Multi-select is an option to select multiple items in a table if you want to perform the same action on a group of tickers or items. It can be useful for a variety of operations like tagging, coloring, portfolio trades, adding a set tickers to a watchlist or deleting alert history.

You perform a multi-select operation holding down the Shift or Control Key on the keyboard. With the Shift key you can select a contiguous set of rows. With the CTRL key, you can select individual rows, one by one, that may or may not be next to each other.

For the Shift key, you first select a ticker in the table, which is the top row in the group you want to select. Then you scroll down to the last item you want to select and then hold the Shift key when selecting the last item, and Stock Rover will highlight all the items between the first and last items selected, as shown in the screenshot below. You can then perform an action on the group by right-clicking which will bring up an action menu where the selected action will apply to the selected group.


For the CTRL operation, you hold down the CTRL key and then click on the items you want to perform the action on. This selects the items individually as shown in the screenshot below.


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