Research Reports provides a comprehensive summary on any of the 7000+ stocks we track in Stock Rover on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. Research reports can be viewed in your browser and can be produced in PDF format for portability and sharing.

The first page of a sample Stock Rover Research Report for an example company (Home Depot) is shown below.

Stock Research Report First Page

To see an example of the entire stock research report in PDF format, click here.

Please note Stock Rover Research Reports are not included in the Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus subscription plans. Research Reports require a separate subscription plan. However, if you have an annual or two year Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus subscription plan, you can bundle an Unlimited Research Reports subscription for $49.99/year.

Research Reports can also be purchased without a Stock Rover subscription plan for $99.99/year.

Finally note that if you do not have a Research Reports subscription, you can still access Research Reports for any of the tickers in the Dow 30.

Accessing Research Reports