Importing a Watchlist


This section describes how to use the Watchlist Management window to import a watchlist.

The first option enables you to a import a watchlist that was previously exported from Stock Rover. If you have many watchlists or many iterations of a watchlist, you can save the watchlist offline for later import and use.

The second option is importing watchlists from the Investors’ Library. The Investors’ Library is a repository for investment research resources, including an extensive collection of watchlists that cover many different investment strategies.

Importing a Watchlist From a File

To import a watchlist that was previously exported from Stock Rover, launch the Watchlist Management window by selecting Watchlists in the grey navigation menu. Once in Watchlist Management, right-clicking on Watchists and selecting ‘Import Watchlist’ opens the Import Watchlist window.

Import a Watchlist

While in the Import Watchlist window, click on ‘Browse’ to search for the watchlist file to import. Once a watchlist file is selected, the watchlist’s name, description, and tickers are displayed.

Import a Watchlist

Clicking ‘Import’ loads and runs the watchlist in the Watchlist Management window.

Import a Watchlist

Importing a Watchlist From the Investor’s Libary

Launch the Watchlist Management window by selecting Watchlist in the grey navigation menu. Selecting ‘Import Library Watchlists’ brings you directly to the Watchlists section of the Investor’s Library.

Import a Watchlist

The Watchlists panel populates with the list of the available watchlists in the Library. To sort the watchlists by name, creator, or creation date simply click on the column headers. Watchlists that are greyed have already been imported.

When a watchlist is selected from the Investor’s Library, the watchlist’s description and ticker list appear in the lower panel. Please note the importing of multiple watchlists simultaneously is supported.

Import a Watchlist

Clicking ‘Import’ loads the watchlists(s) into the Watchlist Management window. If you change a watchlist’s criteria and later want to revert to the original, reimporting the watchlist from the Library overwrites your changes.

Import a Watchlist

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