Portfolio Modeling


Unit: Dollars

The price at which the investment was purchased, calculated as Buy Price times Quantity.

Buy Date

Unit: Calendar Date

The date on which you bought the stock in your portfolio.

Buy Price

Unit: Dollars

The price at which you purchased the stock. This allows you track the gains in your portfolio.

Expected Yearly Dividends

Unit: Dollars

The expected annual dividend income, calculated as Quantity times Dividend Per Share.

Gain ($)

Unit: Dollars

The price appreciation of the investment in dollars, calculated as Value minus Basis.

Gain (%)

Unit: Percentage

The percentage price appreciation of the investment, calculated as Value as a percent of Basis.

Gain 1-Day

Unit: Dollars

The gain in a portfolio position since the market opened, calculated as Price Change ($) times Quantity.


Unit: Number

The number of shares owned.

Target Price

Unit: Dollars

A user-defined price at which you think the stock is fully valued.

Price to Target (%)

Unit: Percentage

The percentage change needed for the holding to hit its target price.


Unit: Dollars

The current value of the investment, calculated as Price times Quantity. This is sometimes known as Market Value or Position Value.

Value (%)

Unit: Percentage

The holding’s percentage of the total portfolio value.

Yield On Cost

Unit: Percentage

The dividend yield of the investment based on the original buy price instead of the current price.

Portfolio Portfolio Reporting