Start Menu Updates

We made several changes to the Start Menu.

The 5 sections in the Start Menu have been revised and reorganized.

  1. Research has been removed.
  2. More Tools has been renamed to Research Tools.
  3. Portfolio Tools is now its own section.

Start Menu

The Research section has been removed from the Start Menu and the capabilities moved to the Navigation Panel; making the Table, Chart, and Insight layouts immediately accessible when we select Portfolios, Watchlists, Screeners, or World from under My Collections.

As you can see in the screenshot below when you select Portfolios in the Start Menu, selection buttons for the Table, Chart, Insight, and All are available at the top of the Navigation Panel above the folder tree. The folder tree in this example is showing the list of the portfolios.

The Actions pane contains shortcuts to common portfolio functions as well as help topics. Here you can choose to create, modify or manage the portfolio(s).

The main window to the right of the Navigation Panel displays the layout configuration (Table, Chart, Insight, or All) based on the button that is selected above the folder tree. This simplifies the Layout navigation.


When World is selected, you have access to any of the objects, Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners, as well as the Quotes, Indices, Sectors, ETFs and commodities.


You now have easier access to all Portfolio Tools directly from the Start Menu – Portfolio Analytics, Brokerage Connect, Correlation, Future Income, Future Simulations, Rebalancing, and our all new Trade Evaluator tool. More information on the Trade Evaluator can be found here.

Portfolio Tools

The last change made to the Start Menu is renaming More Tools to Research Tools and moving Stock Ratings to Research Tools.

Research Tools section

Overview Updated Layout Section