contribution of the different holdings of the portfolio to overall portfolio return. It will include any holdings you held during the period of reporting, not just the current holdings. With this section, it is easy to see which positions are punching above their weight and which positions have been creating the most drag on portfolio performance.

The Portfolio Analytics Facility is available from the Portfolio Tools menu as seen below.

Portfolio Analytics Overview

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