Comments and Notes

Comments and Notes are two distinct features in Stock Rover. They are similar in that they each allow you to annotate Stock Rover with your own thoughts and observations as part of your investment research process. Both comments and notes are maintained on a ticker by ticker basis so you can have a separate set of comments and/or notes for each ticker you wish to add your thoughts to.

Your comments and notes are each maintained in a Stock Rover database in the cloud. They are easily retrieved to allow you to review and augment your investment thoughts on each ticker you follow at any time.

For a more detailed discussion of Comments and Notes, consult our blog post titled “Underappreciated Features of Stock Rover – Comments and Notes”.


Comments are more informal than notes. Comments are just text that text you type into the table. You can add the Comments column to any Table View. Then any ticker in the row of the data set you are viewing will display the comments you have entered. You can update or enter new comments directly into the table for any ticker. Comments serve as are quick notes about a ticker as can be seen in the example below.



The comments can be added as column in the Table so you can view and edit them directly in the Table as seen below.


To learn more about comments, please see our help section on Comments.


Notes are similar to comments, but are a big step up in functionality. Notes are available in a separate window providing more space for your writing and links. Notes are also time stamped and allow you to search, edit and delete old notes.

Once you access Notes it will open the window as seen below.


To learn more about notes, please see our help section on Notes.

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