Quotes List Redesign

The Quotes List has been redesigned. It can now be accessed in two different locations, next to the Enter Ticker box, and when World is selected in the Start Menu.


A key piece to note with the redesign is that if you have any tickers in the Quotes List they will always appear in the Table. If you don’t want tickers from the Quotes List to appear in the Table then you will want to remove them from the Quotes List. The quotes can be removed by clicking the x next to the Quotes box as seen in the screenshot below.


Once you click the x, the quotes from the Quotes List will disappear from the table. The x next to the Quotes Box will turn into a +. To add back the same quotes that were removed, simply click the + icon.

For a more details on the new Quotes List design, please see How Quotes Work.

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